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10 Best Drugstore Eye Creams for Dark Circles 2018

Are you frustrated by dark circles under your eyes and the high price of fancy eye cream brands? Don’t be – there’s plenty of (affordable) help right at your local drugstore. To find the best drugstore eye cream for dark circles, you could purchase and try 10

10 Best Drugstore Eye Makeup Removers 2018

It is almost painful to wipe away your carefully blended shadows and perfectly drawn eyeliner design at the end of the day (you worked so hard on it!), but your skin and sheets will thank you if you do. There are plenty of great products out there

10 Best Eye Primers 2018

Whether you are shopping on a drugstore budget or want to splurge for something high-end, you have plenty of options at your fingertips when it comes to eye primers. If you find a good one, eye primer will keep all of your shadow detail work exactly where

10 Best Eye Makeup Removers for Sensitive Eyes 2018

It’s not easy shopping for cosmetics when you have sensitive skin, is it? Nope, and it sure isn’t cheap, either. You often find yourself shopping in the organic section and spending much more money than those who can get away with the cheaper, drugstore products, but with

10 Best Eyeliners for Cat Eye 2018

There are so many different ways to do the cat eye, some of the right and some of the just so wrong, but until you get the hang of it, we won’t pass judgement! On our list below, we’ll be highlighting some of the best eyeliner for

10 Best Drugstore Under Eye Concealers 2018

Finding quality concealers without paying department store prices is easy if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the looking for you and in order to help you find the best drugstore under eye concealer, we won’t even require you to make a

6 Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes 2018

Does putting eye makeup make your eyes feel watery? Do you get a stinging sensation? Or pain? Twenty-five percent of people suffer from sensitive eyes. There are people whose eyes are sensitive to light, and there are also some who have sensitivity and low tolerance for various

Best Eye Cream for 20s of 2018

If you believe the old adage that prevention is better than cure, then you may assume that it only applies to maintaining good physical health. However, it can be applied in other situations, such as keeping the face looking good. The eyes are often the first place

10 Best Eye Serums 2018

If you are searching for the best eye serum then you will find this guide useful. A good eye serum can take care of problems such as dark circles or puffiness under the eyes, crow’s feet, fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area. In essence, it

10 Best Eyelid Primers 2018

There are so many steps to a makeup routine; it’s often overwhelming. It’s hard to know which steps are necessary and which you can skip. Eyelid primers often don’t make the cut, which is a huge mistake. Finding the best eyelid primer could transform your makeup application.