What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

13 Unmatched Color Mascara for Blue Eyes and Blonde Goddess

Having a pair of gorgeous blue eyes and a blonde hair is one of the best things in life you were born with. Effortlessly, you already look stunning and naturally head-turning. However, you can always step up your makeup game with color mascara. The best color mascaras can bring out distinctive auras from your blue eyes and blonde hair and make them glow. Even the most natural color like brown will accentuate your features, making you look even more divine. In this article you will know what color mascara for blue eyes that will go well with your blonde hair.

However, if you’re not sure where to begin, in this article we will also help you discover unmatched color mascaras that help put your blue eyes and blonde hair under the spotlight. From natural to light and pastel color mascaras, we have everything ready for you!

What Color Mascara for Blue Eyes Goes Well with Blonde Hair?

The best color mascaras for blue eyes and blonde hair are deep brown, especially for a more natural and simple look. If your eyebrows and lashes are very light-colored, brown mascara frames your eyes and makes them appear awake and focused. Burgundy or deep purple mascara also does this trick to your eyes and as they are the opposite of the color yellow, your blonde hair will also look brighter. Moreover, blue is also one of the best color mascara to pair, as they accentuate the blue in your eyes and contrast with your hair. You shouldn’t also forget light or pastel colored mascara as these colors compliment your features without standing out too much. 

As a lot of people say, there is no rule to your makeup game. Since different colors bring different effects to your blue eyes and blonde hair, don’t be afraid of trying them out!

Natural Color Mascara for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Best natural color mascaras to match your blue eyes and blonde hair are dark brown and burgundy-tinted mascara. These color mascaras have the ability to highlight your eyes and also hair without looking too gaudy, particularly for a more laid back day and casual events. Just a flick or two for an effortless yet pretty eye look.

Brown Mascara

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

For this simple yet captivating eye look, all you need is a dark brown, chocolate shade mascara. But if you think black is too dark, particularly if your skin is pale, then brown will do the trick. Simply apply to your upper and bottom lashes for maximum effect, and voila! You have that perfect look.

With its gorgeous dark brown color, this mascara is the perfect companion for your blue eyes and blonde hair. Featured with transferproof formula, this Diorshow 24H Buildable Volume Mascara will definitely last all day on your lashes, with no clumping or flaking and basically mess-free. However, the downside of this mascara is that it’s a little bit difficult to reach the base of your lashes and it’s also expensive.

If you’re into a darker brown, it means that this mascara is the ideal match for you. The formula is wet and also buildable, so it volumizes and lengthens your lashes with no clumps or flakes, making it perfect if you’re into dramatic and thick lashes. With its POWERFULL™ patented brush, it separates your lashes so you don’t need to worry about getting your lashes stuck to each other. Although this mascara is sold at a high price, we must say the formula and wand make it worthy of a splurge for your everyday use.

Burgundy Mascara

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

If you want a calm splash of color that compliments your blue eyes and blonde hair beautifully without looking too funky, burgundy color mascara is your go-to choice for a natural eye look. The burgundy will make your blue eyes appear more exquisite, but also points out your blonde hair. Adding a little bit of your eyeliner in the same color can also work if you’re feeling a little bit extra, but mascara alone is already pretty.

This mascara from L’Oreal has the most gorgeous burgundy color to make your blue eyes and blonde hair pop. Made with a formula that resists clumping, this mascara gets you the perfect long and also thick lashes. So there is no need to worry about your lashes looking like spider legs. In addition, it also stays forever on your lashes so it might be a bit difficult to get it off without using oil based cleanser.

Ocean Blue Mascara for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

Having blue eyes doesn’t mean that you can’t wear blue mascara. After all, a little bit of color wouldn’t hurt! Dark blue ones bring the best effect to your blue eyes, as they emphasize the color of irises. Additionally, with your blonde hair, your appearance will undoubtedly become the center of attention. Below we have covered the best blue mascaras to help you achieve a simple but a stunner look. 

This blue mascara from Maybelline is formulated wax-free, making it glide easily and smoothly on your lashes. Although it’s not waterproof and can be washed away easily while washing your face, this mascara still holds up well during the day. Since the brush is round-shaped, it’s also easy to catch every single lash on your eyes. For only \$6, this mascara will make the perfect addition to your makeup.

If you’re looking for a darker blue mascara for your blue eyes and blonde hair, this navy mascara from Jolie joins the club. This mascara is made with a very lightweight and soft formula, so you won’t feel that heavy mascara hanging onto your lashes. Not only that, it is also formulated with gentle ingredients, particularly created for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

This mascara from BlueLash offers you a silky finish formula that lasts all day even in heat and humidity, although it’s not waterproof. With its silicone brush, this mascara lengthens and thickens your lashes evenly. What’s even more to love is that it doesn’t dry out easily, so you can build your lashes without them looking clumpy. However, the downside of this product is the color payoff; you may need a white lash primer to make the blue appear more vividly from this mascara.

Forest Green Mascara for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

If you have never tried green mascara, now is the time. Although it’s not exactly the color that you would wear for everyday look, wearing green mascara can add a subtle pop of color to your look. Depending on the blue of your eyes, somehow, the green mascara will give your blue eyes a soft green tint, making them even more gorgeous than before.For this, choose emerald, dark green, or soft green colored mascara.

This pretty forest green mascara from Radiant Professional is a must have for your blue eyes and blonde hair. Not just the color, this mascara is also formulated to protect your lashes with natural wax from rice hulls, conditioning your lashes and keeping them smooth. Even though it’s not waterproof, it stays all day and won’t flake on your skin. Furthermore, it’s also ophthalmologist tested so no need to worry if you have a pair of sensitive peepers.

Made of waterproof formula, this mascara won’t move, flake, or smudge off once it dries on your lashes. If you’re worried about your lashes getting sticky and tangled with each other, worry no more because the brush helps you separate each lashes to avoid them getting stuck and clumpy-looking. The downsides of this mascara are that it doesn’t really lengthen or thicken your lashes and the color payoff is just so-so. However, it is still perfect for you who are looking for a subtle green mascara.

This mascara from Fenty Beauty has the perfect green shade for your eyes – not too light and not too dark. It’s easy to apply and glides smoothly on your lashes, and stays all day. However, since the brush is oval-shaped, getting more products and layering can get a little messy. Another downside is that the mascara also flakes after some time. 

Light Color Mascara for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Light color or pastel mascaras can bring magical effects for your blue eyes and blonde hair. No matter what color you wear on your eyes, they will still look captivating but sweet at the same time. You can match the color with your other eye makeup or outfit as a small, nice touch to your overall look. Interested? Don’t worry, we already covered the best ones for you blue-eyed and blonde babes!

Pink Mascara

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

The first pastel color that you should try is pink mascara. Though unexpected, don’t cross this from your list yet. Matching pink mascara with your blue eyes and blonde hair enhances their natural beauty, while at the same time, it also gives you the sweet and cute touch to your makeup look. You can wear it alone or add a little bit of eyeliner for a more defined eye look. No matter what you choose, you can never go wrong with pink mascara.

This brand may sound a bit unfamiliar to you, but don’t let it stop you from trying out their godly gorgeous pink mascara. With its highly pigmented color payoff, no need to worry about getting too much product on your lashes to get the color to show. Since this mascara is waterproof, it stays forever and doesn’t smudge or flake off easily. Wiping it off can be messy and you will need oil-based cleanser to get it off completely. For only around $7 per tube, this pink mascara deserves to sit on your vanity.

If you find yourself looking for an even softer pink mascara, this mascara from Pudaier has it ready for you. Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula keeps your lashes clean from any mess. This mascara is also sensitive eye and contact lens users-friendly. With this shade of pink that you will hardly find anywhere else, we say go for it!

Soft Purple Mascara

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

Although the soft purple, lilac, or lavender trend is over, we say go ahead and try them on your lashes. With these types of purple, your blue eyes and blonde hair will appear more stunning. You can add a little bit of silver eyeshadow for a glam look, but wearing the mascara alone already brings elegance.

With its out-of-the-world lavender color, this mascara is the absolute must-have item for your makeup bag. Other than for the fact that this color is almost impossible to find, this mascara applies easily on your lashes. This mascara is also powered with a lengthening formula. However, it’s not buildable and getting too much of this mascara on may cause your lashes to appear clumpy. To avoid this, you will need white lash primer so you can get the best color payoff with just a few flicks. 

Light Blue Mascara

What color mascara for blue eyes and blonde hair

Light blue mascaras are your blue eyes’ best friends as they accentuate the color of your irises, no matter what kind of blue they have. At the same time, they contrast with the color of your hair and make your blonde hair glow. Make sure to apply generously on both your upper and bottom lashes for a maximum result. 

This mascara from Maydear is featured with elastic silicone brush head to ensure the optimum result for your lashes. It also thickens and lengthens your lashes without making them stuck to each other. Moreover, this mascara is smudge-proof, waterproof, and also sweatproof, so it stays all day long on your lashes. The best part of this mascara is the color payoff – just a couple of layers and you’re ready to go. However, since the staying power of this mascara is excellent, you may need to take extra measures with oil cleansers to take them off completely.

What Color Mascara is Best for Blue Eyes?

Best color mascaras for blue eyes are dark brown for a more natural look as it frames your eye, especially if you have pale skin and light-colored lashes and eyebrows. Meanwhile, dark blue mascara is also flattering for your blue eyes, making them pop beautifully. If you’re into pastel colors, soft lavender or pink will also highlight the features of your blue eyes.

What Color Looks Best on Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes?

Earth tones like brown or terracotta are the best for blonde hair and blue eyes, and will do the job for practically any occasion. If you’re leaning for a more colorful look, light colors are your next best choice especially if you don’t want to look too flashy. For a more glam event, colors like dark blue or gold are also the top options.

What Color Mascara Should a Blonde Use?

A blonde should use dark brown, chocolate-colored mascara to give more definition to your eyes, as blondes usually have lighter lashes. Wearing dark blue also helps make your eyes pop, as well as the blonde hair. If you’re into a sweet makeup look, wearing light-colored mascara like soft pink or purple will highlight your gorgeous features nicely.

Should Blue Eyes Wear Black or Brown Mascara?

Blue eyes should wear brown mascara or darker colors like black, so that the eyes appear more focused and centered. Lancôme Hypnôse Volumizing Mascara has a rich deep brown color that will suit your blue eyes flawlessly. Though black may appear too dark, it can be a good option if your hair or eyebrows are darker and help your eyes look more intense. 

Should Blondes Wear Brown or Black Mascara?

Blondes can wear brown or black mascara although it’s best to wear brown instead of black. Brown, as a lighter color, is more suitable with the color of your natural lashes and eyebrows so your lashes won’t stand out too much. Black mascara is still a good choice especially if you’re looking for a deep and fierce look. 

Is Burgundy Mascara Good for Blue Eyes?

Burgundy mascara is one of the best colors for blue eyes. It has the feeling of a natural color lashes, but the subtle pop of color makes your blue eyes pop, perfect for a day out with your friends or romantic dinner with your partner. We recommend L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Mascara for the ultimate burgundy mascara for your blue eyes.

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