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15 Best Naked Palettes for Brown Eyes to Boost your Appearance

If you are blessed with brown eyes then you should consider adorning them with naked nudes to make them even more gorgeous! In general, most colors work well with brown eyes. However, if you wish to really accentuate your eyes then you should consider neutral shades, such as bronzy gold and salmon. Moreover, the best naked palette for brown eyes has an assortment of shades to define your eyes.

If you wish to add a touch of intensity, then you should consider adding a dash of black shadow to the crease, because it is crucial to pick the best colors for brown eyes. However, if you pick the wrong shades, then you risk ruining your entire look! Therefore, you might want to stick around, because this guide will help you pick the most appropriate palette for your brown eyes and also skin.


Buying Information

There are two things to consider before buying a naked palette or any other palette for that matter. The first thing to do is to consider your skin tone and also your eye color. In order to find your skin tone, you would have to stand in a well-lit room and make use of a magnifying mirror to examine your cheeks. Make sure that you have no makeup on. Alternatively, you can also visit a beautician to help you determine your skin tone.

We will stick to brown eyes as we determine the best colors for both skin tone and eye color:

  • If you are blessed with brown eyes and a warm skin then you should go for green, gold, blue-green, coral, brown burgundy or neutral shades. Steer clear of brown eye shadow!
  • If you have brown eyes with a cool skin tone, then you should go for dark blues, pastels purples and also pinks in addition to reds and burgundies with a pink or blue cast. But if you wish to use neutrals then you should go for whites, blacks or grays.

Best Naked Palette for Brown Eyes

In the search of the best naked palettes for brown eyes, this Lamora Exposed Nudes eyeshadow palette is definitely one of the best naked palettes for brown eyes. It comes with 16 pigments that make great and high-quality eye shadow shades. The beautiful natural-like hues are in rose gold and royally dark brown hues. In addition, the nude shades come in impressive matte, metallic, satin and also shimmering earthy hues that range from soft beige to succulent chocolaty brown.

The Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadow palette is a great makeup addition for that girl or woman who needs a palette on the go. The 20 nude and metallic hues in the palette will definitely make for a wonderful array of both day and evening looks. With this palette, you will get to enjoy smooth texturing with minimal fallout. To really enjoy minimal fallout, you should consider using a primer with your favorite shadow.

The Balm NUDE makes it to the top 3 best naked palette for brown eyesthanks to its luminous satin colors. The palette comes with 12 neutral shades that are great for a wide range of skin tones and eye colors, especially brown eyes.  You will get to enjoy a wonderful mix of soft pearl, matte and also soft metallic shades that you can play around with in order to create different yet beautiful looks.

This clean product a.k.a vegan and cruelty free eyeshadow palette will provide you with 10 pan of neutral shades for boost the appearance of your brown eyes. This eyeshadow will undoubtedly take your eye look to another level. Also, the natural look can be done with this one, too. Comes in compact packaging, you will have no doubt in bring it inside your purse everywhere you go.

There are two finishes for this palette. The first one is shimmer or matte that you can choose based on your preference. And the next one is the neutral colors based on the sunset tone, which will create a natural yet deep look to your appearance. The 16 shades are creamy, rich, and also highly pigmented. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid will also moist your eye skin and keep it healthy and fresh. 

Talking about naked palette, then it will not be complete without including Urban Decay into the discussion. For your beautiful brown eyes, this wild west edition will come as the perfect pick, because it is truly exotic! For the warm or cool tone women with brown eyes, this product is absolutely suitable for you. There are 12 shades in the lineup to beautify your eyes. Moreover, it is cruelty free, paraben free, and vegan. Plus, the shimmery or matte finishes can be chosen as well. Using it as a solo or layer will leave you with no worries because it is ultra blendable and has a creamy texture, too!

This next product might come as a petite edition because there are only 6 shades to choose from. But you need to take this palette seriously, because it can cover your needs for a beautiful look that enhance your brown eyes. Just say that the petite size features ultra compact design, making it a palette that you can bring everywhere you go. Every shades come as matte finish with velvety texture, creamy and also blendable. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create stunning brown eyes look with this one.

Comes with 12 golden-hued colors, this product is best suited for those with warm skin tone with brown eyes. Even better, women with cool skin tone can apply this one, too. There are three finishes that you can blend together, which include metallic, shimmer and also matte. For the 70’s style enthusiast, you can definitely create a vintage look with this one.

This nude shadow offers you smooth matte and dimensional shimmers. Without a doubt, this LA Girl Beauty Brick is one of the best drugstore eyeshadow winners for a natural eye look, yet still catchy to look at. Moreover, it comes with dual applicator and mirror, too. So, you don’t need to have any additional tools for this one.

The size of this product might be small, but the shades will definitely give you an ultra impressive look. Trunaked palette provides you with 8 shades for a complete and perfect eye look. You can choose shimmers, mattes, or also glitters. Yes, glitters! From a subtle daytime look to the glamorous night look, you can definitely have it all with this tiny one.

It seems that no one can deny the stunning shades that this Charlotte Tilbury palette is offering. The texture of the 12 shades range is very soft and also creamy. You can build a daytime casual look, professional office look, or a luxurious and stunning look with this palette. Moreover, this one is also a vegan product. All in all, this product is both stunning and environmentally friendly at the same time, which is ready to flatter everyone through your stunning brown eyes. 

This next product is exactly the item that most brown-eyed women are looking for, because it can definitely create that “Cannot take our eyes off of you!” kind of look. This Naked palette from Urban Decay Cyber edition has a wide range of pretty colors. Shimmer, satin, matte, metallic and also glitter shades are all available in this palette, and all shades are easily buildable, too. Moreover, putting the shades is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and you can also tap and blend them with your finger for great results. Isn’t it a perfect naked palette?

This palette definitely has a spot for makeup enthusiasts. Tarte comes with it’s Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, which will come as a perfect palette for brown-eyed ladies out there. Plus, it also works for both warm and cool skin tone. The shade range is mostly neutral and they can be applied as a layer. The texture is creamy and highly pigmented, too. Also, don’t forget about its luxurious packaging, which is the highlight of most Tarte products out there.

This next product is a compact and easy to apply eyeshadow palette for your brown eyes. Although the shade ranges may be limited, the colors are actually very essential for your day and night look. It offers a spectrum of intensity and also effects. Moreover, it also delivers incredible shade fidelity, which will give you outstanding results.

You will definitely feel like a pro when you’re getting this palette for your brown eye look. The nude model edition is very suitable for both natural or no makeup-makeup look. Moreover, it offers satin, metallic, and also matte finishes for you. Last but not least, you can also use it on wet or dry conditions. 

What Eyeshadow Palette Makes Brown Eyes Pop?

You can try the gold hues, just like those available in Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette. There are 12 golden hues that you can try for the outstanding brown eyes that you have. Moreover, the deep and highly pigmented colors will also create an impressive eye look.

What Colors Look Good with Brown Eyes?

A range of gold color will make the brown eyes look so good. Or if you want to get another color, there are teal or green with a hint of metallic or shimmer finish. After all, a deep or a bit dark of range color will be a good combination to create a gorgeous look for your brown eyes. 

How Can I Make My Brown Eyes Stand Out?

Choosing the golden hues color will definitely be an excellent idea for you. Although you think that the color is similar to your eyes, the golden color will actually help your brown eyes to stand out through your eye makeup. As a final touch, don’t forget to give some glitter or shimmer look for a perfect appearance.

How Can I Make My Brown Eyes Lighter Naturally?

By applying the eyeshadow by using one or two shades only, you will able to createboth neutral yet vivid and contrast to your brown eyes. But, avoid applying bright color for your eyeshadow. It will make your eye makeup lighter, but not for your brown eyes. The stand out spot will be different. 

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