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10 Best Maybelline Mascaras 2018

One of the most popular drugstore brands on the planet is the one and only Maybelline New York. From fabulous foundations to sexy shadows, their product range has something for every budget. Their mascaras are particularly popular, but which ones stand out above the rest? What is

10 Best Smudge Proof Mascaras 2018

If you have the chance to take frequent breaks during the day in order to touch up your makeup, chances are that you’ve probably had to deal with a mascara issue or two. Smudging is one of many problems that your mascara can cause you, which is

10 Best Clear Mascaras 2018

Some of you may be wondering why you should use a clear mascara in the first place. If you have ever been out running on a hot, summer day during your lunch break and then returned to your desk with smudges all around your eyes, the chances

6 Best NYX Mascaras 2018

NYX is one of our favorite drugstore brands. Like any company, they have their hits and their misses when it comes to the product lines they offer, but once you find out which products “hit” the ball right out of the park, you’re in for some awesome

10 Best Waterproof Mascaras 2018

If you are trying to steer clear from raccoon-like eyes that come from smudged mascara then you should consider buying waterproof mascara. Be careful though as not all ‘waterproof’ mascara can stand up to the tests of water. You might buy washable mascara thinking that it is

10 Best Mascaras for Long Lashes 2018

In your search for the best mascara for long lashes, you’ve probably spent a lot of money to get that perfect product that makes your eyes pop. Still, every time, it would make your lashes either too straight, too thick or simply not long enough. If you’re

6 Best Cruelty Free Mascaras 2018

We commend you for making it a point to choose cruelty-free cosmetics! There are so many great brands out there that make it a point to end animal testing, so if you’re not sure which brands to trust or how to verify their claim to being cruelty-free,

10 Best Fiber Mascaras 2018

Want those long flirty eyelashes? Many women dream of having thick and long eyelashes. It enhances your look from plain to dramatic in an instant, but not all of us have the genes that make this possible. How can you get that long fabulous Kim Kardashian lashes

6 Best Vegan Mascaras 2018

The need to ensure that animals are not mistreated is more than being a vegan or not wearing leather or silk, it also concerns what you put on your face. Avoiding the use of products that are not only tested on animals, but also those that contain

6 Best Tubing Mascaras 2018

If you are looking for the best tubing mascara then you are probably tired of smudging, flaking or running mascara. It is great for people with sensitive eyes and those with oily eyelids that want to avoid smudges.Tubing mascara is different from traditional mascara in that makes