Makeup for blue dress Brown eyes

Makeup for Ladies with Brown Eyes who Love to Wear Blue Dress

Most women love wearing blue dresses since the color fits to any skin tone, which also makes the wearer look beautiful and elegant. For brown-eyed ladies, blue dresses can make their eye color pops even more, definitely looking more enchanting than ever. But, we do understand that deciding the right makeup for blue dress and brown eyes can be a little confusing, though.

Luckily, we are here to help you pick the right makeup look that suits brown eyes and blue dress. You can do these makeup looks according to the occasion or your mood when wearing your favorite blue dress. Also, we have sorted 7 great makeup products for our lovely brown-eyed ladies who love wearing blue dresses.

What Makeup is Best for Blue Dress and Brown Eyes?

There are some makeup looks that are best to pair with blue dress and brown eyes. You can choose to apply these makeup looks according to occasions or activities that you are about to do when wearing a blue dress. For formal or fancy parties, try to do glam makeup looks. Glam makeup will enhance face features and also turn you into a classic beauty when attending formal parties. Whether you are doing a bold and smokey glam or soft glam makeup look, stick to brown, gold, copper, or bronze eyeshadows so it will not clash with the eye and dress color.

For office day, try the dewy makeup look. It is a new popular type of “no makeup” makeup look. Dewy makeup will make your face look healthy, youthful, and glowing without using tons of makeup products that will clog your pores. When doing this look, soft pink colored cream blush and lipgloss is the perfect color of makeup for blue dress and brown eyes. Meanwhile, for more laid back activities, you can try the pastel makeup look to bring color to your relaxing day.

Makeup Look for Brown-Eyed Ladies when Wearing Blue Dress

Brown-eyed ladies have it easy when doing their makeup since most colors suit their eyes perfectly. However, some makeup looks are just better for them, especially when they wear a blue dress. These makeup looks can make them look beautiful, fresh, glowing, or even trendy when paired with their favorite blue dress. 

Smokey Glam Makeup Look

Makeup for blue dress Brown eyes

Smokey Glam makeup is the perfect look for brown-eyed ladies who are ready for a party or attending formal events. The smokey eyeshadow will make you look bolder and bring more attention to those beautiful brown eyes. Since most smokey makeup uses black and brown eyeshadow, they will look great when paired with a blue dress and brown eyes. Also, nude, pink, red, or berry colored lipsticks are some of the perfect colors to complete this look. 

Dewy Look

Makeup for blue dress Brown eyes

If you want to look fresh and youthful when wearing your favorite blue dress, try the popular dewy look. Dewy look is all about making the skin look radiant, glowing, and also smooth. Thus being said, if you do not have great skin does not mean you cannot create this look. 

Dry skin, for example, can use a stick highlighter on the cheeks before and after applying foundation to create a healthy glow-from-within effect to the face. Meanwhile, oily skin should use powder highlighter only after foundation to avoid looking oily after a few hours. Finish this look with lip oil that will make your lips shiny and juicy. This is definitely the best makeup for blue dress and brown eyes.

Pastel Makeup Look

Makeup for blue dress Brown eyes

When you want to look trendy while wearing a blue dress, try the pastel makeup look. This makeup trend that gained popularity over the past few years is easy and fun to do when you want a pop of color without looking too heavy on the makeup. The pop of color is focused on the eyeshadow, then you can complete this look with winged eyeliner, thick mascara/fake lashes, light blushes, and also nude lipstick. Pastel eyeshadows in the color purple, blue, pink, yellow, and green will make brown eyes look stunning.

Soft Glam Makeup

Makeup for blue dress Brown eyes

Soft glam look is perfect when you want your makeup to look naturally beautiful when wearing a blue dress. As a great option of make up for blue dress and brown eyes, it is important to blend the makeup products to the skin since the key is to look natural without any harsh lines. Some eyeshadow colors that look great for brown eyes, when doing a soft glam look, include copper, bronze, rose gold, blue, and also rose gold. For lips, you can use lip gloss on top of the lipstick to make them look plump and shiny.

Makeup Products for Brown-Eyed Ladies when Wearing Blue Dress

Finding the right products of makeup for blue dress and brown eyes sometimes can be overwhelming. You have to make sure the products’ color suits your eye color and dress. Ladies, here we have 7 products of makeup that will look great for your brown eyes when you decide to wear a blue dress.

Brown-eyed beauties will love using this eyeshadow palette from Too faced. The Diamond Light Eyeshadow palette has 16 mattes, shimmers, and glitters colors. The eyeshadow’s colors vary from champagne, pink, gold, brown, black, to royal blue that will turn into purple when catching the light. With these colors, the palette will also be perfect to use when you decide to wear a blue dress. Although the price is quote high, $49.00, the palette is totally worth the price since the pressed eyeshadows are highly pigmented, blend easily, and come in a very beautiful luxe packaging. Truly a great make up for blue dress and brown eyes.


  • 16 highly pigmented eyeshadows with different finishes
  • Easy to blend
  • Beautiful packaging


  • The price is not affordable for everyone

You can never go wrong with nude lipstick. Nude lipstick will look great with any eye and dress color. We recommend you to try the nude Colour Riche lipstick series from L’Oréal. The lipsticks are super creamy and will cover the natural lip color in one swipe. Infused with pure caring oils, these lipsticks are going to moisturize the lips when you wear it. Plus, L’Oréal only charged $10.99 for each of these amazing lipsticks. One satisfied review on Ulta said that the lipstick is hydrating and an absolute must for those who have dry lips. No wonder they rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Ulta.


  • High coverage
  • Super creamy and moisturizing
  • Affordable price


  • Does not last all day

Rosey pink blush is beautiful for brown eyes. Pink blush will look flattering and natural. The stick blush from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade Soft Rose is one of the prettiest pink blushes in the market. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, this blush will look amazing for light to darker skin since it is buildable. The price is pretty reasonable too, because it only costs $32.00 each. Plus, it has a brush on the other end to blend the blush. Also, this creamy stick blush will not blotch and will melt into the skin beautifully. 


  • Comes with a brush on the other end
  • Creamy, buildable, and not blotchy
  • Beautiful blush color that can be used for light and darker skin


  • Not long-wearing

The NYX Worth The Hype Mascara is absolutely worth the hype. Only cost $7.99, the affordable mascara quality is higher than its price. While the mascara does its job perfectly to lengthen and volumizing, it also will condition the lashes to make them soft. Also, for those with straight lashes, you will not need to use eyelash curlers because this mascara is formulated to also do that. Honestly, this is one of the best mascara in the market. It will give a dramatic lashes for your brown eyes when wearing a blue dress. One satisfied review on Ulta said that the mascara gave her great volume without clump and will purchase it again.


  • Affordable price
  • Lengthen, volumizing, and curling
  • Conditioning the eyelashes


  • Not recommended for those who are allergic to wax ingredients since it uses carnauba wax and beeswax

Superhero Liquid Eyeliner Pen is one of the most loved products from It Cosmetics. What special about this eyeliner is that it includes lash-loving ingredients such as keratin, peptides, collagen, and also biotin to give nutrients and stimulate the growth of the lashes. It also has a special tip that will glide smoothly when applied. Plus, the super black waterproof eyeliner promises to stay for 24 hours without smudging or fading. Therefore, we can forgive It Cosmetics for pricing their Superhero liquid eyeliner $25.00 each. Brown-eyed ladies, this is the perfect eyeliner to use when you are wearing a blue dress.


  • Highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner
  • Stays up to 24 hour without smudging or fading
  • Infused with great ingredients to give nutrients and stimulate the growth of the lashes
  • The eyeliner tip help eyeliner to glide smoothly


  • Will dry quickly if you do not close the lid properly.

Brown-eyed ladies, you need to frame your beautiful eyes with the perfect eyebrows product. If you love using eyebrow pencil to fill them in, try the e.l.f. Instant Eyebrow Pencil. The eyebrow pencil will shape and define your brow without smudging. It is also infused with vitamin E and grapeseed oil to condition and nourish brows. With only $3.00, you can get your hands on this vegan and cruelty-free product.It rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Target. A review left on the website said that she’s been using this eyebrow pencil for two years now because the color is perfect, easy to blend, and most importantly, it stays on all day.


  • Great and affordable price
  • Stays on all day until removed with makeup cleanser products or soap
  • Infused with vitamin E and grapeseed oil
  • Vegan and cruelty free


  • You only get a little product which, honestly, is pretty fair since it only cost for $3.00

Brown-eyed ladies, when you decide to do a dewy makeup look while wearing a blue dress, you need a good lip oil to make your lips look extra glossy. Kylie Skin Lip Oil is the one to get to complete your dewy look. Costs about $22.00, the lip oil will make the lips look plump and juicy while giving the hydration and comfort that you need. 

The lip oil featured healthy ingredients that we love for our lips such as vitamin E and coconut oil. It is paraben and cruelty free, and dermatologist tested. Honestly, they deserve the 4.6 star rate that the online buyers give them. One satisfied review on Nordstrom said that she is obsessed with this lip oil because it feels good on her lips and makes them look good without any annoying scent. This is one of the best products of makeup for blue dress brown eyes.


  • Moisturize the lips and make them shiny
  • Infused with vitamin E and coconut oil
  • Paraben and cruelty free
  • Dermatologist tested


  • A little sticky

What color makes brown eyes pop out?

Colors that can make brown eyes pop out are copper, bronze, blue, and rose gold. Brown eyes will also look amazing when paired with pastel colors such as purple, blue, pink, yellow, and also green. These colors will make brown eyes look extra beautiful when used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, or even dress. Blue dress, for example, will make brown eyes look brighter and add softness to them. Also, nude pink lipstick will give a soft  and fresh effect when wearing a blue dress. Try the L’Oréal Colour Riche Les Nus Intense Lipstick collection to find a nude lipstick that works the best for your skin tone.

Does blue make brown eyes pop?

Yes, blue can make brown eyes pop. Since brown is the mixture of red, yellow, and blue, blue eyeshadow or eyeliner can make brown eyes stand out. If your brown eyes are in the lighter shade, pick a lighter blue eyeshadow/eyeliner color to make them pop. Meanwhile, if your brown eyes are darker, dark blue will be great for you. Also, you can wear blue dresses to bring out the color of your eyes. Blue dress will make brown eyes look even more captivating.

What color eyeshadow works best for brown eyes?

Eyeshadow colors in metallic gold work best for brown eyes. When they hit the sunlight, you can see that brown eyes have hints of golden pigments. Therefore, gold eyeshadow will make the eye color look brighter. If you want a more colorful eyeshadow try blue, purple, green, and yellow eyeshadow. They also will look amazing when you want to wear a blue dress. They are some great color makeup for blue dress brown eyes. Luckily, Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eyeshadow Palette has almost all of the eyeshadow colors that work best for brown eyes and blue dress.

How do you make brown eyes pop with eyeliner?

You can make your brown eyes pop with eyeliner by doing winged or cat-eyed eyeliner. If you have dark hair color, you can use black eyeliner that will not be too harsh for you. But, if you have lighter hair color, stick to brown eyeliner. Try It Cosmetic Superhero Liquid Eyeliner for black and bold eyeliner look.

What color eyeshadow makes brown eyes look lighter?

To make brown eyes look lighter, try white eyeshadow color. You can add a hint of white eyeshadow on your lower lid to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. For the upper lid, go with gold or dark gray eyeshadow. These eyeshadow colors will make brown eyes look lighter.

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