15 Best Naked Palettes for the Perfect Eye Look

Makeup trends tend to come and go, but once you find your signature look, then you will feel extremely confident about your makeup, even if it doesn’t follow the latest trend. Finding your favorite style using the best naked palette will allow you to create a look that would suit all occasions. It is actually a better option, so you don’t have to worry about what’s on trend today. The most important thing is that you create the makeup look that perfectly represents your style and also personality. 

Naked palettes make it easier for you to create different looks, whether you decide to go all-natural, or to make a statement with bolder lips.

With the best naked palette, you will be able to create a subtle look with nude colors. Plus, you can also create a more dramatic and smoky look by layering up different shades to create even more depth.

How to Decide on Makeup Colors

The makeup colors that you choose to wear will not only depend on what suits you, but it is also essential to consider the occasion that you’re going to attend.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on makeup colors, including:

  • Your skin tone and undertone
  • The rest of your makeup
  • Occasions you are attending 
  • Clothing you want to wear
  • Your hairstyle
  • Season

By ensuring that the colors and styles complement each other under these factors, then you can ensure that the overall look is set harmoniously and look good together. 

When it comes to the color spectrum, then choosing the right ones to suit your skin tone can be a minefield, simply because of the many colors available. While it might seem prudent to see a professional at a makeup counter at a department store, you will never know if their advice comes with an ulterior motive of wanting to sell you particular products.

Additionally, you may also receive opinions from other people if color suits you, but you may not be completely sure if they are being honest, or just being polite.

Using a naked palette can really negate this problem, because it is very challenging to find colors that would not suit you when using nude tones. Naked palettes are like an insurance that no matter what you try to create, you will most likely nail it.

Benefits of Good Naked Palettes

There are so many reasons why naked palette is an essential that everybody should own, as you can see a number of them below.

  • Naked-toned eyeshadows are suitable for any skin tone as it’s still available in a wide range of shades. 
  • You can also easily adjust it according to the occasion by adding extra touches. 
  • Suitable for work as it will be subtle.
  • You can wear it all year round without having to worry that the color would be out-of-date.
  • Simple to adapt for special occasions.
  • Easy to go from day to night.
  • Going overboard with makeup can be avoided by going for muted colors.
  • The phrase ‘less is more’ was never more true regarding makeup. The use of neutral color will definitely give you the chance to stay humble but still somehow very stylish.
  • You encounter fewer issues when using a naked palette.
  • Mistakes are difficult to spot when using a naked palette, and blending is effortless. It makes it possible to subtly make features stand out to highlight them effectively rather than looking like you are trying too hard.
  • A naked palette will reduce the risk of you wearing colors that are not in fashion. It will also make it possible for your makeup to work well, no matter what you wear or the occasion.
  • It is very versatile. Once you get it, you can use it to create any look for every occasion in all seasons.

Top 15 Best Naked Palettes

To help you get the best naked palette that will not let you down, we’ve selected the top naked-tone eyeshadow palette on this list.

best naked palette

Every naked shade from matte warm neutrals to gold glitter eyeshadow can definitely be found in this makeup palette. This palette is suitable for any style, ranging from sunny, natural makeup to seductive, after-dark eye makeup. With this palette, you can definitely create different looks from natural using classic gold and warm amber shades to an intense smoked-out look.

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat and ultra-compact Naked Petite Heat eyeshadow palettes include adorable shader such as warm browns, burnt oranges, and also rich siennas that are perfect for more bright and playful looks. Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™ that delivers velvety texture, richly pigmented color, serious staying power, and also optimal blendability. Moreover, it also contains smooth shimmers, and not to mention sparkling metallics for smoldering beauty looks.

Naked2 is a versatile, mini eyeshadow palette that features six taupe-hued eyeshadow shades for your everyday, natural makeup looks. It is ideal for natural eye makeup or pairing as a neutral eyeshadow base with brighter makeup palettes. Furthermore, this taupe eye palette also compliments a wide range of skin tones and is made with a velvety texture for rich color.

This is an eyeshadow palette that redefines neutral with twelve universally flattering shades in finishes, which are ranging from matte to metallic. It contains the best neutral shades that were designed to flatter every age, gender, and also skin tone. These colors are very harmonious together, which will be allowing you to create limitless combinations and also different styles.

This product is a vegan eyeshadow palette with 12 desert-inspired neutral eyeshadows, ranging from pale peach and metallic bronze to deep blue green and also turquoise shimmer. The shades are inspired by California’s deserts, Joshua trees, and also endless skies. In additional, all shades from creamy mattes, metallics, and shimmers can blend seamlessly, which can also be used solo or layered.

The pink nudes eyeshadow palette can be your new go-to palette. It comes with 10 coconut-infused shadows in matte pinks and also warm neutrals, with luminizing highlights that will illuminate your daily makeup. Even better, the blendable formula with velvety finish also comes in a recyclable paper palette, which is better and also more friendly for the environment.

Create different looks for different occasions from sun-kissed days to bronzy nights with this nude palette. It includes toasty terra-cottas, cool-toned neutrals, and also sultry nudes in 35 richly pigmented mattes, shimmers, and metallics. It can be built and blended easily to achieve your desired eye makeup look. Moreover, the shades are also arranged in rows for effortless applications even for newbies.

If we talk about naked palette, the we can be sure that so many people will agree that the Naked3 palette can be considered as one of the most legendary products. Almost every woman or girl owned this palette back in the mid 2010s. This is due to the versatility of this palette, which is perfect for everyday makeup and soft glam for all occassions.

Due to the warm welcome from the beauty community, Urban Decay decided to release the mini version of the legendary Naked3 palette. And of course, since we love the original size, everyone will undoubtedly love the mini version as well. It is much smaller in size, making it possible for you to carry it when you have to go on a trip, or simply wherever you go.

All shades on this palette are easily blendable, which can also be applied wet or dry. You can easily create different looks and we can guarantee that it will stay all day. It is packaged in a convenient small sleek case, which will be providing you with an easy on-the-go application. In addition, using eye primer before applying the eye shadow can also give you a pop outcome.

The next Naked Palette comes in a juicier palette option, which includes shades ranging from creamy peach to hot plum. This palette is perfect if you want to achieve a bolder and also a more unique look. The intense formula can also be blended across the lid smoothly like silk. Moreover, the formula stick into the lids without creasing or fading for hours.

This palette contains different shades of nude shadows consisting of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are perfect as a base and for blending. They are also highly pigmented and might take you by surprise since this palette is actually not that expensive. The shimmers are perfect for toppers and will definitely make every makeup look pop.

This palette is very unique because it is pigmented with non-toxic fruit pigments. It features soft and neutral shades, which will help you create the ultimate neutral makeup look. This palette will be perfect for no-makeup makeup days. Even better, it is also enriched with rosehip oil and avocado butter as well as anti-aging resveratrol and acai.

This LORAC PRO Matte Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow that comes perfect for those with sensitive skin. This is something that can be worn all day, lasts all day, and can also be easily removed with gentle cleansing. It includes every shade you need whether you’re striving for a more natural everyday look, dramatic look, or anything in between. Moreover, the packaging is also compact, durable, and travel friendly.

An eyeshadow palette that comes full in matte shades, which include a small portion of natural shimmer that is suitable for any age. The pigment pay off comes lighter at first, but it is definitely buildable. This formulation is perfect for beginners because you can avoid unwanted pigment disaster. Moreover, the formula also blends smoothly and creates less fallout.

Which is The Best Nude Eyeshadow?

The best nude eyeshadow would depend on several things such as skin tone and also your personal preferences. For example, if you have fair skin, then using warm tone nudes may appear too orange on your skin. Meanwhile, if you have darker skin, putting on the light nudes may not show up very well on your eyelid.

Is Urban Decay Naked Good?

Judging by the hype and positive reviews from the customers, we can definitely say that yes, it is good. It has been everyone’s favorite since the day it was launched, and many people are still using it as their main palette up to this day. Furthermore, the formula and color is also suitable for most people.

Which Eyeshadow Palette is The Best?

It can actually be different for everyone based on their needs and skin condition. For example, if you have matured skin, then you may want to avoid a palette that is dominated by shimmers and also glitters, because they tend to sink in the fine lines. A matte palette can be considered as a safe option for everyone.

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