how to stop mascara smudging under eyes

Useful Tips on How to Stop Mascara Smudging Under Eyes

A makeup look won’t feel complete without a touch of mascara. Having longer, fuller lashes makes one feels more feminine and bold. However, in most cases, mascaras won’t last very long and always result in smudges onto the skin under eyes, and to be honest, we don’t want that, right? That’s why we think it’s good to share some tips on how to stop mascara smudging under eyes, which will keep you mascara on point all day long without having to worry about it smudging anymore.

In our guide below, we will not only be sharing some cool tips on how to stop mascara smudging under eyes, because we’ll also be taking a look at some of the best waterproof mascaras. These mascaras are recommended to prevent any smudging being present under your eyes.

Why does My Mascara Always Transfer Under My Eyes?

how to stop mascara smudging under eyes

Actually, there is no specific reason why mascara can smudge over time. Before we find out how to stop mascara smudging under eyes, first let’s try to understand why it could happen. Smudging can actually be caused by a range of factors, such as poor combination of skincare formula or makeup hacks. In fact, there are some explanations to explain why some mascara leaves smudges under eyes after a few hours of application, and here are some of them.

1. Oily Skin

Sometimes the actual culprit behind the smudgy eyes is not your mascara itself, and it’s mainly caused by your over-hydrated eyelids. The oil can cause the mascara easily creeping towards your cheeks and upper eyelids. In order to control the oil, there are ways that you can do. First, you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove the oil. Alternatively, you can also skip using moisturizer on your eye area to reduce facial oil production.

2. Applying Too Much Eye Cream

Do you know that eye creams contain oil that adds a great amount of moisture to your skin? Well, they are, especially in the eye area. It can rise upward towards the top area and will break down the formula of the mascara. This can cause smudging and bleeding. To prevent the problem, you can save your formula rich eye cream for your night-time uses, and then apply a lightweight amount of eye cream during the daytime. Moreover, it is also important to ensure that the eye cream absorbs properly before applying  your makeup.

3. Forgot to Prime Your Eyelid

If you want to avoid any kind of smudges appearing on your upper eyelid, then applying the primer is non-negotiable. There are two simple ways that you can do to prime your eyelid. Like for example, using eyeshadow primer to help balance and control oil that can cause smudges in the eyelid area. 

The other way that you can do it is to set your eyelids using translucent powder. After you applied your foundation, take a small brush to apply a light amount of loose powder all over the eyelids. Using this technique will help to absorb any excess oil, so the smudges won’t ruin your eyeshadow.

Three Useful Tips to Help Remove Mascara Smudges from Under Your Eyes

Using waterproof mascara might not be helpful enough to keep your eyes smudge-free. In some cases, mascara can still lightly smudge due to an uncontrollable amount of oil under your skin. However, you don’t need to be panic because there are several things you can do to quickly remove mascara smudges under the eyes. 

Here are some helpful hacks to remove mascara stains under your eyes in seconds.

1. Use Makeup Remover and Cotton Buds

This would be the easiest way to remove the smudge without ruining your makeup look. Take a cotton bud, dip it in micellar water and then gently scrape it off using the ends. Pro-tip: don’t use oil-based makeup remover, because it will make your mascara smudge a little more.

2. Conceal It

This would be the perfect hack to do if you worry about erasing your perfectly applied foundation, eyeshadow and also concealer. Using concealer will help you erase black blobs under your eyes. All you need is a precise brush and full-coverage concealer. Simply use the small brush to cover it up, then set it with a powder and put on a little bit of eyeshadow.

3. Apply Eye Primer

No matter how much you have smudges on your face, it can be simply wiped away with a primer. The good news is any brand and any formula will work. Pour a little bit of primer on a brush or make-up sponge and watch it wipes away the stain and leave you with primed skin that’s ready for more makeup to go over that area.

It is also important to note that primer is not only useful in keeping your eyeshadows and eyeliner pigmented, but it also works in keeping your eye makeup from sliding off or creasing, as well as to prevent your mascara from leaving marks after hours of application.

4. Use False Lashes

If you want a hassle-free solution, then this will be the best way to go. False lashes might be quite difficult to apply at first, but this stopgap solution is a perfect choice to have a finished eye makeup look without the risk of melting or smudging makeup.

Five Ways to Prevent My Mascara from Smudging

Surprisingly, it is still possible to achieve a clean, natural makeup look that is free from mascara smudges. Therefore, if you really want to avoid mascara stains, then you’ll need to switch up your lash routine and ditch your budget for mascara.

Below are five simple ways you can do on how to stop mascara smudging under eyes.

1. Cleanse Your Face and Lashes

If you would like your mascara to last, then you should not apply mascara to dirty lashes. If your lashes still have some leftover mascara, they will more likely to create fallout once you apply more mascara. 

Use a gentle cleansing liquid to completely remove any makeup traces all the way from your lashes, your eyes and continue to your eyebrows.

2. Apply a Good Amount of Primer

While using an eyeshadow primer to calm oily lids will help, bear in mind that any product you use to dry your eyelids will do exactly that, which is to dry the skin on your lids and potentially dehydrate it. 

To keep your lids hydrated and smooth, use a rapidly absorbing beauty oil, unless your skin is particularly greasy. Make sure your beauty oil has thoroughly absorbed into your skin before applying your mascara. 

Because hydrated skin produces less sebum, your mascara will be less likely to smudge against your skin.

3. Lightly Dust Under Eyes with Translucent Powder

One of the mistakes that people often make when applying makeup is putting too much concealer and powder under the eyes. Not only resulting in panda eyes, it will also make the makeup look less natural.

Instead of using old-fashioned ‘baking’ methods, applying a thin layer of powder under the eyes will do the trick. This is mainly done to control the amount of oil in the eye area that is prone to smudge.

4. Use Tri-locking Mascara and Apply It Correctly

Tri-locking mascara is important to help mascara to get a grip. It will keep your mascara tight on your lashes without having to break or flake. 

It is important to use mascaras that are composed of natural ingredients, which can easily bond with the lashes all day long without any polymers and also silicones. In addition, it is also important to make sure that the mascara you are using is chemical-free, because these components can be bad for your lashes, eyes and also the environment.

Mascara should only be used on the front of your upper lashes. If you think you’ll need more than one coat, apply it solely to the tips of your lashes. Applying more than one application to the bottom lashes is not recommended. You don’t need the extra volume under your eyes, and using too much product here could result in a mascara disaster.

5. Occasionally wipe your under eyes.

Avoid thinking about your mascara as if it were superglue. It’s not good for your lashes, and it’s not good for your eyes, either, according to ophthalmologists. Instead, you can utilize long-lasting, natural treatments, and last but no least, take better care of your eye-area skin. 

If you’re worried about smudges under your eyes, wipe or blot your under-eye region lightly with tissue several times throughout the day. This will help to remove any excess oil from your skin as well as accumulated mascara beneath your eyes. 

Moreover, you can also wipe the region right beneath the brow bone to avoid smudges near your brows.

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