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15 Best Individual Lashes that Look Natural and Professional

We guess that your short, stubby lashes have you on the hunt for something other than mascara to help you add the volume and length you need. While of course you can always go to the salon to get eyelash extensions, we all know that it can consume a lot of time and money.

False lashes can come in handy but most of the time, they look just how we call it: false. On the other hand, individual lashes allow you to get the same result with a more natural approach. Since they usually come in clusters, you will be able to achieve a more natural looking lashes. Just like your own lashes, but thicker, and fluffier.

In our guide below, we’ll help you with this!

We’ve selected the best individual lashes and a few valuable tips that will help make the application process much more manageable.

What You’ll Need

In addition to good quality false lashes, you’ll also need the following:

The tools are just as important as the lashes selection itself so you need to be sure that you only use the high-quality product for a professional result.

The Lashes Selection

There are a few different things to look at as you shop for the best individual lashes, including:

  • Length. For everyday looks, short to medium is excellent. For a more dramatic look, go for the long lashes.
  • Thickness. Average thickness is fine if you have thick lashes already and want to fill in a few spots. If you’re going for an elegant or fuller look (maybe for a special event), opt for those that provide maximum volume.
  • Flare. If you don’t want to use any false lashes, opt for those with a flare. These are especially useful at the corners of the eyes to add length off the side of your lashes.
  • Color. Don’t forget to double-check the color (black, brown, etc.) and make sure that they match your natural lashes.
  • Material. One of the most important things to look at is the material that the lashes are made of. This is extra important for those with allergies, because some false lashes are made with mink fur. Apart from the fact that we aren’t fans of animals being used for such products, those with fur allergies may experience a bad reaction. Avoid animal fur and stick with silk lashes or artificial fiber lashes.

Extra Accessories

Applying your lashes is much easier if you have the right tools.

We recommend the following:

  • A pair of curved tweezers (these should have very narrow tips that allow you to pick up the tiny, delicate lashes with ease without ruining them).
  • A high-quality glue that won’t irritate your eyes and can hold your lashes on is also very important.

Top 15 Best Individual Lashes

Below is a selection of the best individual lashes you can pick of :

best individual lashes

This false eyelash is easy to apply and you can do it yourself to save you from expensive trips to the salon. It is comfortable to wear and has a natural look similar to salon lash extension. There are 240 Mini Lash Clusters in each package, enough for you to try various styles.

These individual lashes are suitable for those who have thin natural eyelashes and want to make their lashes look fluffier and thicker. Multiple eyelashes are grafted on one natural eyelash making it easier to use than traditional eyelashes. It is easy to grasp and fast to transplant to save you more time.

A DIY eyelash extension to create your perfect daily look according to your own preferences. The eyelash clusters are made of super soft and lightweight materials making it comfortable. With tiny microfibers, these lashes will better match your own lashes making it look more natural. Attach to the underside of your own lashes to blend them naturally.

An excellent choice for beginners who just get their hands on DIY lash extension. It is easy to wear and looks as natural as eyelash extensions. Made of high quality soft and light fibers, you can wear these lashes on a daily basis and barely feel that you have a thick eyelash extension.

This is the kit you need to get a thick eyelash without having to pay for expensive eyelash extension ever again. This kit gives you the easiest and most seamless way to get glam lashes that you can just wash off every night. They aren’t stiff or heavy so you can place them under your real lashes comfortably.

These individual lashes will transform your lashes from naturally thin to full blown flare. They are made of faux vegan mink that give you subtle volume and gentle curl. The glue that comes with the kit is pretty strong that you can keep your false lashes up to two days.

Ardell’s 3D Individual Lash Combo Pack has short, medium and long individual lashes. They are known for their 3D effect and knot free, giving you the most customizable lash option. You can use it with strip lash adhesive for daily wear, or individual lash adhesive for up to 2-week wear.

The J.Cat Beauty individual lashes will give you a full, voluminous, and wispy look. With these lashes, you can achieve looks from natural to full glam in minutes. They are made out of 100% human hair making them look more natural and soft. glue that comes with it is latex free and safe to remove.

An easy lash extensions look with semi-permanent adhesive. These lashes can stay on for up to 2 weeks-like real extensions. It has flat roots and tapered ends that mimic actual lashes. It provides easy and fast application with professional results. The whole set offers a cheaper home eyelash extension that looks natural and beautiful.

A set of 3-D multi-layered individual lashes that can dramatically boost volume and length for the ultimate effect. It mimics the growth structure of your lashes for a naturally glamorous finish. It is handmade of 100% silk that is soft and lightweight. With proper care, you can reuse the lashes up to 25 times.

With these 32 individual lash clusters, you can add length and volume exactly where you want it and how you want it. These individual lashes are made for everyday wear. They’re lightweight and designed to be comfortable. They are also reusable up to 10 times.You can customize your lashes’ beauty from natural to all out.

You can design your lashes based on your personal preferences with this M.A.C Artiste lash. The clustered lashes come in three lengths providing more volume that look just as natural as your own lashes. You can even reshape the lashes to meet yur personal needs. It is also reusable if you care for it properly.

These individual lashes are easy to use because they are magnetic. With easy application and removal, it will shorten your eye makeup routine. It is ergonomically designed with a soft magnetic strip to avoid hurting your eyelids while protecting your delicate lashes. Just find the correct angle and you can get pretty lashes with ease.

These lightweight lashes create a voluminous look that can be adjusted to look natural or dramatic. It is simple to use and comfortable to wear. Perfect for daily makeup or professional purposes. The lashes come in a compact packaging that is easy to access making everyday application fast and easy.

Thes lashes have a unique microband and featherlight fibers that go under your natural lashes seamlessly. It gives you a natural mascara-like look. It is designed to fit all eye shapes and can be layered and desired volume. It is also water resistant so you can wear it in the pool without having to worry they will fall off.

How long do individual lashes last?

It will be different for each product and the method you use. Individual lashes that you put on yourself may stay for a day long or until you take them off. And if you use professional services to install eyelash extensions, they can last up to 8 weeks before they grow out naturally.

Do having individual lashes ruin your own?

The false lashes alone should not ruin your own lashes. However, improper application and unsuitable glue used, might damage your own lashes in the long run. Make sure that you use suitable products and tools when putting them on or ask for professional help. Use gentle products when taking them off and do it safely.

Are individual or strip lashes better?

It’s different for everyone due to personal preferences. Strip lashes are so much more simple and easy to put on and take off, but sometimes it is hard to make them look natural. Meanwhile, individual lashes take more time and effort to put together, but you can achieve a more natural look easier.

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