everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin

Everyday Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin (12 Best Ideas & Guide)

Everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin tone should not be excessive since you will use it as daily makeup. It can be a perfect choice to work, casual activities, or just when you hangout with friends. Everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin can be soft  and you don’t need to show too much contrast on your skin tone. 

However, you also must consider the skin undertone so that it can be matched to your skin tone. Since this cosmetic is for daily look, try to make it as simple as possible. Here we have more detail about what you must consider when you are looking for everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin.

What is the Best Everyday Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skin?

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The color of everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin, you can choose shades like brown, golds, pinks, cinnamons, warm brown, warm orange tones, and plum. Try to minimize the contrast since it can make you seem wearing a mask. The options of finish can be endless, but you can try metallic, shimmer, or even matte. Meanwhile, if you like to have one neutral shade, palette is the best choice.

Everyday Eyeshadow Looks For Dark Skin Top Ideas List

We have listed eyeshadows with a variety of shades you can choose for everyday look. If you like to mix and match the shade, choose the palette so that you can create any appearance you like daily.

1. Warm Shades for Calm and Natural Look

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Whether you like to have day-to-day looks, calm, or natural look, selecting brown shades is the best choice because the shade can be great for those appearances. For the night with a bold look, you can have the shimmery eyeshadow so that you can look more gorgeous. Vodisa Matte and Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette is one of complete choices for you who is looking for everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin tone. The color itself is very pigmented and it can last all day. You will love the mixture of sparkle and matte one eyeshadow after you apply it.

2. Luxury Eye 

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Applying gold eyeshadow on dark skin tone can create subtle orange undertones and look perfect on you. This color also adds glamor and glitz easily to your makeup look. Even pairing gold eyeshadow with dark skin tone can pop your skin. If you want a classic look, you also can match shimmery gold lids with bright red lipstick. Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick comes in a stick and has benefits for nourishing and hydrating your skin. Moreover, you don’t need primer to apply it since the powder formula makes it easy to apply. 

3. Colorful Eyeshadow for Bright Look

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You don’t make any mistakes when you decide to wear colorful eyeshadow although it can make you look different, especially when you want to experiment with your own look. Lighter shades can look contrast for the dark skin tone, but this can change your look dramatically. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette, Eyeshadow Palette – Brights is one product that you can try to make a colorful eye look. You don’t have to worry about powdery or cracked results because this product is formulated with primer and offers you soft, smooth, blendable, and long lasting result. 

4. Pink Eyeshadow for Dreamy Appearance

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Pink color is perfectly matched with dark skin tones because it can look stunning, add extra dreamy on your skin. It is also a perfect choice for romantic gaze for any moment. You can choose metallic, glittering, shimmer, or matte finish because the color also can be soft on your skin tone. These shades are also able to create a glowing look that is extra magical for dark skin tone. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette has 12 colors in a palette, with shimmery finish, and two double-ended sponge applicators to make it easy for you to apply. 

5. Increase Your Confidence

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Dark skin tone with plum eyeshadow is a suitable match for your makeup. This color not only has a warm tone, but this color is also able to create soft results when you choose dark plum shades. You can complement your look with soft lilac lipstick and pick soft pink or peach blush to make you confident. Pure Ziva™ Smokey Plum Dark Purple Violet Brown Matte Opaque Pressed Powder Single Eyeshadow is a nice color that works very well with dark skin. In addition, the eyeshadow from Pure Ziva is also suitable for acne-prone, mature, dry, sensitive, oily skin, which comes with powder and opaque finish. 

6. Go Bold with Burgundy 

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Wearing deep burgundy eyeshadow can increase your confidence. With dark skin tone, you can focus on your eyes with the eyeshadow and then pair it with bold or natural lipstick. You can make metallic shimmery eyelids and then pair it to a similar lipstick color. Pure Ziva Mulberry Satin is best for the everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin, and it is coming in a powder form and shimmery finish, which lets you apply it easily on your lid. 

7. Pop Up Your Eyes

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Who says you can apply blue shade for everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin tone? You don’t need to stay away from vivid color because this shade still can look amazing on your lid. Just apply it only on the lids, then fade it out at the edges, as well as at the crease of the eyes. One product with the beautiful blue shade is Afflano Blue Eyeshadow Palette Matte Shimmer Makeup Eyes with natural, velvet, shimmer, matte, glitter, and metallic finish. The eyeshadow is also blendable so that it can be easier for you to apply it.

8. Go Green, Literally

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If you want to contrast your eye look with dark skin tone, the you might want to choose emerald green eyeshadow. You can choose a light color for a fresh appearance and a darker shade for a bold eye look. The green color itself has meaning as a cold color to represent freedom, nature, and also hope. So bring out that feeling by applying DE’LANCI Avocado Green Eyeshadow Palette. The eyeshadow has shimmer, matte, metallic, and glitter finish, which is good to achieve a vibrant look on your eyes. 

9. Warm Your Tone

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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Applying copper shade on your lid brings warmth to your look. Since this is a rich and deep color, you can make it stand out by using metallic shade, use your finger or wet brush to ensure that the color will be more intense, then blend it evenly. One product you can choose is Mallofusa Single Shade Baked Eye Shadow. The eyeshadow has powder form with natural, metallic, and shimmering finish. With baked technology, applying this eyeshadow won’t make your eyes look heavy. 

10. Deep Look

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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This is a darker shade of brown that can be used as everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin tone. Applying this sade can intensify and enhance your eyes. Regardless of your eyes color, you can apply peach lipstick to complete it. Put it on the lid or crease to make your eyes stand out more. So, you must definitely try Ecofavor Nude Gold Eyeshadow Palette if you like to experience this shade. The eyeshadow itself has natural, shimmer, matte, and metallic finish, which is practical to be used as everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin.

11. Shiny Day

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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If you are looking for a shiny makeup effect on your eyes, maple eyeshadow is the answer. This shade is not too light on your skin, but still makes your eye look soft. Just apply it to your eyelid and blend it well. The e.l.f, Bite-Size Eyeshadows can be used for everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin. Plus, having ultra-pigmented 2 shadows will also make it easier for you to mix and match. For better results, apply primer before you apply it.

12. Highlight Your Appearance

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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Basically, taupe is brown-gray toned shade and eyeshadow with this color is the best eyeshadow for dark skin with cool toned. This color will not make your eyes look lighter than your own skin tone. If you have a cool tone, the shade can look incredible for you. You can add dramatic cat eyes and it will look fancy in you. So, apply MAC Small Eye Shadow if you like to use it as an everyday look.

Which Shade is Used for Dark Skin?

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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The key to find the shade for dark skin tone is by finding your own undertone. You can figure it out by looking at the veins on your wrists. Cool undertones can be seen when you have blue color; warm undertone is when you find green color on your wrist. Meanwhile, you must be neutral when there is a balance between warm and cool. Next, choose a shade of cosmetic as close as possible to your skin tone.

Which Lipstick is Good for Dark Skin?

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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If you are going to match the occasion, try a spring-like, violet look or glossy pink. You also can warm up your complexion by picking berry hue because it will be more perfect for this intention. When you have a warmer undertone, pick chocolate brown, orangey-red, and peach shade. But, if you have a cool complexion, pink, purple, red, and blue undertones are for you.

How do You Apply Makeup Like a Pro for Dark Skin?

Applying makeup like a professional for everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin is definitely not that difficult. First of all, you need to have cosmetic products to support your appearance. So let’s jump in below!

1. Start with Moisturizer

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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First step of making everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin is starting with moisturizer. Whatever your skin type, it’s important to hydrate your skin with moisturizer in the morning and night. Applying sunscreen in the daytime is also important to protect your skin from sun exposure. Give a little massage to your skin after applying moisturizer to make it rilex. 

2. Apply Primer

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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Some people skip this step while in the making of everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin, but not for a professional makeup artist. Applying primer is important to keep your makeup set all the time and long lasting without retouching makeup, especially when you are doing your activities during the day. This product also helps you to minimize pores skin and shine-free on your face.

3. Apply Foundation

everyday eyeshadow looks for dark skin
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Applying a foundation helps you to cover flaws, uniform color to the complexion, create an even skin, and change natural skin tone. Choose one shade lighter than your skin tone to make it easy to blend it with other cosmetics. If you want full coverage, distribute the foundation evenly on your face. 

4. Apply Concealer to Get More Coverage

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Just like foundation, applying concealer is also important to get a flawless look and hide blemishes, dark spots, and dark circles on your skin. Concealer can change your look dramatically because it can brighten your tired face instantly. Sometimes, professional beauty skip foundation, but they will use concealer primarily to get rid of imperfection on your face.

5. Add Bronzer and Blush on Face

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You can use a bronzer to contour and sculpt your jaw and cheeks. Use the brush and tap off the excess powder and sweep it under the checkbond. Afterward, continue backward toward the hairline and go down to the jaw. For smooth results and refine the bone structure, sweep along the jawline. Next, apply blush to give a vivacious look and add extra dimension on your face.

6. Highlighter 

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Your professional makeup look won’t be complete without highlighter. Apply highlighter to bring more attention to your cheekbones to achieve a natural-looking glow. Be careful when you use highlighter on your nose because it can make an unnatural look and be a bit dramatic. However, if you want to get that look, go on.

7. Apply Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

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Darker shades of eyeshadow can shape, define, as well as contour the eyes. The light shade that is similar to your dark skin tone can act as a base. For the eye liner, choose black and brown pencil eyeliner. If you want to create a fuller lash base, make a dot between your lashes. Or, make a smudged and sharp line around your eyes for an obvious definition. Lastly, pop up your eyes by swiping on the mascara.

8. Using Lip Liner, Lipstick, and Lip Gloss

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If you want to get makeup like a professional for dark skin tone, then start it with lip liner contouring and shading the lips lightly. For the dark skin tone, choose lipstick and lip gloss shade as you desire. Consider mauve, deeper berry hues, pink, magenta, and taupe if you have cool undertones. Or, you can use bright red or orange hues if you want to get a natural look. Start it with lip liner, next lipstick, and finish it with lip gloss. 

9. Set Your Makeup

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The last step of applying makeup like a professional for dark skin tone is by using setting powder or setting spray. This way can help you to keep your makeup set all day. If you want to get a natural or less matte look, setting spray is a great choice. You can use a fluffy brush or puff saturated with setting powder to make it blend evenly.

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