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Thrive Mascara Dupe: Best Tips on How to Get the Perfect Eyelashes

If you have short lashes like me but hate using regular waterproof mascara since they are hard to remove, you must love Thrive mascara as much as I do. Many professionals confirm that Thrive Causemetics mascara is one of the best tubing mascara in the game. It is so good that I have not found a Thrive mascara dupe that can take the special place that this mascara has in my heart yet. I am honestly surprised when I found out that it gives such a perfect volume and length to my eyelashes, plus it’s also super easy to remove.

Therefore, I have searched trusted sources on the web to share with you the latest tips on how to get the perfect eyelash look using Thrive Causemetic mascara. Plus, some of the tips are also based on my personal experience as well. That’s not all, because I would also like to share with you more information on what tubing mascara is, in case you’ve been sleeping on them. Honestly, I think this type of mascara is really awesome, simply one of the best. So, keep on reading to find more about it!

What is Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascara is different from any mascara because it contains polymers that coat the lashes evenly, instead of using waxes and oils in the formula like regular mascaras do. The result is not just a thick layer of black paste, but it also has a thin layer that wraps each lash with precision. Even better, tubing mascara is also suitable for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes. It is safe for those of you who use contact lenses because there is no residue that falls from the mascara layer, gets into the eyes and causes irritation.

The polymer in tubing mascara, besides giving length and volume the eyelashes, it is also water resistant. But unlike most waterproof mascara, this polymer layer will not dry out your lashes and is not difficult to remove. Although it is easy to remove, the formula does not fade easily just because of sweat and tears. Really, in my honest opinion, tubing mascara is one of the best types of mascara out there, and I have tried a lot of mascaras. I even tried to find the Thrive mascara dupe, although my search is fruitless so far.

What Makes Tubing Mascaras So Awesome?

There are three main reasons why I think tuning mascara is so awesome, and I am committed to share with you a complete information about tubing mascara. So here they are!

  • The first awesome thing about tubing mascara is that it has a pointed wand that can reach short lashes. In my experience, this type of mascara is wonderful for those who have short, thin and sparse eyelashes since this special wand can hug them when you apply it to the lashes.
  • Second, this type of mascara doesn’t smudge since it is formulated with polymers which are similar to fiber. This formulation will make your eyelashes long and separated.
  • Third, the mascara tubing is very easy to remove. After trying a few tubing mascara, I have found that they can be removed with warm water. Just wet your lashes with warm water and use a clean towel to remove them. No stress at all!

That is why I love this product so much and search all over the stores to find the best Thrive mascara dupes.

How do you use Thrive Causemetics mascara?

Sure, you can apply your Thrive mascara as you usually do; swipe it straight from the tube to the lashes and hope they will not get clumpy as you add layers of them to your lashes. Or, you can follow my favorite steps when applying mascara to get a clean and more professional-looking finish:

1. Make sure the eyes and lashes are clean

First and foremost, whether you are using a Thrive mascara dupe or not, make sure that your lashes are always clean before you apply mascara. Based on my experience, dirty lashes or dirty eye areas will cause clump and smudge when you apply a new coat of mascara on it. Therefore, it is important that they are cleaned before you are using your mascara.

2. Use eyelash curler

Take it to the next level and use an eyelash curler. Personally, this is my favorite and second most important step before I apply any type of mascara. Lash curler will lift your eyelashes and make sure they stay there throughout the day. It will help your Thrive mascara to work even better at making your eyes appear more open, big, and awake.

3. Apply the Thrive mascara

thrive mascara dupe

In this step, you can apply your mascara as you usually do. However, I suggest you remove the extra product on the wand first so it will not make unnecessary mess around the eyes. Then, you can start to apply it from the base of your eyelashes to the tip.

4. Remove any mistake using cotton bud

thrive mascara dupe

If your hands get a little shaky and the mascara gets on your lid, use a cotton bud to remove it. I have found that the small tip of the cotton bud will work better and more detailed than makeup wipes. Just wet your clean cotton bud with micellar water or makeup remover and remove the mascara gently. Now you are ready to go and face the day with your beautiful eyelashes!

How do you remove thrive Liquid lash mascara?

It is important to remove your mascara before you wash your face with face soap and go to bed. I have three suggestions on how to remove Thrive Mascara off your lids. Check out what they are below!

1. Warm water and towel

thrive mascara dupe

One of the most special things about Thrive mascara is that it can be removed using warm water. I have tested it, and can confirm to you that it is true! Splash some water on your face, make sure it is really wet. Then take a clean towel, wet it with warm water, and rub it on your eyelash gently. Wash your face and lids using face soap after that.

2. Use makeup wipes

thrive mascara dupe

While, yes, you can use warm water to remove this mascara, I found that the mess that it makes is quite overwhelming. Besides, the process of removing mascara using warm water is quite time consuming. Therefore, in my opinion, makeup wipes or makeup remover is still the best at removing Thrive mascara, or any Thrive mascara dupe. Plus, you can wipe the rest of your eye makeup with it as well.

3. Olive Oil

thrive mascara dupe

Don’t we all just love this magical multi-purposeful oil? Olive oil is good for health and beauty since it contains antioxidants, which are great for your body. It also can remove waterproof makeup, even your most stubborn waterproof mascaras, including the Thrive mascara. Wet a clean cotton or tissue with olive oil and rub it gently around your eyes until the mascara is thoroughly removed. Easy, quick, and simple.

Wow Combo My Amazing Lashes Mascara vs Thrive mascara

thrive mascara dupe

For those of you who do not know, WowCombo My Amazing Lashes Mascara is a tubing mascara, like the Thrive mascara. It gives the same promises as the Thrive mascara; easy to remove, volumizing, lengthening, non-smudging and flaking. They both are cruelty free and vegan products. But, while Thrive mascara claims that they can help eyelashes grow with ingredients such as castor oil, orchid stem cell complex, and Japanese pepper extract that is infused in the product, WowCombo does not. Which is pretty understandable since the WowCombo mascara is only $15.00, while Thrive mascara costs $26.99. 

After using both of the products, I can tell you that for its price, WowCombo mascara is pretty amazing at lengthening but not so much on volume. Meanwhile, Thrive mascara can give both length and volume to the lashes easily. They both stay pretty good on the lashes without smudging or clumping. Also, they are easy to remove. However, I do prefer to remove them using makeup remover wipes since it was quicker, but warm water can do the job, too.

In conclusion, this is a good Thrive mascara dupe, though I do still prefer the Thrive mascara. But overall, great job WowCombo!

Frequently asked question:

Is Thrive mascara hard to remove?

No, Thrive mascara is not hard to remove. You can use warm water to wet the eyelashes first. Then, take a clean towel to rub the mascara off of your lashes gently. You can use micellar water or makeup remover wipes if you want to remove the mascara from your eyelashes quicker.

Does Thrive mascara come off with water?

Yes, after the test that I have done, I have found that Thrive mascara does come off with water. Since Thrive mascara is a tubing mascara, the products will be removed easily when you are using warm water. Remember to always wash your face and eyes using a gentle face wash after removing the mascara to make sure there is no product left around the eyes.

Does Thrive mascara make your lashes grow?

Yes, the Thrive mascara can make your lashes grow, which is something that not all mascara that people claimed to be Thrive mascara dupe can do. It is infused with an orchid stem cell complex that helps to encourage your lash to grow. It also has Japanese pepper extract to help condition your lashes. Although to see the result may take some time and you have to be patient.

Why is my Thrive mascara clumping?

One of the reasons why your Thrive mascara is clumping is because you are using too many products. Like any regular mascara or any Thrive mascara dupe, using too many layers on the lashes at once will cause them to clump. Therefore, you have to be wise when using this product.

How do you apply Thrive mascara without clumps?

To apply Thrive mascara without clumps it is important to know when to stop. After using this product, I think two coats of this mascara is enough to give you dramatic and beautiful eyelashes. Also, remember to remove any excess products on the applicator before applying it.

Can I use a primer with Thrive mascara?

Yes, you can use primer with Thrive mascara. Especially if you are looking for that thick eyelashes effect. Primer will work perfectly and wonderfully to give definition and volume to the lashes. You can use a layer or two primer first and then apply the Thrive mascara after that. The beautiful result will shock you!


Tubing mascara contains polymers that coat the lashes evenly, instead of using waxes and oils like regular mascara, that coat the lashes evenly and wrap each lash with precision. This mascara will give you length and volume while being water resistant. It is suitable for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes and safe for those who use contact lenses because there is no residue that falls from the mascara layer that can get into the eyes and cause irritation.

When you are using Thrive mascara, or any Thrive mascara dupe, there are some steps that you can follow:

  • Make sure your lashes are clean before you apply the mascara
  • Use eye curler to create a more stunning final look
  • Apply the mascara gently to both your lashes
  • If needed, use cotton bud to clean any mistake

These steps will help your mascara to work even better and give you the perfect finish. To remove tubing mascara, you can use warm water. Or, use micellar water, like I usually do, to remove them faster. Olive oil is also a great option. Overall, I think tubing mascara is one of the best types of mascara out there. Don’t you agree?

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