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15 Best Eyelash Extension Glue for Long Lasting Lashes

Using false eyelashes will allow you to instantly enhance your appearance, without having to do any extra efforts. However, you don’t want your false eyelash to fall off at an inopportune moment, right? Because it will be very inconvenient and embarrassing, too! To avoid such thing, it’s always a good idea to have the best eyelash extension glue to make your lashes stay all day.

The best type of eyelash extension glue is a product that will make your lashes stay all day. On the other hand, it should not be too strong to an extent that they are difficult to remove even with the normal glue remover as well. Accordingly, considering some important factors to find the best eyelash extension glue will definitely ensure you to get the right product, and also to avoid any issues in the future.


What to Think About to Get Good Eyelash Extension Glue

In order Tt avoid problems to your lashes such as falling out, the use of the best quality eyelash extension glue is very important. It can ensure your lashes remain in place for as long as you need them to.

There are several necessities that will be required of the glue:

  • Do not glue the lashes too close to the eye, because it could cause irritation or damage your existing lashes.
  • The glue should be enough to bond all the desired lashes.
  • The lid needs to be effective enough to prevent the glue from drying out between the occasions of use.
  • The glue also has features that make it easy to apply, such as an applicator wand or tapered tip.
  • It needs to be able to hold fast when necessary and then be easy to remove when needed, without any significant effort and without leaving any trace. Consider whether the glue will be affected by sweat, which may be a factor if you are going out for a dance, for instance.
  • Choose the same color as the lashes or those that dries clear.
  • Need to take care with fumes.
  • The instructions need to be clear and effective.

Top 15 Best Eyelash Extension Glue

This Duo Individual Lash Adhesive is a small bottle of adhesive that is specially designed to apply individual lashes. You will need only a small amount of this glue for your eyelashes to be applied. Moreover, it can also be used by decanting a few drops into a clean container. In addition, this glue is also suitable for lashes of all colors as it dries clear and holds well, too.

Alluring Ultimate Power is an eyelash extension glue that is designed to be used by professional eyelash artists. This is testament to the quality of the results that it can produce. Amazingly, the quick drying formula only needs 1 – 2 seconds to dry so it can definitely be classified as an instant glue. Moreover, it can also last for 5 – 6 weeks.

Blink Ultra Plus is a professional grade glue that was designed for bonding eyelash extensions in place for up to 8 weeks.

The glue has a thin consistency with a bottle that needs to be shaken before use, which will ensure the liquid is thoroughly mixed.

It is essentially an instant glue because the lashes only need to be held in place for a few seconds to create a strong bond.

For professional lash artist, having an eyelash glue for sensitive skin is definitely a must, and this product is the best product for that reason. Since it comes as a quick dry glue, it will only take 5 seconds to dry, and it will last up to 4 – 5 weeks. So there will be no more complaining about adhesive allergies from your clients, since it has no odor and also latex-free.

This product from Ardell Duo comes with rosewater and also biotin striplas, which work as ingredients to nourish your eyelash with worry-free application. Plus, it also comes as a clear dry adhesive as well. Moreover, the super thin brush applicator will definitely come useful because it will help you to stick the eyelash precisely. Lastly, it is also latex free!

Formulated with the highest quality, this Velour Lashes Lash Adhesive offers an easy, quick and also flawless lashesIt comes as a vegan product, fragrance free and also very long lasting for your fake eyelashes or eyelash extension. And the most important thing is that it has a strong hold for your lash. 

Craving for an eyeliner that can be a lash glue as well? If that’s the case, then you might want to try this polymer eyeliner and lash glue from Pseudo Labs, because it will definitely become the answer to your very needs. This product is not only waterproof, but it also has a thin felt that will create a precise lining and help to stick the lashes easily. For daily wear, you can easily clean it using micellar water.

This Mortilo False Eyelashes Glue is the perfect yet suitable product for beginners who just started to learn about applying false eyelashes. This product has no odor, no irritation, and totally safe to use. Providing a quick dry formula, this super strong adhesion will definitely help you in creating a natural eye look. Moreover, your false eyelashes will last up to 30 days

Formulated with biotin and blueberry extract, this KISS Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive is specifically designed to nourish your eyelashes. It offers a super strong hold feature as well, so you don’t have to worry that your eyelash extension will fall off. Furthermore, you can also apply it as easy as applying an eyeliner, because the applicator design of both products is pretty similar. 

This House of Lashes Dark Lash Adhesive offers you an 8 hours long-lasting wear, which is formulated with waterproof and latex-free ingredients. This product is definitely a highly recommended choice of dark lash adhesive for you. Furthermore, it is super easy to apply. Since it comes in dark color, it will definitely intensify your eye-line without looking too much or too heavy.

A versatile makeup is definitely the kind of style that you must have! To achieve that look, you can make an eye line, a wing stamp for your eyelid, and easily stick your false eyelashes, too. Moreover, you don’t have to feel guilty using this product to stick your lashes, because it is totally vegan and cruelty-free. So get the best eye look effortlessly with Eylure.

Double is always better than single, right? And it goes the same to this Glue Sky S+ as well. This product comes as a set of two bottles of super strong eyelash extensions, which are made specifically for professional eyelash artists. It Is ultra fast drying at a glance, and it lasts up to 6-7 weeks. Furthermore, it is also latex-free and formaldehyde free. Hence, you should get it fast before it’s too late!

This Rapid Low Fume Eyelash Extension Glue for Professionals might be one of the most long-lasting eyelash extension glue products on this list, because it lasts up to 8 weeks! It is a suitable product for beauty salons, professional makeup artists, and also individuals who happen to be makeup enthusiasts. 

Your clients and customers will be super happy with their false eyelashes because this glue will dry at a blink! Also, it is weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about humidity in your area.

This EMEDA False Eyelash Glue is a product that can help you in achieving a fresh yet glamorous look effortlessly. This waterproof eyelash glue will definitely stay for up to 24 hours, and since it is a clear glue, it’s totally smudge-free, too! Moreover, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

This one is a pretty suitable eyelash glue for your daily use. It comes as a glue that can hold your fake eyelashes for up to 48 hours. And since it is waterproof and sweat-proof, you can be worry free because it is totally safe for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Best Glue for Eyelashes?

For daily wear, you can use eyelash glue from Kiss. Kiss is a brand that always produces best quality glue for fake eyelash or also eyelash extensions. You can choose KISS i-envy or KISS lash couture for the best result, because both products offer a super strong adhesive, which can also be adjusted based on your needs. 

How do You Apply Fake Lashes for Beginners?

If you are a beginner in the world of false eyelashes, the best product to have as the first kit is a glue that can be used as an eyeliner, too. Therefore, you can simply use it as easy as applying your eyeliner. Once you’re done, then you can go on with the application of your false lashes carefully by following the eye line. It is the simplest way to try the new fake lashes for beginners. 

What Eyelash Glue Lasts the Longest?

The answer would be the eyelash glue from KISS, because it definitely the glue that lasts the longest. You can get your eyelash extension for up to 48 hours, without worrying about falling extension, bulky, redness, or any other effect from applying the glue. Moreover, this super strong glue can be applied by yourself. 

Can I Use Professional Lash Glue on Myself?

No, and it is not recommended. Using a professional lash glue by yourself is not a good decision to make, because the formula and ingredients are stronger than the ordinary and daily eyelash glue. So, it is not recommended for you to apply it yourself. The reason is mainly because the effect can be harmful.

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