15 Best Vegan Mascaras for Healthy Eyelashes

Ensuring that animals are not mistreated is more than just opting for plant-based meals or not wearing leather and silk. It also means being aware of what you put on your face, including putting on mascaras to your lashes. In the beauty industry, it includes avoiding the use of products tested on animals and those containing animal-derived ingredients. For that reason, choosing the best vegan mascara can be a great start.

By getting the best vegan mascara, you can ensure that none of its ingredients are tested on animal. This fact will definitely give you some peace of mind, especially if you know for a fact that no animals were harmed in the process of making your mascaras.

Involving animals in the production process of all makeup items and products is actually a pretty common practice. It is widely known that many producers use animals in testing various beauty products, which include lipstick and also mascaras.

With the use of vegan mascaras, you can at least be free from worrying that animals were harmed during the production process. Moreover, using veganb mascaras will also give you some additional benefits, such as:

  • Safer for those that suffer from allergies and those with sensitive skin.
  • The products are not tested on animals.
  • The products are likely to use organic materials.
  • It offers colors that are comparable to other types of popular mascara.

Mascaras that are labeled as vegan products often have other positive qualities as well, say the organic materials that are safer, better, and healthier for your lashes. However, the color range is often less than those featured by non-vegan mascaras.But nevertheless, you will still find the basic colors such as black and brown pretty easily. 

As with any other mascara, you can preserve vegan mascara in good condition by avoiding pumping the brush into the bottle, as contact with air tends to make the mascara dry faster. Furthermore, bear in mind that you should never put back excess mascara onto the bottle. Avoiding this habit will prevent your mascara from drying out.

Tips to Choose the Best Vegan Mascara

When choosing the best vegan mascara, the most important thing for you to consider is first and foremost, your personal needs and also preferences. Different eyelashes need a different type of mascara. To find out more, you can consider some of the factors below:

  • The Brush Type

Mascara brushes come in different types and sizes. The shape of the brush plays a significant part in the mascara application. For example, a curved brush helps to create more curved lashes, while flat brushes are usually great for adding volume. 

  • The Formula

How do you like your mascara to be? What quality do you expect the most from a mascara? Is it the one that helps nourish your lashes and protect them? Or it would be best if you have something that is waterproof, which can also last for a long time? Learning the formulation before buying the perfect mascara will definitely help you in getting the one that serves you the best. 

  • The Finish

Choosing the best vegan mascara is also highly related to the outcome that you are looking for. You may expect something natural for your everyday makeup and opt for a more dramatic one for special occasions. Therefore, you may need to read reviews in order to get a better picture of the mascara outcomes and finishes. 

  • Is It Actually Vegan?

Before purchasing a vegan mascara, the other important thing to look up is knowing if you can trust the brand, and if the formula is actually vegan. After all, you don’t want to stumble upon some random products that claim to be vegan but still harm animals in the production process, right?

Top 15 Best Vegan Mascaras

Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara offers 10 times extra volumes to your lashes. The applicator brush is designed to separate and also define your lashes for visibly longer and fuller lashes. Moreover, this mascara is also smudge proof and clump proof, too. These features will provide you with a mess-free application. Last but not least, the vegan formula is infused with argan and marula oil for better nourishment. 

This next product is a vegan luxury mascara that is safe to use for those if you who have sensitive eyes. The ultra black conditioning mascara also works as an eyelash enhancer. In terms of ingredients, the formula contained in this vegan mascara is buildable, so you can easily add layers by layers in order to achieve the voluminous false lashes effect that you’re looking for. Moreover, the wands also allow you to separate and define the lashes with no clump.

The secret to French beauty can be achieved with just one coat, thanks to this vegan mascara. This product provides a clump-free and also lightweight formula that doesn’t flake or transfer. Furthermore, the small wand will also allow easier application and the brush is designed to coat every ply of your lashes. So, say hello to thick and voluminous lashes that will definitely last all day.

This next vegan mascara has a lengthening formula that also comes with deep intensity color. The vegan formula is infused with coconut oil and vitamin B, which will work beautifully to hydrate each lash as it lengthens, strengthens and also adds volume. With a vegan brush, you should not worry about being effective or clean, because the brush offers a smooth and also clean application.

Crafted with gentle and kind ingredients, this is one of the most recommended vegan mascaras that needs to be in your possession. Being a vegan product, it has a hypoallergenic formula, so we are confident to say that it is very safe to use on sensitive skin. Plus, it is also Vegan Society registered, making it a mascara that is animal cruelty-free. Moreover, since it is enriched with the finest organic argan oil, it will definitely give your eyelashes the ultimate nourishing treat.

If you’re on a hunt for vegan mascara that lasts the whole day, clump-free, adds volume and and gives your lashes the perfect length, then this one will definitely delivers all of the above. The wand helps curl your lashes even if you have very straight ones. In addition, the formula also helps your lashes grow and keep them healthy. In short, this vegan mascara id definitely a mascara that gives a natural finish, perfect for everyday look.

This mascara uses the vegan and lighter-weight lacquer tree and also rice bran waxes that works in lifting the lashes. It is enriched with castor and argan oils, which will hydrate and condition your lashes with consistent use. Moreover, it also comes with an elastomer brush for instant volume with just one coat. Lastly, the formula doesn’t smudge and can even survive a sweaty workout session. Truly the perfect vegan mascara for work out sessions!

The formula of this mascara is very thin and not clumpy, making it perfect for thick lashes that still look amazingly natural. It does not flake and it will definitely save you from getting the dreadful panda eyes even after a long day. One stroke is enough to make your lashes look thicker. Moreover, it is also safe for sensitive skin.

The conditioning formula of this Milk Makeup Kush High Volumizing Mascara gives buildable volume to your lashes. Plus it will also leave your lashes soft with a healthier-looking feature. The brush has unique crisscross bristles, which can catch and coat every lash from root to tip. It is formulated with sustainable, non-coal-derived black pigments that are safe for the eye area. Undoubtedly, this vegan mascara is the perfect go-to mascara that separates and elongates the lashes.

This mascara is formulated with collagen, which will provide a plumping effect to your lashes. The unique hourglass-shaped brush was also designed with extra stiff bristles that works beautifully to maximize the performance of its collagen-fueled formula. You can trust this mascara to add volume and also curl your stubborn straight lashes, definitely. If you don’t know which mascara to get, then this one will not let you down.

Planning to go on a beach vacation? If you are, then this vegan mascara is a must have item. It is packed with vegan waterproof formula, which can hold up even when you use it to swim. Moreover, it also contains sunscreen and coconut oil to protect and nourish your lashes when you spend a long time under the sun.

This next vegan mascara is formulated with plant-based fibers, which will deliver full and fluffy lashes. It is infused with hydrating vegan collagen to help lashes look instantly thicker and also healthier. Undoubtedly, this is the one of the best vegan mascaras to get, especially if you are longing for a mascara that stays long without having to make you work too hard to get them off.

An ultra-black, flake-free vegan mascara that instantly lifts, lengthens, and also volumizes your lashes. What else could you possibly need? Everything is features in this vegan mascara. Its signature booster brush mimics the lashline to ensure maximum coverage with natural finish. Moreover, it also has natural thickener derived from sunflower seed wax. Pretty amazing, right?

Moreover, the clump-free formula will also allow you to build the mascara in layers in order to achieve the desired thickness.

This vegan mascara has a creamy formula that gives lashes bold volume as well as definition. The fiber brush separates and defines the lashes, avoiding them from getting clumped all together. If that’s not enough for you, the you must know that it is also available in fun colors, perfect to spice up your daily makeup routines. You just need a couple coats to get the full lash effect.

This is definitely the mascara to get if you want to rock lashes that look too lushful to be real. You only need one coat to get a natural look, and two coats if you are looking for a more dramatic look. It contains vegan rose wax that condition, curl, and also lengthen your lashes. Furthermore, the super black mineral pigments will also make your eyes really shine.

What is the Best Vegan Mascara?

What is considered as the best vegan mascara will be very different for everyone.

It depends on some factors such as your lashes condition, your preferable finish, and also the price range. The best vegan mascara should be the one that delivers all of its claims and meets your needs and overall lashes goals.

How do You Know if Mascara is Vegan?

Nowadays, you can see if a mascara is vegan by finding the vegan label on its packaging. You can also check out the ingredients to make sure that the product does not contain animal derived substances. Checking if the company is not testing on animals will also help. To be able to do that, you can recognize it through the leaping bunny label.

Is Vegan Mascara Better than Other Mascara?

Yes, it is better for the animals, the environment, and most importantly for you. Vegan mascara formula is usually derived from natural ingredients that will not harm your eyes and lashes. The vegan formula is also safer for people with sensitive eyes. Moreover, vegan mascara is a much better option if you wear mascara on a daily basis.

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