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10 Best Eyeshadow Primers 2018

To create a makeup look that will last, you need to prime your skin with the right products. Not only do they help keep your foundation firmly in place, but also to prevent carefully applied eyeshadow from melting away after an hour. Are you wondering who makes

10 Best Pigmented Eyeshadows 2018

When most of us apply eyeshadow, we expect it to show up on the skin. Some products, however, just don’t contain enough pigment to allow us to do that in one swipe. Rather than wasting time and money by purchasing numerous palettes yourself to see which ones

10 Best Eyeshadows 2018

It can get virtually impossible to figure out what the best eyeshadow for you might be. With so many options on the market, and new releases coming out every day, it gets difficult to keep up. From bright colors to neutrals, from mattes to shimmer; there are

10 Best Matte Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Makeup manufacturers sure don’t make shopping easy by shoving millions of products in our face. Also, what works good on one face may not work well on another! When it comes to choosing eye shadow colors, you face the dilemma of choosing the colors that work best

10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2018

Using eyeshadow as part of the normal makeup regime can be undertaken because the range of shades available and the different potential styles are limitless, making a look for every occasion quite achievable with the clever use of eyeshadow. However, this is only possible with the use

10 Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes 2018

Green, being the rarest eye color, is considered one of the most beautiful eye colors in the world. Because of this, finding the right makeup for green eyes comes a little quite difficult. Many expert opinions flood the internet talking about the right color and shade for

10 Best Eyeshadow Brushes 2018

Many seem to focus on presenting you with brush sets, we thought it would be more useful to hone in on the individual options. Usually, there is a higher number of unused brushes than there are used brushes, which makes it rather pointless to spend money on

10 Best Drugstore Eyeshadows 2018

Sure, Urban Decay, MAC and Lancôme all make some great eyeshadows, but sometimes the asking price is just a tad out of your monthly makeup budget. On our list below, we’ll present you with some excellent (and affordable) alternatives by highlighting the best drugstore eyeshadow brands and

6 Best Gold Eyeshadows 2018

You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for the best gold eyeshadow. This guide will help you find the most appropriate eyeshadow to suite your skin tone, your preference in terms of how you wish to look and your wallet. Finding the right

6 Best Makeup Geek Eyeshadows 2018

When it comes to eye shadows, the brand makeup geek is an all-time favorite for women all around the world. You can see this brand being raved about by beauty bloggers on their blogs or on various beauty Youtube channels. Makeup Geek has amazing pigmentation, it is