best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

15 Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes that Won’t Cause Irritation

Does putting eye makeup make your eyes feel watery? Do you get a stinging sensation? Or pain? Twenty-five percent of people suffer from sensitive eyes. There are people whose eyes are sensitive to light, and there are also some who have sensitivity and a low tolerance for various makeup products.

Having sensitive eyes makes it twice harder to put eyeliners, but this shouldn’t be the case. Today, the beauty market is filled with parabens, sulfate, and harsh -chemical-free products. They won’t cause irritation or reaction that will destroy your skin.

Eye Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

  • Minimize Using Eye Creams. Too much eye cream can cause your liners and mascara to run. When using eye creams simply pat a small portion outside the corner of your eyes to the inside.
  • Avoid Lining Your Inner Eye. People suffering from sensitive eyes should take caution in lining their inner eyes. It’s best to use a liner or a pencil outside the lash line. The best eyeliner for sensitive eyes has ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
  • Don’t Forget to Remove Your Makeup. Removing makeup at the end of the day is tough, and many women can attest to this. Sometimes we all feel a bit lazy and the last thing we feel like doing at the end of a long day is removing our makeup!

This is a big no-no for people with sensitive eyes, however, as it can really irritate them.

Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes

best eyeliner for sensitive eyes

L’Oreal Infallible  Lacquer Liner 24H is a flawless, fade-free color eyeliner with a unique lacquered finish perfect for a simple and sophisticated eye makeup look. It has a smooth gliding brush that reduces mistakes upon application. This liner is specially designed for people with sensitive eyes or contact lens.

Burt’s Bees was one of the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes that we tried. This pencil liner is made with Jojoba oil, Mango Oil, and Meadowfoam Seed, the latter of which is high in antioxidants and is very nourishing to your lashes. It is also an ophthalmologist-tested and 100% eye-friendly eyeliner you won’t regret!

For all-day wear or for a more dramatic evening look that won’t melt off in just a few short hours, try Almay’s Intense Liquid Eyeliner for your sensitive eyes. The waterproof formula is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, and the applicator tip is ideal for drawing on sharp, precise lines.

Those with sensitive eyes may face issues to find the shade she wants as the variety is limited. But, with this eyeliner from Clinique, you won’t have any trouble. It comes in 10 different pigmented colors that provide you with diverse options, making it easy for you to be more creative in makeup.

If you wanna go matte, look no further than Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner from Maybelline. Its liquid formula helps you to apply the liner smoothly on your lids, leaving no smudge behind for 12 hours. Whether you wish to create a dramatic or natural look, it is the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes to go on both.  

As its name suggests, the formula of this pencil eyeliner was dermatologist-approved, so you don’t have to worry about your fussy eyes being irritated. Its pigmented color is perfect for cat eyes lovers since the ink swipes easily on the lids. This product comes with a removable sharpener at the bottom (no need to buy an extra!)

Honest Beauty gives you a chance to show your true beauty with its liquid eyeliner. It is parabens, silicones, carbon black pigment, and PEGs free, while also being a super pigmented one that offers defined eyes look with no flake that lasts for 8 hours. Its mini size also allows you to bring it everywhere!

Despite being 12-hour waterproof, Stila surprisingly doesn’t irritate your eyes, thanks to its paraben and sulfate-free formula. Its soft texture helps you to glide on effortlessly, while the intense pigment creates any eyes style you desire. Even cooler, this eyeliner can go great as an eyeshadow by tapping it with your fingers on your eyelids.

It is quite rare to find a waterproof eyeliner that can last all day for sensitive eyes. But, we found one here! Besides being waterproof, it is smudge-proof and sweat-proof which makes the product suitable for any occasion. Not only that, but it also provides a matte and pearly finish for your eyes.

It would be a nightmare if your eyeliner runs when you attend a party! Thankfully, it won’t happen with this one. With its smudge-proof, run-proof, and smear-proof formula, your eyeliner will lock into your eyelids until you remove it. Plus, its sharp-thin brush helps to swipe the intense color to get the wing eyes effortlessly. 

Shimarz brings you all natural goddess and transforms into a pencil eyeliner! The nourishing ingredients ensure your eyelids are conditioned and stay hydrated. What’s more? It doesn’t only provide you with extravagant eyes with its black color, but the buttery texture and ultra-smooth formula are handy glides on the lids.

You’ll adore this pencil eyeliner if you fancy smokey eyes. It is a slick, easy-apply product that will instantly turn you into a master of bold statement eyes. You can be playful with black, navy, brown, or grey shades available on the product. The eyeliner was also formulated with Chamomile to soothe the skin around your lids.

When it comes to the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes, you can’t leave ILIA behind. Its creamy texture allows you to easily blend the pigment away with no irritation on your lids. This product is also vegan-friendly, a perfect piece for those minding ethical concerns.

Wander Beauty presents a gel texture eyeliner that provides a seamless application. Its creamy formula helps you to smoothly glide the eyeliner on your lids without harshness on the skin. It is a highly pigmented product that was enriched with Jojoba oil to keep the lids nourished and hydrated. 

Infused with Aloe vera and Rosemary makes this liquid eyeliner one of the best eyeliners for sensitive eyes that help you deal with dry lids. Not only it is enriched with soothing and hydrating ingredients, but it also comes with a fine-felt brush that will deliver the rich black color conveniently on your lids.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do my eyes hurt when I put on eyeliner?

When you add too much pressure on your lids while applying your eyeliner, it can cause your eyes to feel burned, resulting in irritation. This event usually happens if you try a pencil eyeliner. If you prefer a pencil eyeliner to gel or liquid ones, it is better for you to choose one that has a creamy texture or gel texture to easily glides the product on your lids without harm.

Which is the safest eyeliner?

The safest one is one that suits your eyes and skin conditions. If you have sensitive eyes or are a contact-lens wearer, it is recommended to choose the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes that is generally formulated without certain ingredients that may trigger allergy or irritation.

Is it okay to wear eyeliner every day?

It is okay as long as your eyeliner is not being kept for more than three months. If you insist to apply your 3-month-old eyeliner to your lids, you may increase the risk of bacterial infection or fungus in your eyes.

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