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15 Choices of the Best Black Eyeliners to Bring All the Drama

It’s the makeup step that almost everyone started out with. Whether roughly rubbing it across your waterline or trying but failing miserably to perfect a flick; we’ve all used eyeliner at one point. As such an integral part of your makeup routine, everyone is always trying to find the best black eyeliner.

Whether you prefer a pencil or liquid formula, we’ve put together a list of the top black eyeliners out there. This is easily one of the hardest categories to shop for, there are countless and infinite options out here, and we’re here to help you narrow things down.

Different Eyeliners for Different Needs

With so many options out there, it’s important to understand which product can achieve a specific finish.

  • Pencil. Kohl eyeliners come in pencil forms, which can be sharpened or twisted up. These eyeliners are best when it comes to lining your waterline or lash line. They can also be used for a smoky look by applying them to your upper lash line or eyelid and blending it out with a brush.
  • Liquid or Gel. For those who are more familiar with makeup, it’s always best to opt for a liquid or gel liner. They can be tricky to work with especially if you’re not too experienced. But if you are, then these eyeliners work best to achieve a perfect jet black look. They’re also usually the most long-lasting, and you can even use a gel liner for your waterline to avoid it transferring and leaving you with a messy look!
  • Felt Tip. Luckily for those of us less experienced, there are felt tip liners. These come in the form of a pen with a fine felt tip, they are the easiest to use compared to the rest. The shape of the tip allows you to easily achieve an even flick and a thin line on your lash line. So, consider these liquid eyeliner for dummies.

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

Here are a couple of secrets to getting the absolute most out of your eyeliner:

  • Double up the Pencil Liner. When using pencil eyeliner you’re prone to end up with it transferring onto your under-eyes or your lids, and they can easily smudge all over the place. Even the best black eyeliner is prone to that. That’s why the best trick to avoid that is to apply the liner and let it dry then apply a second layer. This will really seal the line in place!
  • Use Sticky Tape. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to get perfectly even eyeliner flicks every time, but we can cheat our way to it.

Cut off a piece of sticky tape and apply to stick it starting from the outer corner of your eyes to the end of your brows, and then apply the liner. Allow it to dry and then rip it off, and you’ll be left with a perfectly crisp line!

Best Black Eyeliner

best black eyeliner

This versatile eyeliner has so many uses that it easily claims to be the best black eyeliner. Not only can this liner be used to tight-line your eyes, but the width of the pencil can also work amazingly as an eyeshadow. Just apply this on your lids, blend out the edges, and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for precision, then this eyeliner is for you! The NYX Epic Ink Liner has the most precise tip that you will ever come across. This insanely thin tip can get so many different looks. Lightly apply it right at your lash line to create fake thicker lashes, or use it to get a really precise eyeliner flick!

Yes you read it right, because this eyeliner actually doubles as a lash boosting serum. It comes as an ultra-black felt tip liner that has a very fine tip, allowing you to easily get the perfect line with every use. The formula also contains a serum that aids lash growth, and over time, this eyeliner will give you longer and fuller lashes!

Bring all the drama to your lids with this Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. The consistency of gel texture will easily glide on your lids, creating either a wing or bold eyes look. The brush also helps you to deliver the pigmented color that stays put for up to 24 hours.

Those fancy wings eyes look may favor this eyeliner. Just look at the thin, sharp tip with a soft texture that will smoothly swipe the intense black color on the lids. The size of the handle also makes it easy to adjust the angle while drawing your line style. Plus, it is also a waterproof liner that provides you with a long-lasting look.

This is undoubtedly the best black eyeliner that won’t rob your pocket! With only $4, you’ll get versatile black, long-wear, and waterproof formula in a one, affordable eyeliner. If you wanna go natural, put on one layer, while the dramatic one needs double layers to create an intense color look. 

This one is a perfect combo of pencil and gel eyeliner! The texture of gel allows you to effortlessly apply the liner, while the pencil design provides an easy grip to adjust your angle while gliding it on your lids. Moreover, this best black eyeliner is also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers out there.

Another gel liner in a pencil style that can be your on-the-go eyeliner! It comes with a blendable formula that allows a smooth glide. Plus, the tip will instantly deliver rich black pigment to support smoky eyes look or simply define your waterlines that lasts for 12 hours.

You can tell that it is one of the best black eyeliners to create dark contrast that matches your brown eyes. Its ultra-creamy texture and the hydrating formula won’t irritate your sensitive skin, yet deposit a long-lasting highly-pigmented black color all over the lids. And as its name suggests, it provides you with gorgeous eyes for up to 24 hours!

At such an affordable price, you’ll be amazed by how strong it can stay on your lids, because it can stay for up to 12 hours! This MORPHEE Gel Liner is here to offer long-lasting, intense black color that will turn on the drama on the lids. Its highly-pigmented color is all you need to create defined smoky eyes. 

Say no more to smear, run, or budge eyeliner if you have this ColorStay Liquid Liner by Revlon in your bag. The color does stay for 16 hours, offering the blackest look on your lash lines. Moreover, its brush is crazy thin, so it can provide crazy precision while applying the liquid liner. 

Instead of a shiny finish, this Anastasia Beverly Hills presents waterproof eyeliner with a matte finish that delivers a truly bold look for anyone who adores ultra-dramatic eyes. Its creamy consistency perfectly blends on your lids with high coverage. You’ll only need a proper brush to precisely apply this amazing product.  

Combining a sultry, smudge of kohl and the silky texture of liquid eyeliner makes it one of the best black eyeliners to create defined eyes look with no difficulties! Its perfect consistency helps you to smoothly draw the lines on your lids for a flawless look. In addition, if you want to experiment with dramatic smoky eyes, you can blend it away with your favorite brush.

You just can’t exclude ILIA when it comes to the best black eyeliner for sensitive eyes. It features a creamy texture that can easily blend the pigment away with no irritation on your lids. Plus, its sharp and soft brush will help you meticulously do the favor. This product is also vegan-friendly, making it a perfect piece for those minding ethical concerns.

Get trouble with a messy liquid liner that runs on your lids? You won’t face such problems with this Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! Its quick-dry formula allows you to easily draw the style on your lash line with no smear and budge. Plus, the waterproof formula provides a long-lasting look for 24 hours!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What eyeliner is the easiest to apply?

Pencil eyeliner is by far the easiest to apply on your lids, especially if you are a beginner in the makeup world. However, it sometimes does not as pigmented as other best black eyeliners. 

However, if you wish to have defined and bold eyes look, then we would recommend gel liners with a matte finish that can glide on smoothly.

What color eyeliner is the best for brown eyes?

You can choose black or brown since the color will match perfectly with your gorgeous brown eyes. If you take black eyeliner, it will create dark color contrast that provides bold eyes look. 

On the other hand, the brown one will look softer and suitable for those who favor the natural look.

Do you apply eyeliner before or after foundation?

Before jumping into face makeup, applying eye makeup is the first thing to do! But, it is not the case for a foundation. 

You should apply your foundation first as the base for the makeup, then glide on your eyeliner on your lids. If you put on the eyeliner before the foundation, you will mess up your beautiful creation on your lids.

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