What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Beautiful Makeup and Color Eyeliner for Blue Eyes and Red Hair

Blue-eyed redhead beauties, we get that sometimes it is a struggle to find the right eyeliner and makeup products that suit your features. Picking the wrong shade sometimes can make the eyes and hair color look dull. Luckily, we are here to guide you to choose the right make up and to know what color eyeliner for blue eyes and red hair that will best compliment your uniquely gorgeous features.

From eyeliner colors that look good for blue eyes and red hair to makeup tips, we are here to help make your life easier when choosing the right makeup products. Plus, we also have 5 eyeliner recommendations that go well with blue eyes and red hair. Keep on reading  to know what color eyeliner for blue eye red hair, and other makeup tips for you.

What Color Eyeliner is Best for Blue Eyes Red Hair?

Brown eyeliner is best for blue eyes and red hair. The eyeliner color can make the eyes look naturally bigger since the eyeliner color perfectly blends with the hair color. You can use light brown eyeliner for softer look and dark brown for bolder look. But, if you have darker red hair, black eyeliner can work well, too. For colored eyeliner, green and blue will definitely look dreamy for red haired beauties. Other colors that you can try include silver, pink, purple, and also warm red eyeliners. These eyeliner are going to make the hair look more vibrant while making the blue eyes pop even more. These colors are the answer if you want to know what color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair beauties.

The Right Eyeliner Color for Blue-Eyed Redheads

Trying to find the right eyeliner color for blue-eyed redheads is not an easy task. It is important to find the suitable colors that go perfectly with their hair and also eyes. If you wonder what color eyeliner for blue eye red hair that can compliment them, we have the answers for you below.

Dark Eyeline

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Dark eyeliners can work really well for redheads with blue eyes. For a smokey look, dark eyeliners can help to achieve that dramatic and strong eye makeup. However, it is important to pick the right dark eyeliner shade according to the hair color.

For those who have darker red hair, black eyeliner will work best on you. It will give the big eyes effect that will make the blue eyes look even more stunning. For those with lighter shade of hair, it’s better for you to stick to brown eyeliner because black eyeliner might look a bit too harsh on you.

Colored Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Having a hint of color eyeliners can be fun for red hair beauties. Colored eyeliners can make the eye makeup stands out, especially if you know how to pick the right shade. One of the makeup trends that you can follow is the bright eyeliner trend. Using the right bright eyeliner color will make your makeup look trendy and bring attention to the blue eyes and also red hair.

Colored eyeliner that goes well with blue-eyed redheads are blue and green eyeliner. Blue eyeliner will pop the blue eyes even more while green eyeliner looks absolutely the best for red hair. Last, silver, rose and purple eyeliner are also perfect for blue eyes and red hair.

Purple Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Purple eyeliner is a great eyeliner color that can make your blue eyes pop. Also, purple eyeliner will look stunning for red hair. You can even wear purple eyeliner on its own to add color to the eye makeup, or you can wear it on top of brown and glitter eyeshadow to finish the look. Either way, this eyeliner color will look amazing for blue eyes and red hair. However, if you want to try using this eyeliner color, pick a dark and deep purple to make your eyes look more enchanting.

Blue Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Blue eyeliner is another great eyeliner color when applied to blue eyes. The color will make your blue eyes more intense and also brighter. Furthermore, blue is also a gorgeous eyeliner color for red hair since it can make the hair look more radiant. When using blue eyeliner, though, remember to pick the color that is darker than the eye’s irises to make the eye color pop even more.

Green Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

The color green is basically a best friend for redheads. It is the perfect color for their clothes, accessories, and also makeup. This is because most redheads have pale and pink skin tones so a cool tone, such as green, is definitely flattering for them. Therefore, it is also the perfect eyeliner color to choose for redheads with blue eyes. It is the best color if you wonder what color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair. Moreover, you can go with any green shade eyeliner and it is still going to compliment the red hair.

Rose Colored Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Rose is one of a shades of red color that will look stunning for blue-eyed redheads. When paired with blue eyes, it will create intensity that will turn heads to your direction. In addition, Ii you want to create bold or glam eye looks, use black eyeliner first and add a line of rose eyeliner above it. Or, you can use a pastel rose eyeliner to create a trendy eyeliner look.

Silver Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Silver eyeliner works best when paired with blue eyes. It is because silver and blue are both cool tone colors, so when paired, both colors will create such a pretty combination and make your blue eyes stand out beautifully. From glitter, metallic, to simple matte eyeliner, the color silver will look good for blue-eyed redheads.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyed Redhead

Finding the right makeup color for blue-eyed redheads is very important to make their hair and eye color look even more vibrant. For blushes, eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick, even eyebrows there are some colors that will make their features stand out. So keep on reading to find out what they are.

Eyeshadow Color

What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Bright eyeshadow colors such as green, blue, and purple are great for blue-eyed redheads. These colors will make their blue eyes look brighter while complimenting the red hair, too. Another great eyeshadow color for redheads are pink, brown, peach, and also copper. These eyeshadow colors will definitely bring warmth to their face while making the red hair look vibrant.


What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Red lipstick suits almost every hair and eye color, which is why most people love wearing them. Applying red lipstick on the lips will surely make your blue eyes shine while the hair looks vibrants. Moreover, another great lipstick colors are nude, pink, and berry colors.


What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Picking the right blush shade that goes well with red hair is a little tricky. It is important to match the blush to the hair color so the face does not scream too much makeup. For darker red hair, try to find dark cherry blushes that will make the hair stand out even more. Meanwhile, for lighter hair shade, pick a blush with natural peach color that will make the face look youthful while adding warmth to the skin. However, if you are confused about what blush color to get, usually deep brick color works well for every red hair shade as long as you go light when applying it.


What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Brown is undoubtedly the best eyebrow color for redheads. The color will frame the face beautifully while not being too harsh. Moreover, if you want a strong eyebrow look, go for dark brown products. In addition, do remember that black eyebrow is definitely a no for redheads.


What color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair

Black mascara is great if you have deeper red hair because this mascara will make the eyes look bigger and also bold. Another great mascara color is brown. Brown mascara is great for those who want to have a more soft and natural finish for the lashes.

5 Eyeliner Recommendations for Blue Eyed Redheads

There are some eyeliner in the market that will look absolutely gorgeous for those who have red hair and blue eyes. These eyeliner range from matte to glitter formulas. Also, they come in a variety of shades that will complement their blue eyes and red hair. So check out our 5 eyeliner recommendations for blue-eyed redheads beauties.

Black eyeliner is the basic eyeliner color that suits almost every hair and eye color. For blue eyes and red hair, go and get this high quality black eyeliner from Tarte. Priced for $25.00, this dual-ended eyeliner has gel and liquid eyeliner on each side.

The eyeliner is Ophthalmologist and also dermatologist tested. It is also safe for those who wear contact lenses. One review on Ulta claimed that the eyeliner is easy to apply, lasts all day, and also worth the price.


  • Safe for the eyes and for contact lens wearers
  • Long-lasting
  • Double-ended


  • The gel side break easily since it is super creamy

Brown eyeliner is great for blue-eyed redheads. This eyeliner color will define and open their eyes without being too harsh. We suggest you try this amazing liquid eyeliner from Stila in the shade Dark Brown. Priced $23.00 for each, this waterproof eyeliner promises to stay all day.

The eyeliner is quick to dry and will not smudge. It is also free of fragrance, gluten, and nickel which make it perfect for sensitive eyes. No wonder they get 4.4 out of 5 stars in Sephora. One review on Sephora even claimed that she loves this product because it gives easy control and is highly pigmented. This is the eyeliner to get if you wonder what color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair.


  • Dry quickly and not smudging
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Highly pigmented


  • Will dry quickly if the lid is not closed right

Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in the shade Aqua Sparkle will enhance your blue eyes and red hair since blue eyeliner complements both of these features. Although waterproof, this eyeliner has a creamy texture that will not transfer once it sets. The 4.5 out of 5 star eyeliner lasts up to 10 hours and is dermatologist tested, so you won’t have to worry when wearing this eyeliner during the day. 

You can get your hands on this beautiful eyeliner with only $ 4.04 on Amazon. One review on Amazon said that this is her current favorite eyeliner since it lasts quite a long time. Also, the eyeliner does not hurt her eyes at all. This eyeliner is one of the best in the market for sure.


  • Affordable price
  • Great formulation
  • Last all day
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Hard to sharpen

Beauties, if you are bored of using matte eyeliner, switch to this glitter eyeliner. The Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay will serve you supreme glitter and will not disappoint. This 4.6 out of 5 star product cost $22.00 which is reasonable for the quality.

The beautiful glitters in the eyeliner will not make any fall out and can last for many hours. A review in Sephora said that the eyeliner is perfect for parties because it will not move even when she is sweating. For our red hair beauties, we recommend getting the shade Stage Dive, which is a beautiful bright teal-green color that will look great with your hair color and beautiful blue eyes.


  • Pigmented
  • Long-wearing, even through sweaty day
  • No fall out


  • Not suitable for everyday look

The long-lasting eyeliner from KVD Beauty in the shade Scarlett is the perfect red eyeliner suits red hair and blue eyes. What is special about this eyeliner is it can also be used as eyeshadow. Plus, the price is very reasonable. Cost for $23.00 for a jar of this multifunctional pomade.

One review on Ulta even said that this product is amazing because it stays even after rubbing her eyes. The KVD Beauty products are also known for being 100% vegan and cruelty free. This eyeliner is another great one to get if you wonder what color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair.


  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty free and vegan product
  • Can also be used as eyeshadow


  • We do not recommend to use the shade Scarlett to your eyebrows

What color eyeliner should redheads use?

For colored eyeliner, redheads can use green or blue eyeliner to make their hair color stand out even more. For blue eyeliner, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in the shade Aqua Sparkle is perfect. The blue eyeliner is super affordable while being creamy and lasts all day. For green eyeliner, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in the shade Stage Dive will give the most intense green glitter eyeliner that will make the eye makeup look fun and trendy. These colors are the answers for those who wonder what color eyeliner for blue eyes red hair.

Should redheads wear black or brown eyeliner?

Yes, redheads should definitely wear black or brown eyeliner. They just need to pick the right eyeliner color for their hair shade. Those with darker red hair can wear black eyeliner. While for lighter red hair, brown eyeliner is perfect since it will not make harsh contrast to their hair color. Try the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in the shade Dark Brown for the most dreamy brown eyeliner.

Can redheads wear black eyeliner?

Yes, redheads can wear black eyeliner if their hair shade is dark red. For those with a lighter shade of red, we do not recommend you to wear black eyeliner because it might look too strong and harsh for you. Try the Tarte Double Take Liquid & Gel Vegan Eyeliner. This dual-ended eyeliner has liquid and gel formulation in one. It is also ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, and can be used for contact lens wearers.

What color lipstick should a redhead wear?

Redheads should wear red lipstick to make them look even more stunning. They can choose from true red lipstick color to deeper red color. These red lipstick colors will make them look classy while being sexy at the same time. Furthermore, nude lipstick can never go wrong for a redhead. Pink and berry lipstick colors are also great and suitable for their hair color.

What makeup colors are best for redheads?

Makeup colors such as brown, taupes, and coppers are the best for redheads. They will enhance the hair color while bringing warmth to the face. Another great makeup color for redheads are pink, green, blue, red, and peach that will make their hair look more alluring. These colors are the best for redheads. For red eyeliner, try KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment in the shade Scarlett. Meanwhile for blue eyeliner, try Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in the shade Aqua Sparkle.

Can redheads wear blue mascara?

Sure, redheads can wear blue mascara when they are in the mood. When you want to pop some colored mascara, blue will look good for redheads, especially the blue-eyed ones. Although, it is better not to do too much eye makeup when wearing this mascara color. A simple blue mascara and some eyeliner will bring out the vibrance of your hair color.

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