Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Makeup Ideas for Dark Skin When Wearing Blue Dress

 It is a fact that the universal acknowledges, that ladies love wearing a blue dress, no matter their ages and skin tones. There is something about blue dresses that just bring confidence to the ladies and make them feel pretty. Although, we must remember that an outfit is not complete without the perfect makeup to go with it. For our favorite dark skin beauties, we have some ideas of makeup for blue dress dark skin that you can try.

You don’t have to worry about the perfect makeup style to have when wearing a blue dress anymore. Here, we have the answers for you. We also have some black-owned makeup products that will look like a dream on dark skin when wearing a blue dress. Keep on reading to find put more.

What Makeup is Best for Blue Dress Dark Skin?

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

If you are hesitant about choosing the best makeup for blue dress dark skin, we have the answers for you. For dark skin goddesses who love wearing grunge or chic styles of dresses in the color of blue, do not be afraid to dive into the edgy makeup. Edgy makeup is the perfect makeup look to bring out the cool chic vibes in you. Usually, this makeup is all about smokey black eyeshadow with dark lipstick. But, if you do not like too much makeup, then wearing blue lipstick is enough to make a statement. Or, you can draw winged eyeliner on your lids using bright color eyeliners. Bright colors will make a beautiful contrast of color on dark skin.

If you feel a little extra and want to pop colors on the lids to bring attention, try the bright eyeshadow look or the blue eyeshadow trend. Bright eyeshadow pigments will look gorgeous on your skin and make the eyes look brighter. Meanwhile, blue can never be wrong when paired with another blue. Therefore, blue eyeshadow is the perfect match for your blue dress. You can add glitters or metallic eyeliners to make the eye look more dramatic. But, if you feel like going out with a more natural look, then you can try the natural glam makeup look. Natural glam makeup will enhance your beautiful features without using too many layers of makeup. You still see yourself in the mirror, just prettier.

Makeup Types for Dark Skin when Wearing a Blue Dress

There are some types of makeup that will look absolutely stunning for dark skin when they are wearing a blue dress. From natural glam makeup to enhance your beautiful features, to edgy types of makeup to make you look like the cool it girl, we are here to serve you with the following make up ideas. So keep on reading to know the best type of makeup for blue dress dark skin.

Bright Eyeshadow

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Bright eyeshadows are perfect for dark skin tone because the contrast of dark skin and bright pigment will make the color of the eyeshadow more vibrant. When wearing a blue dress, the perfect eyeshadow colors are orange, pink, gold, or blue. Do a simple cut crease or halo eyeshadow techniques to make the eyes look brighter, and then top it with winged eyeliner and fake lashes to make the eyes look bigger. This is the perfect makeup look to try when you feel like a little extra for a special night.

Natural Glam Makeup Look

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Natural glam makeup is perfect when you want to enhance the face features without looking like a clown. The goal of this makeup look is to make you look beautiful without being too heavy. Subtle is the key to natural glam makeup. Does not mean that this makeup look is easy to create, though. You need to practice the blending technique and choose the right shades to skin tone. Mostly, makeup artists will pick soft eyeshadow and blush colors and nude lipstick. Also, highlighter and lipgloss are great to make the face look dewy and glowing. Remember not to go too heavy with contour when doing this makeup look since there is nothing natural about heavy contour.

White-Winged Eyeliner

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Here is a great tip; do not be intimidated by white. In fact, a hint of white in your makeup will create a futuristic and cool result. Take a white liquid eyeliner and draw a graphic arrow liner to the lids. The contrast of dark skin and white eyeliner will make the eyeliner brighter and will bring attention to the eyes. Whether wearing a simple or high fashion blue dress, white eyeliner will bring a twist of edginess to your whole look. Although white lipstick suits almost every lipstick color, it will look absolutely amazing when paired with glossy nude lipsticks.

Dramatic Blue Eyeshadow

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Everyone needs a little drama when wearing a beautiful dress, starting with this gorgeous blue eyeshadow look, which is actually quite simple to do. Dip your blending brush to your favorite blue eyeshadow, blend and build it to the lids, and draw a beautiful line on your crease using silver metallic eyeliner. Finish it by adding silver shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corners and use bold fake lashes to make the eyes look bigger. You can also use blue eyeliner to intensify the blue look. Just remember to use eyeshadow primer or concealer first before applying eyeshadow to make the color more vibrant on the lids. Also, you can add silver glitter on top of the silver eyeliner for more drama. 

Blue/Bold Lipstick

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Want to look edgy without using tons of makeup? Try the blue lipstick trend. Blue lipstick will make head turns to you, especially when paired with a blue dress. If you are hesitant with which blue shades to use, we would say that dark blue lipstick will never disappoint. Complete the make up by using mascara, highlighter, bronzer, and eyebrow pencil, and you are good to go. However, avoid using too many colors on the face when you are using blue lipstick, and remember, sometimes, less is more.

Black-Owned Makeup Products for Dark Skin when Wearing a Blue Dress

Black-owned makeup brands are the best when it comes to serving us the high quality and high pigmented products. They understand the kind of formula that every dark skin beauty needs and is looking for in makeup products. Here are some black-owned makeup products that you will love, especially when wearing a blue dress.

1. Juvia’s Place The Nubian II Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Looking for an eyeshadow palette to go with your blue dress? Try The Nubian II eyeshadow palette from Juvia’s Place. This palette has 12 eyeshadow colors that will match your blue dress. Plus, the high quality palette only cost $20.00, and it is also parabens and sulfates free. Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, the Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented and also long-wearing, making it worth the money. One satisfied review on Ulta said that she loves the pigment of the eye shadows since it suits every skin tone and lasts all day, especially when she uses eye primer.


  • Paraben and sulfates free
  • Highly pigmented
  • longwearing
  • Reasonable price


  • A little fallout

2. PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Blush

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

The Divine Powder Blush from Pat McGrath is one of the best blush powder in the market. You see many influencers on social media talk about these blushes and recommend them for their followers. The thing that we love about black-owned makeup brands is that their products are packed with pigments, they just get that sheer pigments will not show on darker complexions. Now, these blushes from Pat McGrath are the one that you need to get your hands on because not only is the formula super smooth, they are also free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Getting a 4.8 star rate from Sephora, the blushes cost $39. Yes, we know that the price is a little high. But, a review on Sephora said that she loves this blush because a little goes a long way. Therefore, you will not run out of the product quickly. This is a great makeup for blue dress dark skin to bring a little blush on the cheeks.


  • Parabens, phthalates, and sulfates free
  • Smooth and silky formula
  • A little product goes a long way
  • Very pigmented


  • Need to reapply throughout the day

3. Mented Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

If you want to get that glowy natural soft glam look when wearing a blue dress, you will need a great lip gloss that will make the lips look juicy and plump. We recommend you to get this lip gloss from Mented Cosmetics. Mented cosmetics is another great black-owned makeup brand that understands what we need. The lip gloss’ formula is non-sticky, smooth, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, aluminum free, and overall non toxic. Plus, the price for this beautiful gloss is only $14.55 each. The lip gloss collection is rated 4.8 out 5 stars on Target, which proves the quality of these lip gloss. One review on Target said that the gloss is very pretty, keeps the lips hydrated and looks nice on brown skin.


  • Non-sticky and smooth when applied on the lips
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Hydrating
  • Vegan and cruelty free


  • Need to reapply throughout the day, like most lip glosses are

4. Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

Try the chromatic eyeliner from Danessa Myricks Beauty if you are bored of using the same eyeliner everyday. There are 10 eyeliner shades that you can choose with only $22 for each. These chromatic eyeliners from Danessa Myricks Beauty will not fail to serve you the most vibrant and gorgeous looking liners on your lids, especially if you want your makeup to look edgy when you are wearing a blue dress. These metallic finish eyeliners are also waterproof and longwearing. They are also vegan, cruelty free and parabens free, which make them safe for the eyes.

So, there is no wonder why they get 4.3 out of 5 stars on Sephora. One satisfied buyer left a review on the website saying the eyeliner that she purchased suppressed her expectations, the extreme metallic finish catches the lights and the duochrome shift was very noticeable on her lids.


  • Chromatic and metallic finish
  • Waterproof and longwearing
  • Vegan, cruelty free and parabens free


  • Double swipe on the lids to get more intense finish

5. Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Makeup for blue dress dark skin

There is no doubt that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is one of the best black-owned makeup brands out there. Their Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is one of the top selling and buyer’s favorites from the brand. What is great about this product is that you can build the intensity of the highlighter by adding layers on your cheekbones. It is also super creamy, easy to blend, and long-wear. Plus, it is phthalates, parabens, and cruelty free.

The fun thing about highlighter is that you can use it everywhere such as the cheekbones, eyes, nose bridge or even collarbone to make the skin look glowy when wearing a blue dress. With $38, you can get your hands on this high quality highlighter that buyers rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Ulta.


  • Buildable intensity
  • Great for every skin tone
  • Parabens, phthalates, and cruelty free
  • Creamy formula, easy to blend, and long-wearing


  • This is an intense highlighter, you might not like it if you are a soft glow type of girl

What makeup looks good on dark skin?

Basically, any type of makeup looks good on dark skin. It is because dark skin has that magic that makes pigments look vibrant on their skin. If you like natural makeup look, try the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter from Fenty Beauty to bring extra glow to the face. But, if you are more of an edgy type, try the Chrome Eyeliner from Danessa Myricks Beauty to draw futuristic and cool wings on your lids. Finish the look with Pat McGrath’s blush on and Mented Cosmetics’ lip gloss. These are the best makeup for blue dress dark skin.

Which color eyeliner is best for dark skin?

White eyeliner color is best for dark skin, especially to create an edgy and futuristic makeup look. But, if you want to create a natural makeup look, simple dark brown or black matte eyeliner are the ones to go. Check out the eyeliner collection from Danessa Myricks Beauty to find the perfect ones. The black-owned brand packed high pigments for every dark beauties out there.

What eyeshadow colors look best on dark skin?

Bright eyeshadow colors look best on dark skin. It is because the contrast of dark skin and bright eyeshadows will make the pigments more vibrant on the lids. Therefore, they are the best for dark skin. Juvia’s Place The Nubian II Eyeshadow Palette has the best high pigmented eyeshadows for dark skin. You get both shimmer and matte eyeshadows in one palette. From blue to browns or even white eyeshadows, this eyeshadow palette will not disappoint. 

How do you do eye makeup for dark skin?

To do eye makeup for dark skin, you need the Juvia’s Place The Nubian II eyeshadow palette and chromatic eyeliner from Danessa Myrics Beauty in the shade. Use the eyeshadow palette to create a simple and beautiful eye makeup, since the palette is super creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend. Then, use the chromatic eyeliner to draw winged liner on the lids to add a little twist of drama. Finish the makeup by adding a few layers of mascara and you are good to go.

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