What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

What hair color is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40?

Aging is a fact of life, and it is up to you to adapt so that you do not go out of style. One way to keep up with the world is by dyeing your hair. You’ll need to find the proper hair color to ensure that it stays soft, shiny, and also healthy. However, in order to choose the perfect hair color, you need to consider several aspects, such as your eye and skin color. If you have blue eyes and pale skin, you might wonder, “which hair color is best for blue eyes and pale skin, suitable for someone over 40 like me?”. 

As you know, hair color (lighter or darker) can really make a difference to the way you look as a whole, whether it makes you look older or younger. Therefore, you need to be pickier when it comes to choosing the best hair color.

In your 40s, your hair will start to turn gray and thin because of several reasons, including hair fall, brittle hair, medication, and natural degeneration due to aging. Thus, if you are planning to hide it, then you should look for a hair color that provides full coverage, so you can look younger and fresh. In order to get deeper information about the best hair color for blue and eyes pale skin, suitable for someone who is over 40, then you should check out my recommendations below!

What Hair Color is Best for Blue Eyes and Pale Skin Over 40?

What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

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Some of the best hair colors for women over 40 with blue eyes and pale skin may include copper, ash brown, and also platinum blonde. However, if you have a warm skin tone, then I believe that chestnut, chocolate brown, or sandy blonde shade would look excellent on you. Those colors will definitely make you look more natural in your 40s. In addition, I recommend that you avoid dark colors because they have the tendency to make you look older instead of younger.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Pale Skin Over 40

There are lots of hair colors that are suitable for women over 40 with blue eyes and pale skin. If you are one of them, you can choose one of the following colors, which will give you a natural look with soft and silky hair. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check the list below!

Copper Hair Color

What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

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Copper is probably one of the best hair color options to create a unique contrast between your blue eyes and pale skin tone. The shades of copper will also help you to get the kind of natural color that you need for your hair. If you are in your 40s and have blue eyes as well as pale skin, then choosing copper as your new hair color will definitely make you look younger.

The healthy and bright look of copper will definitely look good on you because it can beautifully frame your face with a lighter shade. Furthermore, it will also draw your eyes away from your skin tone.

Blonde Shades Hair Color

What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

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No one will argue when I say that pairing blue eyes with blonde hair is an excellent idea. Blonde-colored hair, especially platinum blonde, pale ash blonde, golden sandy blonde, as well as ash blonde, are some of the perfect choices that combine well with blue eyes and pale skin.

These colors will not only make you look younger than you really are, but it also makes you look more dazzling because the blonde color can make your blue eyes more sparkly. Moreover, choosing light colors from blonde shades will instantly refresh your appearance.

Brunette Shades Color Hair

What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

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Brunette is another recommended shade that will be the best option for women over 40 with blue eyes and pale skin. Yes, age is just a number, but trying new shades to make you look younger won’t hurt, right?

Therefore, you can try to choose brunette shades to create an attractive look for your appearance. Plus, you can also wow everyone with your new look. According to a poll made through a social networking site, Badoo, it was proven that around 60 percent of males stated that women with brunette color hair look most attractive. Furthermore, brunette color hair is also associated with a positive personality. 

Top Hair Dyes for Women Over 40!

Now that you know which colors that would be ideal for your hair, it is time to select the dyes! You have to put some consideration when choosing your hair dye brand because you do not want to damage your follicles. As you age, your hair may prone to falling out, especially when you expose it to incompatible chemicals.

I recommend the following hair dyes because of their excellent formula and pigmentation, providing you with the most beautiful, even result.

#1 Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme

Now that you are in your 40s, you need to start paying more attention to your hair health. Because you are older, your hair is prone to falling out, which may discourage you from trying out hair dye. As a solution, I present you the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Creme! This dye will not only provide vibrant color for your hair, but it will also provide them with nutrition, making them stronger!

The combination of natural oils from grape seeds, avocadoes, and other nourishing ingredients provides your hair with more lather and excellent color retention. Available in various light shades of brown, Garnier’s hair dye is ideal for you as it can give you even coverage.

However, even though the dye does not contain ammonia, it still smells unpleasant. You will have to put this shortcoming in mind when you want to use this brand. Nevertheless, Garnier’s Color Boost technology, with its long-lasting pigmentation, will complement your blue eyes and pale skin nicely!

#2 Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color

As I’ve said, keeping your hair healthy is insurmountable, especially now that you’ve reached your 40s. Hence, you need to choose hair dye that will provide you with nourishment, not just a good look. And so, I recommend the Revlon Colorsilk hair dye! Just like Garnier, it can give your hair nutrition as the formula is infused with keratin and amino acid!

If you want to hide the greys on your hair, this dye will do an excellent job, thanks to its 100% coverage. Available in light colors that I’ve talked about above (blond, copper, and brunette), you can trust Revlon to help you regain your youthful appearance and enhance your blue eyes!

However, please note that some reviewers say that their hair becomes a bit brassy after putting on this dye. Though, I personally think it’s worth it because of the excellent multidimensional pigmentation that will make your hair more alive!

#3 Naturtint Permanent Hair Color Gel

If you are concerned with the chemicals in hair dye affecting your mature hair, you may want to consider a brand that uses natural ingredients instead. Using natural components would be less harsh on your hair. I believe that Naturtint fits this category really well! 

This permanent hair color gel uses plant-based formula! It will provide you with a natural hue that will match your pale skin and blue irises. Not only providing you with excellent pigmentation, but Naturtint also contains vegan components that would prevent hair breakage.

The nourishing meadow seeds and olive oil will moisturize and strengthen your hair shaft, preventing them from falling out too easily. Because the ingredients come from plants, the formula should not weaken your hair. Although some users say that this hair gel can make your hair a bit frizzy, it’s definitely worth trying!


What Hair Color Looks Good with Pale Skin and Blue Eyes Over 40?

What color hair is best for blue eyes pale skin over 40

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The most recommended hair colors that look good on someone over 40 with pale skin and blue eyes are light ones. Colors with lighter shades are ideal because those types of shades will make you look younger. You can choose shades of color like copper, ash brown, platinum blonde, chestnut, chocolate brown, or even sandy blonde for maximum results. 

On the contrary, it’s better for you to avoid dark colors because they tend to make you look older.

What Color Hair Makes You Look Younger in Your 40s?

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If your plan to color your hair is part of your efforts to look younger, then it’s better for you to go for light colors like blonde shades. They will definitely boost your confidence, which will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, despite the fact that we are all aging.

So, age beautifully by choosing the perfect shade, and avoid colors that are too dark, too ashy, too brassy, too light, too highlighted, too red, and also too bold because when you are aging, the hair color will turn to a lighter color or gray.

What is the Best Hair Color for 40 Year Old Woman?

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The best hair colors for women over 40 include dark blonde, caramel, and also copper. Those colors are some of the most popular shades that will come perfect for women with blue eyes and pale skin. 

In addition, you also can choose natural brunettes since the color offers you a youthful result with low maintenance. On the other hand, you may not want to pick hair colors that will make you look older such as dark brown.

Should You Go Darker or Lighter with Hair Color as You Age?

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You should definitely go for lighter hair colors when you age because those colors will make you look younger. The color like strawberry, copper, gold, honey, and also caramel will definitely create lighter shades, which draw the eyes from skin problems, such as fine lines and also wrinkles. Moreover, it’s important to remember that it’s better to avoid dark hair colors because those colors will only make you look older.

What Hair Color is Best for Aging Skin?

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We must say that blonde shades hair colors are best for aging skin since blonde shades are well known as the number one anti-aging hair color. Moreover, if you experience premature gray, then you can make natural blending by combining warmer gray with any blonder tone. On the other hand, any dark hair color, like dark brown or similar colors, will only make you look older than you really are.

Does Long Hair Make You Look Older?

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Yes, definitely. Long hair actually makes you look older than you really are, especially if you have straight hair. Moreover, straight and long hair also has the tendency to make your face center and front. If you have fine lines, long and straight hair will only makes it even more obvious. Besides that, long hair also makes your hair less voluminous just like you lose the hair’s volume, which is associated with the aging process.


Aging is a natural part of life that you can’t avoid. Yet it does not mean that you should ‘go gentle into that good night’! One way to make yourself appear younger is to dye your hair. If you are women over 40 who have blue eyes and pale skin, you may consider colors with lighter shades. 

I believe that shades of copper, light blonde, and brunette are the top three colors that you should explore. These pigments will make your blue eyes and pale skin appear more refreshed. The brighter shade will match your skin tone, obscuring signs of aging. 

In any case, you should not be afraid of dying your hair out to appear younger. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it’ll make you more confident.

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