15 Best Mascara For Straight Lashes

Straight as an arrow, as a line, as a pin, and also flat as a pancake. However you want to state it, all of the above perfectly describe your lashes, simply because…they just won’t curl. This condition can also means that you need the best mascara for straight lashes. 

If you’ve tried numerous ways to get your lashes to curl and are still having issues, then you can relax now, because we have some great mascara tips for you in our guide below. After all, preparation is key, right? However, we will begin by highlighting a few tips about lash prep before we go diving into the list of recommended products.

Prep Your Lashes!

Your prep work is definitely one of the most crucial steps to having a curl stick. So here are a few tips and tricks to try prior to applying your mascara:

  • Don’t Put The “L” in LASHES. Many of us will likely place the curler as close to the lid as possible. We will do it by pressing it down firmly, and then leave it there. The result? Some L-shaped lashes. You need to remember that it’s very important for you to start at the base, and then work your way to the tip, clamping and crimping lightly as you do. This will help you achieve a more natural curve rather than the L-shape.
  • Curler Details. Wide clamp curlers work well on flat lashes, as do heated lash curlers (if you like them). Therefore, if you use regular clamp curlers, then you need to make sure that you change out the rubber or silicone pad often. If you’ve used it to the point that there is a dip in the rubber, then it means that it’s time to change. Clamping down on your lashes with an old one means that you risk clamping off a few lashes!
  • Go Waterproof. If you have smudging problems, then it means that the waterproof mascara is your best option. It’s also drier than regular mascara too, which helps it locks in the curl better. Here is our review of the 15 best mascaras for straight lashes that are also long-lasting. Each product has different formulas and also characteristics, which you can basically adjust based on what you want to look at on your eyelashes.

After going through several steps to help your straight lashes curl, we’ve got some of the best and long-lasting mascaras for straight lashes, which will definitely help you achieve your dream lashes. In addition, each product also has different formulas and also characteristics, which can be adjusted based on what you want to look at on your eyelashes.

Top 15 Best & Long-Lasting Mascara for Straight Lashes

best mascara for straight lashes

If you’re looking for an affordable drugstore mascara, then this L’Oréal’s Voluminous Waterproof Mascara would come as a pretty good option for you to have. This mascara will definitely help you lengthen and give volume to your lashes, too (since most short lashes bearing need these two things, as well). Thanks to its dense brush as well as the waterproof formula, this mascara can definitely hold a curl pretty darn well! After all, it doesn’t always need to be expensive to get the perfect results, right?

As the name suggests, this mascara is great for adding volume to your lashes. It’s also waterproof, which will help you lock in the curl and also prevent smudging once you apply it. Furthermore, if you prep with a curler and a primer, it’s really going to make your lashes perfectly stand out.

Are you desperate in transforming your short and straight lashes into thick and voluminous ones? If you are, then please allow us to introduce you to the Mile High Volume Mascara in Jet Black, which has rich ingredients that will help you to have a lengthening and flirty look at lashes. In addition, it is also enriched with castor seed oil and also trehalose, which helps moisturize and nourish your eyelashes.

This one is obviously one of the best mascaras for straight lashes in our collection that we recommend for you! This perfect stroke universal volumizing mascara will definitely bless any beauty enthusiasts with that curly, volumizing, and also long-lasting eyelashes for sure! The fluffy brush comes with long and short bristles, which will sweep and lift all your lashes perfectly.

Some people might think this one is a bit pricey, but for beauty? Hmm.. we don’t think so, because this one is definitely worth trying! Fenty Beauty presents a full-frontal mascara with exclusive flat-to-fat brushes that will give you the volume, lift up your straight lashes, and also curl them up instantly. What a handy one!

For those with thin and flat lashes, this one is probably one of the best mascaras for straight lashes to own. In short, it’s like a hidden gem that they’ve been looking for. It features a double-cut brush that coats the lashes with mascara evenly, starting  from the root to the tips, giving a long yet volumizing finish to the eyelashes. So, if you are a black mascara lover, then this one is your ultimate choice for a dramatic look.

Finding the best angle while applying your mascara is indeed very tricky. But with this product, we can definitely assure you that you will not have such an issue anymore. It comes with three different wands where each brush will help you transform your straight lashes look to either volumizing, curling, or even welengthening.

Here is a unique brand that might be the secret to a longer and stronger lashes that you’ve been dreaming of. The super volumizing powder and memory-shape polymer of this mascara promise to lock in the curl all day long. Not to mention the ultra water-proof formula, too. It will definitely save you from messy ink, which definitely making it worth trying. 

Although it is an old product, it is still actually a favorite by many! This 1989 mascara can make your lashes that are barely visible become 300% voluminous lifted. Moreover, apart from being a great deal for straight-bearing lashes, the deep black color also provides a bold definition for thin eyelashes, too.

Just like its name, its wand was built mimicking a roller for your straight lashes to curl as well as to lift them up, ending up creating a tapering look. The tiny brushes help separate the lashes, so they can be covered neatly with this recommended mascara. Plus, the curve-setting formula can also hold the volume for up to 12 hours, which will definitely give you long-lasting curly lashes.

This mascara has a weird-looking dome tip that turns out to be very useful for lifting up your straight lashes. Its little bristles help separate the lashes, making them easier to curl up when applied with the mascara. Despite the formula making your lashes curly and voluminous, they still look pretty natural, which comes true to the product name, ‘They’re Real’.

If you happen to be a person with straight lashes who wishes to have long and effortless eyelashes, then this mascara was specifically made for you! It is perfect for daily use since it offers you natural-looking with longer and thicker lashes without having to worry about them being too bold, clumping, or also smudging.

Say no more to the straight lashes if you have this life-savior product as part of your eye makeup collection! Not only does the mascara have an incredible formula that lets you have your dream lashes, but its tiny bristles and bb fibers also allow you to create a sensational look with long, curl, and also defined-volumizing eyelashes.

Interested in having lash extensions yet worried that your lashes will fall out? Then you might want to try this liquid lash extension mascara instead! You will definitely get an impression like eyelash extensions without having to bother with expensive treatments all day, thanks to its flake-free tubing technology as well as orchid stem cell complex.

Getting confused in choosing the best and long-lasting mascaras for straight lashes? Think no more and immediately try this product! The ingredients were formulated to create voluminous, long-lasting and also lengthen effect eyelashes that every straight lashes-bearing dreams of. Plus, its wavy fibers and defined tip of the brush will also help to enhance the coverage that boosts the volume.

Remember that even the best mascaras for straight lashes might not be able to perform well if you don’t do the appropriate prep work. Therefore, make sure you try them to find the combination that works best for you! Happy shopping!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between lengthening and volumizing mascara?

The significant difference between lengthening and volumizing mascara is basically the formula and the effect you have right after applying the product to your lashes.


Lengthening mascara is supposed to create lashes that look tapering and naturally long. Meanwhile, volumizing mascara will also add some volume, making your eyelashes look thicker than your ordinary ones.

What mascara can you use after lash lift?

You can apply water-based mascara after performing a lash lift since they are more gentle than waterproof mascara. The waterproof mascara is oil-based, which is harder to remove from your lashes – and in fact, may also damage their look, too.

What should you look for in the best mascara for straight lashes?

The brush is actually an essential aspect that you need to consider before looking for the best mascara for straight lashes. 


Despite having an excellent formula, you’ll not have long, voluminous lashes if your mascara doesn’t have a proper brush. Moreover, the wand should also have a comfy grip, which allows you to adjust the angle that you want pretty easily. Plus, it is supposed to be suitable for any eye type – both small and big.

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