What color eyeliner for blue eyes

7 Most Irresistible Color Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Having an already striking blue eyes doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up in your makeup routine. You can always try something new, although you already have the easiest benefits; whatever you apply and no matter what color, your eyes will be the reason heads turn. However, if you can make your peepers stand out more, then why not? You can try to find out what color eyeliner for blue eyes that will let you do just that.  

Experimenting colors to pair with your blue eyes can actually be fun. Depending on the color, you can make your eyes appear brighter, more focused, or even more intense. Now, if we combine color eyeliners to make the blues stand out, imagine all the powers that you blue-eyed babes will hold.

Excited? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’re born to help out!

What Color Mascara is Best for Blue Eyes?

Choosing which color eyeliner to go with your blue eyes is not very difficult, but there are several factors that you shouldn’t overlook. First, the kind of effect you want to have on your blue eyes, what event you are going to, color preference, and many more. So sit back and relax – we will guide you through this crisis and help you find the best color eyeliner for your blue eyes that will make your blue eyes pop.

How to Find the Best Eyeliner Colors to Match the Blues

Thank God for color theory, because it’s here to answer all of our questions. To find the best color that complements the blue eyes, you will be using the classic color wheel. You can also take notes of the colors that are the opposite of the blue one.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

(source: impartoo.com)

Looking at the wheel, you can see that the color blue is right across the color orange. It means that the best colors to make your blue babies pop should have the orange or warm undertones to them, including reds with a tint of brown. Terracotta, earthy tones, copper, gold, and similar tones are now going to be your best friends. Although it’s totally fine if you’re open to more colorful options, because hey, there’s no judgment here!

Earthy Tones for Blue Eyes

Brown, copper, and gold eyeliners make the best companion for blue eyes, because they will make that pretty look but at the same time enhance the blue in the eyes. Color eyeliner beginners typically start with something other than black, but still want to try other colors that don’t appear too flashy.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

Simple winged eyeliner look definitely steps up the whole look on your face. Moreover, pairing it with blue eyeliner just adds the right intensity for your blue eyes, because it will be perfect to captivate attention yet still warm and modest. To achieve this look, deep brown eyeliners are the best choice.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

Once you get the hang of basic brown eyeliner, then you can try to create a bolder look with copper eyeliner on your under eye. Framing your blue eyes with two earth tones will surely get you that enticing look with a little touch of glam, but still not too much. To get this look, you will need an intense copper-colored eyeliner.

Midnight Blue and Ice Queen for Blue Eyes

Ready for something bolder to show off the blue of your eyes? If you are, then trying a blue eyeliner will do. No matter which shade of blue your eyes have, light blue eyeliners will always create an icey, intimidating, and cool effect on your eyes. Meanwhile, the dark blue ones build the deep midnight sky as the dark blue will definitely bring out the brilliance in your blue eyes.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

Choosing a glittery blue eyeliner gives the effect of starry night on your blue eyes. This eye look is perfect for a romantic dinner or even a formal night party. First, simply create a straight line from your inner eyelid and then apply some more dark blue eyeliner on the outer part of your lid. After all, who says midnight stars can only be floating in the sky if we can bring them right here in your eyes, right?

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

If you’re looking for that icy queen look, the color gradation starting from white to blue eyeliner sets the focus on your blue eyes. It will create a cool aura out of your looks. Using non-shimmer eyeliner works best for this look because the color gradation already steals the highlight. Carefully draw a thin line from your inner lid and as you go on, use a light blue eyeliner and use a dark blue for the tail. To maximize the color payoff, you can draw the whole eyeliner with white eyeliner, and then put the blue above the white. For this look, you will need at least 3 matte eyeliner colors.

Sunlight on Your Blue Eyes

If you remember the color wheel, you must remember that the color yellow is the neighbor of the color orange, which is a contrast to color blue. Yellow might seem a little bit extreme for a daily or formal look. However, it all depends on how you apply the yellow liner to make your blue eyes stand out without looking too gaudy. Eye makeup below can inspire you to start wearing yellow eyeliner for your blue eyes.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

Combining yellow with an ordinary color like black can actually help your blue eyes look more intense but not too much. This color combo can also be worn if you want to experiment with fun colors, but still don’t have enough confidence. Although doing this eye look can be a little tricky, you can really get ahead if you know which color to put first. 

You will need to put the yellow eyeliner first and make it winged. Then, draw it a little thick so that when you draw using the black liner, the yellow will still be nicely visible. Remember not to use black liner first because it can mess up the brush of the yellow one. Moreover, if it bleeds, it will ruin the lines of the eyeliner and the colors will get mixed up. To achieve this look, these eyeliners will do the service well.

Pastel Eyeliners for Blue Eyes

Going for a softer look with your color eyeliner can also bring out the blue in your eyes. Since the eyeliners are pastel-colored, your blue eyes will definitely have more ability to stand out and steal the show.

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

Combining pink eyeliner with your blue eyes is magical, because each color has its own beauty and when paired, your blue eyes radiate a magnificent atmosphere. This look is totally worth trying as it just needs one color eyeliner to draw your cat eye liner with, and you’re all set!

What color eyeliner for blue eyes

We have seen pink and blue eyeliner, now it’s time for pastel green eyeliner to show off. Although it’s probably not exactly the color you would usually go for, don’t underestimate – the cool tone of this color can maximize the cool aura from your blue eyes. Just a flick for a beautiful cat eye, simple but powerful!

Should Blue Eyes Use Brown Eyeliner?

Yes, blue eyes should wear brown eyeliner, especially if you are going for a warm look but still want to bring intensity to your blue eyes. Dark brown eyeliner is an ideal choice if you want a splash of color to help make your blue eyes shine without being too colorful. But if you want to spice things up a bit, shimmery brown eyeliner will be an exquisite option.

How Do You Make Blue Eyes Pop with Eyeliner?

Making your blue eyes pop with eyeliner is actually very easy. Since your peepers are already breathtaking on their own, you can definitely pair them with basically any color eyeliner or mascara. Different colors will bring out different auras for your blue eyes, so don’t be scared to try things out.

Is Gray Eyeliner Good for Blue Eyes?

Gray eyeliner is definitely a good choice for blue eyes. Gray can make your blue eyes appear extra icey, which makes it perfect for a runway kind of day or a glamorous night party. Adding a little bit of gray glitter or shimmer to your gray eyeliner will heighten the intensity.

Should Blue Eyes Wear Blue Eyeliner?

Yes, your blue eyes should definitely wear blue eyeliner. By wearing blue eyeliner, your blue eyes can get more captivating and the white part of your eyes will appear more clean. Whether you’re going for a light or dark blue eyeliner, they both have these powers for your blue eyes.

Is Navy Eyeliner for Blue Eyes?

Navy eyeliner is a match made in heaven for blue eyes. No matter what kind of blue you have on your irises, navy eyeliner always delivers and clearly makes your blue eyes seem deeper and also intense. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner can be your go-to choice for a navy blue eyeliner.

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