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15 Best Drugstore Under Eye Concealer

Finding quality concealers without paying department store prices is actually pretty easy, especially if you know where you need to look. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the job for you and in order to help you find the best drugstore under eye concealer, we won’t even require you to make a trip to the drugstore, because everything is available online. 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know on how to get the best drugstore under eye concealer. Moreover, we also have some useful shopping and application tips too, so be sure to read them all!


What Don’t You Like About Your Current Concealer

In order to find your new favorite concealer, the first thing you need to do is to think about your current concealer, as well as why it’s not giving you the result you’ve been looking for. Once you have the answers, then it will be easier for to narrow down the choices.

  • Consistency. When we say consistency, we are referring to the consistency of the concealer material itself. Are you currently using a solid (sticks, pencils) or cream concealer? If the stick is the problem for you, then you can try switching it to the cream one, or vice versa. Usually the ones with a wand are thinner than the creams in the tubes. So if you need something that gives brightening effect, then get one with a thinner consistency.
  • Skin Irritation Issues. When we talk about the best drugstore under eye concealer, it has to be products that are friendly to the skin. Many of us do not always associate our skin problems with the brand of makeup that we use, the very first time we see a symptom. If you’re wondering why, that’s because it could be due to many different factors! If you’ve determined that your red, itchy eyes have occurred when using any eye-related products (concealer included), then it might be a good time for a brand switch.
  • Color Is Off. Some brands offer way more color selections than others, so if you have a middle-of-the-road skin tone, then you can try switching to a brand that offers you more color selection in order to find the perfect match.
  • It’s for Blemishes. If you’re trying to use a spot or blemish concealer under your eyes, then there is the problem right there.

In order to create a flawless look under the eye, you will need a good concealer, that is specifically designed for this specific area of your face. This is what we’ll help you find on our table below, so scroll down and have a look!


Allow the Color Wheel to Help You

Your search for the best drugstore under eye concealer has probably led you to a lot of videos, tutorials and also product demos. We can understand why, because they’re all great resources when it comes to choosing a product.

However, what we also want you to remember is that it shouldn’t be about the product only, but it should also be about the the color as well.

Take a good look at the dark circles under your eyes and you’ll notice that they have a bluish or grey pigmentation. Looking on the opposite side of the color wheel, you’ll find that orange or yellow tones are directly across from these.

Applying more of an orange or yellow-tinted concealer will help you neutralize the dark color, which also prevent it from showing up once you set everything on your face with a powder.


There are plenty of hues of orange out there, so we’re not saying that you need something that is like your Halloween pumpkin, but you can use it as a starting point instead.


If You Don’t Use Foundation

Some of you might not use a foundation every time you put some makeup on. So if that’s the case, it’s extra important for you to find a color as close as possible to your natural skin tone.

Be careful, however, if you need to cover dark circles.

Again, it’s best to get a color that will lighten the circles and bring them closer to your natural skin tone, so that you can finish off with a regular concealer.

Simply blend everything well and then set them with a light powder in order to make your look even natural.

15 Best Drugstore Under Eye Concealer

best drugstore under eye concealer

If you’re looking for a concealer that will also help moisturize the skin under your eyes, then this one is an excellent product for you.

Type: Cream

Shades: 15 shades

It blends and covers well, as well as brightens the area under your eyes perfectly, which also gives you a smooth kind of look. It won’t be too heavy when you put it on and it won’t enhance wrinkles, too.

This next product is probably the best drugstore under eye concealer for dark circles on our list. We know that tackling the dark circles requires a few extra steps for some of you. But in general, this one does an excellent job. Also, it will protect your under-eye for up to 12 hours. 

In addition, the sponge applicator at the end of the tube really helps you cover those dark circles as you apply and then blend them together.

Type: Cream

Shades: 18 shades

If you’re looking for an all-purpose concealer stick that you’ll use mainly under the eyes and also to cover a few spots around your face, this Revlon’s PhotoReady concealer is a pretty good option. Plus, it’s a popular drugstore concealer, too.

Type: Stick

Shades: 6 shades

It works best on those of you who need light coverage, including those with red areas under the eyes that you’re trying to tackle. It definitely brightens and covers, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a concealer, then it might be the perfect fit for you!

CoverGirl has been a classic drugstore favorite for decades, and they’re still going strong in the concealer department today!

Type: Stick

Shades: 6 shades

This is a long lasting concealer that blends well and looks natural if you find the right pigmentation for your skin tone. Some find that it does tend to settle in the creases, but that might also depend on what you put on your skin prior to using the concealer.

Who doesn’t know Maybelline? It tops our list again with their Fit Me! concealer, which works really well if you’re looking for something that will highlight or for mild circles under the eyes. After all, it’s impossible not to include this product as one of the best drugstore under eye concealer products, right?

Type: Cream

Shades: 6 shades

You’ll want to counteract the dark color with an orangey/peach color and then you can follow up for some highlighting with a product like this.

Sometimes we worry about the smudge effect after using concealer, particularly under eye concealer. As one of the most recommended drugstore concealer products, this Outlast Extreme Wear Concealer from Covergirl will definitely give you a waterproof and transfer-proof covering under your eyes. plus, it is also lightweight, so your skin can still ‘breathe’ easily. Pssttt. It won’t clog your pores, too! 

Type: Cream

Shade: 20 shades 

Being one of the most popular makeup brands, Clinique comes with two applicators for you to set the concealer easily for your under eye skin. The wand to tap it on the skin, and then the soft sponge to blend or even correct it when you use it a bit thicker than usual. Moreover, it is also made for all skin types, so there will be no worries about your skin issue anymore. 

Type: Cream

Shade: 33 shades

This bare with me concealer serum from NYX will cover not only your under eyes skin, but also your body. Also, if you like a medium coverage, this one is a good choice, because it will cover and hydrate your skin for up to 24 hours even though you use makeup. Besides, you can cover your acne with this too!

Type: Cream

Shade: 13 shades

This Sunshine Under Eye Brightening Concealer visibly brightens and refreshes your under eyes for an easy non makeup makeup look. It also has a light-reflecting brightening powders that illuminate and brighten the look of your dark under eye circles. Moreover, this product is 99 percent natural as it contains ingredients that will be super friendly to your skin. 

Type: Cream

Shade: 7 shades

Give a chance for Glossier Stretch Concealer to cover your under eyes dark spots. It contains beeswax & microcrystalline wax to help you blend the concealer to your under-eye easier without giving a cakey look. In addition, the avocado and jojoba oil will also nourish your skin without letting it dry and won’t make your skin patchy. Is there more? Yes, you can also feel that your skin is more supple since there is cocoa butter on it. 

Type: Elastic Micro Waxes

Shade: 12 shades

Trying a new concealer might be tricky for some people, and perhaps including you. Hence Tarte offers a mini size of Sea Power Flex Vegan Concealer. It comes as a harmless makeup product to help you cover dark spots or dark circles under your eyes. It will also give you a lightweight feeling after using it just like when you wear yoga pants. So, it is time to keep your skin up to 24hr hydrates and looks perfect

Type: Cream

Shade: 32 shades

This next product will give 16 hours protection for your skin, particularly your under-eye skin. Using Makeup Revolution Concealer will definitely give a full coverage with more pigmented ingredients. Moreover, it is also crease-proof and suitable for all skin types. Also, there will be no more cakey look with this one, that’s for sure.

Type: Cream

Shade: 25 shades

Well, this next product is clearly not just an ordinary pen, because this pen will be the perfect product that softens and brightens your under eye skin. Eye puffiness will soon go away instantly once you tap the concealer. Furthermore, this Illamasqua Skin Base Concealer Pen also comes with a metal tip, which will provide a cool sensation every time you use it. 

Type: pen

Shade: 7 shades

Concealer and anti-aging in one tube? Why not! It is time to use makeup and skincare like this Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer from IT Cosmetics. Comes in a tube to keep it hygienic and easy to carry, it also features waterproof and expression-proof, so it won’t crack when you smile for up to 24 hours.

Type: Cream

Shade: 24 shades

Kosas is more than just a concealer, because it also works as an eye cream for your under eye skin. It is basically a super creamy concealer that offers medium coverage without clogging your pores since it is mineral oil-free and paraben-free. Moreover, the eye cream formula also contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, as well as caffeine to reduce puffiness under your eyes, keep it moist and look younger than before.  

Type: Cream

Shade: 28 shades

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I wear concealer without foundation?

Yes, you can definitely wear concealer without having to add the foundation after that. It can be done for a no makeup look or you may also call it a natural look. Give a try for Sephora Milk Makeup concealer because it will help you conceal the dark circle under your eyes without having to worry that it will make your look cakey, especially if you don’t apply foundation.

What is the best concealer for mature eyes?

Mature eyes can be assumed that you need a great coverage from the concealer, yet still have the same tone of your skin. Also, concealer for mature eyes should be good to hide the wrinkles around your eyes, too. This drugstore concealer will give you coverage and a skincare material of anti-aging in one product. Definitely worth a try.

How do you apply concealer on older skin?

The first thing to do before applying the concealer on older skin is to have proper skin preparation. Make sure you apply the serum and also the moisturizer first to keep the skin moist, which will also avoid the crease of your makeup. Then, you can apply the concealer gently by tapping your finger or you can also use a super soft brush to apply it.

Should under eye concealers be lighter than foundation?

Under eye concealers are better in lighter colors compared to the foundation, because it is used to cover the dark spot first, and then you can get even tone color by applying the foundation. But, don’t choose the lightest color. One or two shades lighter than the foundation is the excellent one. 

Which is the best under eye concealer?

You can definitely try Maybelline Fit Me concealer, especially if you are a beginner. It has a wide range of shades and lightweight formula. Or if you want to give a try for a new product, why don’t you choose Tarte Mini Sea Powerflex concealer since it is vegan and the shades are varied as well.

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