15 Best Gold Eyeshadow to Brighten Up Your Makeup Look

You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for the best gold eyeshadow. This guide will help you find the most appropriate eyeshadow to suit your skin tone, which will also become the preference in terms of how you wish to look that fits your wallet.

Finding the right eyeshadow takes a lot more than just heading to the shop or going online and picking one randomly. There are a number of things that you have to consider, especially when it comes to getting the perfect eyeshadow. You have to consider the shade of the eyeshadow, whether or not you are sensitive to some of the ingredients, and whether it is convenient to you.

You need to pay extra attention to pigmentation when shopping for eyeshadow. Pigmentation refers to the amount of pigments in an eyeshadow. So if you find one with high pigmentation, then it means that you are looking at eyeshadow that is not only rich in color, but most probably long-lasting as well. 

Generally speaking, eyeshadows with high pigmentation are the one to get if you want to get maximum results. Eyeshadows with high pigmentation can come in different types, whether it is loose mineral powder, liquid, cream, or even sticks.

What Color Should You Buy?

There are so many eyeshadow colors to choose from out there, which depend on your taste and also preference. However, care must be carefully taken in choosing color, because not every color goes on every skin-tone. Therefore, you should know your skin tone before finding the suitable colors.

As a tip, don’t buy eyeshadow that matches your eye-color exactly, as it is not recommended. Instead, you can pull off wearing gold eyeshadow if you have brown eyes with yellow flecks, or if you have hazel eyes. While for green-eyed women, you can also get away with eyeshadows with gold tones.

Nevertheless, you will also need to pay special attention to the undertone. Make sure that you pick the shade that compliments your skin undertone to get a beautiful result.

Pay Attention to Shades and Types

Eyeshadow shade may appear slightly different in person from what it looks like on a photograph, which is why you need to carefully check the shade before buying. As for types, eyeshadows do come in different types, which include the following:

  • Mineral Powders, which are great for both daytime and evening, are using loose formulas. Therefore, avoid using non-static makeup brushes when you apply mineral powders.
  • Cream eye shadows are normally used by professionals who are looking to add a dash of bold color to the eye. These forms can definitely be applied with a brush, fingers or also a sponge applicator. Moreover, they can also be used as eyeliner.
  • Powder eye shadows, which are the most common form of eyeshadow, come in either single units or also in palettes. They are compact in nature and can also be applied with either a brush or a sponge applicator. Furthermore, their ease of use makes them super ideal for beginners in the makeup world.
  • Liquid eyeshadows are rather difficult to use. They are meant to be brushed onto the eye and are normally used to either add strong accents to the edge of an eyelid, or to create a base color.
  • Pencil or stick eyeshadows come with thick tips, although they look somewhat like eyeliner pencils. They are easy to use and normally provide long-lasting color effects.

Top 15 Best Gold Eyeshadows

To help you find the best gold eyeshadow, we’ve curated a list of gold eyeshadow that you can use as a guide below.

This eyeshadow is not only vibrant, because it also provides a long-lasting finish. You get to enjoy an irritation-free product with this one, thanks to the lack of preservatives in it. This eyeshadow can also be used either wet or dry, and you will still enjoy immense coloring effects. In addition, it is also possible to mix and match it to create beautiful custom combinations.

With subtle shimmer, this eyeshadow gives off a beautiful intense color that won’t crease or fade for at least 24 hours. The cream consistency offers an easier application with only your fingertips. It clearly gives you the colors you crave, in formulas that blend with a touch, which also stay true and beautiful.

This is the best gold eyeshadow to get, especially if you want to get a little shine but not too much. It glides on smoothly and a little application goes a long way. This is truly the perfect eyeshadow to wear when you want to brighten up your eyes on your daily makeup routine.

A convenient palette you can use to create a subtle golden look, or a deeper look that still seems very natural. The light shade is great for inner corners while the other shades can create a layer of glam. However, you need to use a base or a primer to get the maximum effect.

This little palette has a metallic silky texture with lustrous pearls that provide an intense, exquisite formula that is very easy to apply. The silky sheen powders give a high pay-off concentration without looking heavy, and the shadows are shiny and sparkly, too. Truly a perfect product for a glamorous look that you want to achieve. Moreover, it also has a packaging that is compact and easy to carry.

This creamy eyeshadow provides up to 10 hours of wear and gives an intense color payoff. You can apply it easily with a brush or using your finger. It is so easy to apply even for beginners who want to practice their eye makeup skill. In addition, it also blends nicely and does not make the eyes look heavy.

This eyeshadow is infused with refined micro-glitter for a sophisticated and sparkling finish. It features multifaceted pearls that capture and reflect the lights for brilliant, multidimensional eye looks. This product is buildable from sheer, opaque, to prismatic finish, making it adjustable to suit every occasion. Moreover, the weightless formula also glides across lids and dries down for smooth, comfortable wear.

A creamy, vegan eyeshadow single that delivers high-pigment, ultra-velvety texture, and also supercharged colors with long-lasting wear up to 12 hours. The velvety-soft formula glides on with minimal fallout, which can also be applied easily with a finger or blended with a brush. For better result, use an eyeshadow primer to make it last all day.

A unique eyeshadow that has a jelly texture. You can layer the shadow to create a full pigmented golden effect, but the glitters are flaky so you need to be mindful when applying it. For the perfect end result, use a great primer to make it stay longer, and your fingertip would be the best tool to apply this kind of eyeshadow.

This water-infused shadow is enriched with soothing vitamin E and has a liquid-cream texture that is very easy to apply. The soft-focus pigments blur lines and imperfections for a visibly youthful finish. It also features an easy glide-on formula in a striking high shine that won’t drag on your delicate eye area.

This shade has the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle without too much bling. If you’re wondering, this one is perhaps the shade worth getting, whether you are a daily makeup wearer or a pro MUA. The subtle shine on this eyeshadow is perfect for daily makeup, going to work, dinner party, and even bridal makeup.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow is a gel-based formula that is very long-lasting, quick-drying and also 100% eye-catching. You can get an amped up glitter coverage with one single swipe. It is packed with multi-dimensional glitter and also pearls, and it also has a comfortable formula for minimal fall-out. In short, this is the best gold eyeshadow for standalone usage or as a topper.

If you want an effortless application, then opt for an eyeshadow stick. This is an easy-to-use creamy eyeshadow with intense and buildable color that lasts up to 12-hour. It also glides onto eyelids evenly and smoothly, which that guarantee even application, even for a newbie. In addition, this eyeshadow stick also offers a comfortable long wear and does not flake.

Ulta’s Eyeshadow Singles have a super creamy and buttery texture with beautiful pigmentation. It contains natural butters extracted from aloe and also coconut oil, which provide you with a nourishing formula for comfortable and easy application. Moreover, the pigmentation is also soft and perfect for daily makeup. If you want a more intense color, then it will be a great idea for you to apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand.

Super Shock Shadow is ColourPop’s famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It’s super creamy and pigmented with minimal fallout. It has a compact powder formula as well, so you may need some layers to achieve the expected color to show up. Furthermore, this shadow also works great on inner corners.

Can I Wear Gold Eyeshadow?

Of course you can. Then again, why not? Life is short after all. You can  wear whatever color of eyeshadow you want. If you are not ready for an intense bling, then you can opt for a softer golden shade such as the Kitten shade from Stila. It offers a beautiful golden shine that will not look too much, and still suitable for casual occasions.

How Do You Make Gold Eyeshadow Pop?

The first thing that you need do to get is a highly pigmented gold eyeshadow. Make sure to use an eyeshadow primer to get the maximum color reproduction. Then, use the shadows in layers until you achieve the desired intensity. To complete your look, you can still add a glitter topper to make the golden effect really pop.

Is Gold Eyeshadow Good for Brown Eyes?

Yes, it is. In fact, it can make your brown eyes pop and look even more mesmerizing. However, you still need to consider the right shade of gold and get the one that compliments your eyes the best. Furthermore, trial and error will be needed in the process, but you can always make use of free samples at the counter.

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