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15 Best Korean Eye Cream Selections to Improve Under-Eye Skin

When looking for great beauty products that work wonders, South Korean products are normally at the top of most people’s lists. This is because they tend to work wonders on the skin, thanks to the rich ingredients used. So if you have trouble with puffy eyes, eye bags, fine lines, or even wrinkles, then you should search for the best Korean eye cream to deal with the problem.

There are a number of the best Korean eye creams out there with some promising features to get rid of wrinkles. Lots of creams also promising that they will make puffiness a thing of the past. As such, you need to take care while choosing an eye cream to take care of your particular troubles.

This guide will help you find some of the best products/brands on the market today.

Finding the Best Korean Eye Cream for Eye-Specific Problems

The delicate skin around the eye area is normally affected by three main skin issues, which are puffiness, fine lines, and also dark circles. One product may work wonders with one issue, but may not be so great with another.

So let’s take a look at what to look for in eye creams if you wish to deal with eye-specific issues:

  • Fine Lines. When searching for the best Korean eye cream to deal with fine lines, then you should look for one that comes with sunscreen to protect the eye against the sun during the day. For nighttime cream, you should go for one that is high in moisturizer, which will come helpful to moisturize the delicate eye area. One to take note though, you need to always look out for ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids while buying.
  • Puffy Eyes. Look for the best Korean eye cream that contains soothing ingredients such as cucumber, chamomile, vitamin E, and also aloe if you want to fight against the puffiness issue.
  • Dark Circles. To successfully deal with dark circles, then you need to go for eye creams that contain ingredients such as caffeine, because it will help reduce the look of dark circles. In addition, you can also look for moisturizing eye creams that help strengthen the skin around the eye thus helping reduce the appearance of dark circles.

If you ask which Korean eye cream is the best? Then you will definitely find the the answer in our amazing list of the best Korean eye creams below! From under-eye creams that will work for your puffy eyes and dark circles, to those anti-aging eye creams, which can reduce wrinkles and also fine lines, we’ve got all covered. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Top 15 Best Korean Eye Cream

best korean eye cream

Mizon All In One Snail Repair cream is specifically made for that woman who wants plump baby-soft skin. It is the snail secretion filtrate formula that will help you free from the appearance of wrinkles, acne, as well as blemish. Once you apply it to your under eyes, face, or neck, you’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful glowing skin you’ve dreamt of!

Overall, the blue package truly represents the refreshing eye cream that the product offers. Formulated with pennywort and comfrey leaf, you’ll find it highly enjoyable to feel the detoxified skin, resulting in soft, clear, and also healthy eyes skin for 26 hours! Moreover, the ingredients can also boost skin’s elasticity and moisture too, leaving you with cease-free make up under your eyes. 

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream gives off a wonderful light floral scent when applied, which leaves your skin beautifully moisturized; thus, helping you minimize wrinkles and eye bags, too! It does leave the eyes feeling smoother with a decreased appearance of fine lines, thanks to the hydrolyzed collagen

This one may be the best Korean eye cream to reduce your puffy eyes and also dark circles, thanks to the snail peptide formula. Perhaps you think it has a slimy texture since it mentioned ‘snail’, yet it is a fast-absorbing cream that sinks in and totally hydrates your skin smoothly. 

Like its name suggests, this Innisfree hydrating eye cream will definitely become your best bet to moisturize those dry under eyes, making them look fresh. Moreover, it is also loaded with Jeju green tea extract and also green tea seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants to help prevent premature aging of the eye area. 

Fine lines under the eyes can be bothering, which is why Klairs come to the rescue with the solution! Enriched with peptides, vitamin A and also vitamin E, this best Korean eye cream will truly become your savior to disguise those wrinkles and fine lines. Despite having a buttery texture, it won’t make your skin oily. Instead, it will be moisturized perfectly!

We’d say, it is the 3-in-1 best Korean eye cream you should have in your skincare routine. Highlighting Jeju orchid and hyaluronic acid formula, it helps reduce signs of aging by improving the elasticity and firmness of your under-eye skin. Plus, its lightweight texture makes it easier to absorb.

As floaty as water, the fast-absorbing watery texture of this eye gel is a real deal! Besides, this one works well to hydrate, brighten up, and give a visible firm effect to your under-eye skin for up to 24 hours, all because of the micro hyaluronic acid and green mineral water ingredients. Therefore, this product is definitely a must-have item for your eye treatment.

Usually, those working in front of computers will have an issue with tired eyes. But, don’t worry! The red ginseng and collagen as the key ingredients of I’m From Ginseng Eye Cream will definitely become the best solution for you. It nourishes those puffy, tired-looking eyes, and of course, lift the firmness of the under-eye skin, too!

If you wanna have radiant eyes look, then we believe that you’ll love this eye treatment gel! The 5-hydra complex rich formulation will lock moisture barrier while rejuvenating your under eyes skin. As the king bamboo ingredient, it does a wonderful job in hydrating them. By having healthy skin, you can apply your eye makeup with ease.

You may think it is pricey, but it’ll definitely worth the money! Sulwhasoo presents a renewing eye cream, which is rich in the compound K and ginsenoside Re, disguising and preventing further aging signs while enhancing moisture and evens out skin texture. In addition to that, they also help to maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity.

When you see ‘collagen’ mentioned in its name, you may already know what the target of this product is. It is packed with collagen and also elastin boosters to help regenerate skin and maintain firmness and elasticity. Meanwhile, argan oil will keep the skin moisturized, making your eyes look healthier.

You can now throw a farewell to dark circles, thanks to this date seed formulated brightening eye cream product! Not only that, it also works well in improving your eye bags, puffiness, and also visible fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Include this one in your routine for 2 weeks and see the result!

Seen from the handy tube package, you can immediately tell that this one will be your new favorite product! Besides an eye cream, it also works as a face moisturizer that works to help soften and nourish the skin. Plus, the vitamins and peptides also act as an anti-aging that can diminish noticeable wrinkles and fine lines.

Bakuchiol is a hero ingredient in this Pure Peach Retinoic Eye Cream, because it is an alternative retinol that will definitely suit all skin types. It helps reduce wrinkles, improves firmness, and also hydrates the eye’s skin. Besides, the eye cream also contains rosehip seed oil that stimulates skin rejuvenation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Best Korean Eye Cream for Dark Circles?

Generally speaking, almost all the best Korean eye creams can reduce dark circles. 


However, we highly recommend Cosrx Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream, MIZON Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream, Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream, and also Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream with Avocado. They are rich in wonderful ingredients to help you battle dark circles.

What is the Best Korean Eye Cream for Anti-Aging and Wrinkles?

There are actually several best anti-aging Korean eye creams that can reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. 


We have some examples from our list, such as AHC Essential Real Eye Cream For Face (vitamin and peptide), MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream (snail secretion filtrate), Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream (hydrolyzed collagen), Klaris Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter (vitamin A, vitamin E, peptides), and also Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream with Avocado (date seed extract).

Do Dark Circles Ever Go Away?

The answer is definitely yes! Dark circles can come and go, because it depends on many factors. If you lack sleep, then you will almost surely have darker dark circles under your eyes. However, some people have dark circles because of genetics as well.


However, if you want to get rid of those ugly dark circles, then you can get medical treatments such as lasers and also fillers. Some people also consider having plastic surgery to remove their dark circles.


For a more natural solution, you can also try to fade them away by having 8-hour of sleeping, putting cucumber on your eyes, and also applying eye creams to prevent further dark circles to develop.

What does Korean eye cream do?

Korean eye cream help to moisturize, rejuvenate, and hydrate your under eyes skin so that wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles can be minimized. 


They generally contain rich ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, minerals, vitamins and peptides, and collagen along with key Korean ingredients (like Jeju orchid and red ginseng) to improve your under-eye skin.

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