15 Best Eyeliners for Cat Eye to Create a Stunning Look

There are so many different ways to do the cat eye. Some are easy while others might need a more-specific skill set to achieve, especially if you can find the best eyeliners for cat eye in the market. But until you get the hang of it, we won’t pass the judgment. 

On our list below, we’ll be highlighting some of the best eyeliners for cat eye for you to choose that will help you understand which tools you’ll need in order to achieve the stunning look.

Get the Right Brushes!

A crisp, precise cat eye always starts with the brush. If you don’t have these in your kit yet, make sure to get them soon:

  • Flat Definer Brush. You’ll need something that will allow you to line the lower lash line, and a flat definer brush is definitely perfect for the job.
  • Angled Liner Brush. In order to get the precise base line drawn, you’ll need a decent angled liner brush. Moreover, you can also use them for eyebrow sculpting, too! Just make sure you clean the brush between uses.
  • Bent Eyeliner Brush. Thanks to the extra fine tip as well as the bend at the tip, you can really hone in on those small, tight details.

Some of you may opt for the liquid eyeliner that comes with a super fine eyeliner brush already, so you may or may not need this one.

If you plan to use a gel liner, you’ll definitely need these three brushes. Sometimes the brushes that come with the products are not always good, so you might need to purchase one separately anyways. But if you prefer the liquid liner that comes with a fine tip detailing pen, then -you might not need the brushes.

So many of the lovely cat eye pics you see out there are designed with black eyeliner, but why not switch it up a bit by changing the color? After all, the best eyeliners for cat eye are not always come in black.

  • Brown. If you love the cat eye but don’t want such a bold look, try using brown liner instead. You can still design the cat eye shape but the overall effect will be a tad more subtle. We can totally see you pairing the brown liner with some glittery earth tone shadows, too. 
  • Charcoal. If you have brown eyes, then a lovely charcoal liner paired with the cat eye design will definitely help your eyes pop. Charcoal gives you the intensity, but not too much if you’re not ready for a bold look. 
  • Navy. Those with blue eyes might want to mix it up by using a navy liner. It will compliment your eyes well and also make them look brighter. 

For more specific looks, get some of the not-so-common colors that you can use to enhance your look even further. As we all remember, life is too short for boring eye liners.

Once you’ve found a product you like and that works well on your skin tone, you still have to master the cat eye!

From the numerous tutorials we’ve seen out there, we found these to be the most useful tips:

  • Don’t pull your skin tight because it will throw off the alignment of the wing on each eye.
  • The angles are important, so make sure you use something straight (maybe another brush) to help you achieve an even look on both eyes. Uneven wings is the last thing we want.
best eyeliner for cat eye

If you’re serious about perfecting the cat eye look and you want to have the best eyeliners for cat eye with a good quality, then this one is the product that won’t let you down.

It is smudge proof, it doesn’t dry out from us opening and closing the jar, and it also maintains its creamy consistency. In addition, make sure you have professional brushes to apply it. 

Felt tip is a great start if you are relatively new to the eye liner game. It is easy to apply and control, even if you just make to have a quick try.

This eye liner has an ultra fine felt tip that will allow you to create the ultimate cat eye look. Furthermore, it is smudge proof, and it stays for up to 12 hour of wear.

This award-winning stay-all-day waterproof liquid eye liner offers precise application to everyone, from beginners to pros, and we believe it includes you for sure.

The tip glides on with ease allowing you to create the perfect line every time. Whether it is a precise line, or dramatic stroke, you can really do it with ease. Furthermore, it also dries quickly, smudge-proof, and definitely stays all day.

Don’t be afraid of gel liners. While some gel liners often make some trouble due to its oil base, this one has an oil free formula, which makes it smudge proof and waterproof.

The black liner on this series has the blackest pigment that you can ever encounter. In short, this eyeliner can definitely create a dramatic cat eye look, which can be done pretty easily.

Maybelline Master Precise All Day liquid eye liner pen stays put all day with whatever look you’re working. It features an ultra-fine 0.4 millimeter brush felt tip to deliver precise definition in one single stroke. Moreover, it is also dermatologist tested, so even people with sensitive eyes can master the art of cat eye look safely. Truly one of the best eyeliners for cat eye.

This is a dual-ended eyeliner with a waterproof liquid and a pencil liner, combined as one convenient tool.

This feature comes very helpful especially if you are a beginner, because you can create a thin or thick line effortlessly. Plus, you can also use the dual end combo to create a more dramatic smokey look.

The tattoo liquid eyeliner is probably the most notable product among other Kat Von D Beauty releases. Since its first release, it has already become a favorite among beauty gurus and also makeup artists.

The long-last quality is the best feature on this eye liner, because it will help you create a sexy pin up look. So if you’re dreaming of a stunning eye look, this is probably one of the best eyeliners for cat eye for you.

Made with hydrating ingredients, this waterproof eyeliner goes on smoothly, blends easily, and definitely lasts for a long day. It comes in matte, satin, and also metallic finishes so you can create different looks for every occasion.

In addition, you can always blend and smoke it to create a more dramatic look, too! Truly the perfect start for a cat eye noob.

This hybrid gel eye pencil has the rich pigment effect of a liquid eyeliner with the ease of application of a pencil liner. It is fool proof and precise application guaranteed. If that’s not enough for you, it has another best feature, which comes as the best part of this liner. This liner is very creamy and blendable at first, which will set to a long lasting finish.

You can really achieve great precision with the no-fray felt tip applicator on this eye liner. It offers deeply pigmented concentrations for bold lines, which will never smudge or fade.

You can quickly create all kinds of looks, whether it’s natural or bold. So without a doubt, this is an affordable eye liner that is, in fact, waterproof and stays all night.

Kohl Pencil is the way to go if you want to create a bold and dramatic cat eye look, because it has a texture that is more intense compared to other types of eye liner.

This kohl pencil comes with a self-sharpening feature, which sharpens itself every time you twist open the cap. You will always get a sharp and pointy tip every time.

If you prefer a brush instead of felt tip, then we can assure you that this eyeliner is going to be your new favorite. Not only that it is very easy to control and it also gives a clean and sharp wing, it also has the perfect intense black pigment and draws smoothly on your lash line. Moreover, it stays for a long time even when applied to oily lids

This eye liner features a custom 0.1mm tapered brush tip, specially made for comfort & extreme precision. The brush tip glides on sleek, which allows you to create a smooth, clean, and also an extra precise application.

You can get creative with this tip and create a graphic liner that is very trendy right now.

This liner is perfect for those of you with watery eyes because it stays put and won’t let you down. It also comes as one of the best eyeliners for cat eye. Aside from having a double end feature that allows you to use the other end to blend the liner if you want to, it is also great to leave it as a liner alone since it has no shimmery or glittery finish.

This eye liner has a retractable pencil packaging made of minimal plastic materials. so this is the one for the environmentalist babe. It provides a rich one-stroke color that’s long-wearing up to 12 hours.

In addition, it is blendable on the first application but it will not smudge once it is set. Truly one of the best eyeliners for cay eye, and a great way to create a smokey cat eye look.

There are so many options that you can choose from on the market. On this list, we have various types of eye liner ranging from pencils, liquid, to gel liners for you to choose based on your needs. If you are a beginner, you can try the easier version at first such as pencils or felt tip liquid liner. And once you have more skill you can try the gel liner.

Each type actually has a different purpose. For example, the liquid liner is designed to create precise lines, while pencils create softer lines and usually blendable to create a smokey effect. However, it also depends on your expertise since pencil liners tend to be easier to use. But nevertheless, you can always combine both liners to achieve a more dramatic cat eye look.

You can always start by creating a wing with a pencil liner. Carefully start from the inner corner all the way to the tail. And then, carefully create a wing shape on the tail by making the outer line first and then fill it up. Smoke the liner to blend it, and then finish with liquid liner for a more intense outcome.

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