15 Best Eyeshadow Brushes for Flawless Eye Makeup Application

While many makeup brands seem to focus on presenting you with brush sets, we thought it would be more beneficial to hone in on the individual options

When we buy brush sets, usually, we only use some of them, making it rather pointless to spend money on brushes that you’ll never use.

If you’re serious about your makeup application tools, we welcome you to look at our guide to the best eyeshadow brushes below.

We’ll highlight the top tools and provide you with a few helpful shopping tips to make the selection process easier!

Before You Choose

Here are a few things to remember as you shop for brushes:

  • Bristle Type. While it may be common for brushes to contain real animal hair – or so-called “natural fibers” – in the makeup world, synthetic fibers are best. The product is cruelty-free, and you can also avoid any potential eye irritation due to fur allergies.
  • Take Inventory. Before you run out and buy new brushes, take a good look at what you already have.

Do you have any that have been losing their bristles that you would like to replace? Are any of them already worn down and therefore working less effectively?

Replace what you need to replace and add what is missing!

Brush Head Details

When choosing eyeshadow brushes, you need to consider a few things.

  • Brush Head Size. Remember that specific brush tips are shaped in certain ways to help you achieve particular drawing and blending techniques. Larger eyeshadow brushes with soft, flexible bristles are great for applying the product over a large surface area, blending, or adding color to your creases. Large brushes with dense, stiff bristles are great for applying primer and cream shadow over the eye, and some of them will also double up as a concealer brush as long as you clean them properly. Smaller brushes are used for the precision detail work: you might want some for smudging or adding small amounts of color to a very concentrated area of the eye.
  • Brush Head Shape. The size and the shape definitely tie in together, but here we were thinking more of the actual bristle shape. Some have pointed out tips for more precise application along the crease. Some are angled to help you achieve more specific blending techniques. Some are round or C-shaped to help you reach into particular areas for even application. If you’re interested in eyeshadow brushes, find out what the primary function is and what type of eyeshadow you can use. For instance, you can use some brushes for dry or cream shadows, while others can only be used for a single type of eyeshadow.


Top 15 Best Eyeshadow Brushes

After understanding what type and size of brushes you can use, below is a list of the top eyeshadow brushes you can pick to create a flawless eye makeup look.

best eyeshadow brushes

This brush is all you need for creating a professional and polished look. It combines the shader brush for packing on shadow and blending brush for applying a transition shade to the crease, making blending and diffusing harsh lines easy in just one tool. It gives you professional results like high-end brushes at an affordable price.

Profusion firm eyeshadow brush is designed to allow you to smoothly apply, set, define, blend, and smudge your eyeshadow evenly throughout your eyelids for a natural flawless finish. You can use it to create a sharp and precise line on the upper or lower lash lines with gel, cream, or powder eyeshadows.

The flat headed smudging brush can be used to seamlessly blend makeup. It is suitable for smoothing lines drawn by an eyeliner pencil, to achieve a smooth transition effect. The brush features a high quality birch wood handle that is easy to hold. The chrome plated copper ferrule is sturdy and keeps hair fibers firmly in place.

This double-ended brush features a blending and smudging function to give your eyeshadow that smooth air-brushed effect. It is designed to blend, smudge, buff, and build with precision. It is cruelty free and works for all skin types. It is made of renewable bamboo and synthetic brush that is better for the environment.

A perfectly tapered oval-shaped brush for maximum color payoff and minimal dusting. This brush is ideal for all-over eye application. You can build the eyeshadow to achieve the desired finish. You can use it to apply light eyeshadow and for intense color, you can simply wet the brush to get the optimal pigment payoff.

This Makeup By Mario brush is made with a custom blend of synthetic and vegan fibers and 100% FSC-certified birchwood handles. This brush features a soft, flat brush head for targeted application of cream formulas and shadows. The fluffy hairs on the other end are perfect for blending, setting, and diffusing.

A medium, rounded brush used to smudge along the lash line and in the crease. Its dense fibers pick up product for high color payoff and intensity. It features straight fibers, and can be used with loose and pressed eyeshadow powders as well as pencil eye liners. The ideal brush shape for smudging.

An ultra-plush, fluffy eyeshadow brush designed for easy, all-over application and flawless blending. This brush was made to quickly sweep across your entire lid and blend shadows for a soft-focus effect. Designed with soft, synthetic bristles, this brush evenly lays down and diffuses pigments to the eyelids and blends them smoothly.

A cruelty-free eyeshadow brush for easy blending, with a unique dense, angled shape that mimics your fingertip for maximum control. This brush is fluffy enough to blend seamlessly yet firm enough to give you better control. The bristles are super soft and densely packed to work perfectly with your favorite eyeshadow formula.

A vegan brush with a slightly tapered head to easily apply powder or cream eyeshadows to eyelid creases and contours. With its slightly tapered head, this brush delivers targeted application and blending for a defined, contoured crease. The soft, synthetic fibers work well with all formula types from cream to powder.

The pro line of Essential Brush features ultra-plush synthetic fibers that pick up and distribute powder pigment effortlessly, along with handles designed for the utmost precision. This shadow brush features soft founded bristles that pick up pigment effortlessly while sweeping the perfect amount across the entire lid. The comfort-fit handles are specifically designed to make applying makeup a breeze.

Clinique Eye Shadow Brush is perfectly sized and shaped for applying eyeshadow where you want it. The soft brush has a gentle touch for applying shadow on lids. This brush can be used for highlighting the area just under the brow bone, too. This brush has an antimicrobial technology to keep it clean. 

This medium eyeshadow brush is great for applying sheer color or layering. This brush is great for applying or layering eyeshadow and glitter. This vegan brush feels soft on your eyelids and applies your eyeshadow palettes like a dream. Best of all, it is also cruelty free so you can feel good when using it.

This is a versatile eyeshadow brush that allows a more controlled color application to any desired area of the lid. It is ideal for precise eyeshadow application and detail. It is made of premium natural hair and wood handles. This brush is best used with powder eyeshadows, but you can use it for shimmer eyeshadow as well. 

A soft synthetic hair brush that is absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. It is medium sized, offering more control for precision blending. It works well with powder eyeshadow and helps create the perfect smoky eyes look. The bristles are packed densely and firmly to prevent shedding.

Which eyeshadow brush is best?

It depends on various factors. Not only the brush materials, but also its shape and your overall eye makeup goal. The size and materials of the wand also plays an important role. The best eyeshadow brush would be the one that is most comfortable for you and give you the best result.

How many brushes do you need for eyeshadow?

It depends on your needs and expertise level. But if you are a beginner, you need at least four types of eyeshadow brushes: a flat eyeshadow brush to place the base color, a crease brush to create detaileds on the crease, eyeliner brush to deepen the shadow on the lash line, and a fluffy brush for blending.

What is the purpose of a firm eyeshadow brush?

The main purpose of a firm eyeshadow brush is to pack dense color on the eyelid. This type of brush is great to place base color and intensify the eyeshadow color. You can also use this brush to apply eyeshadow base or primer allowing you to have a smooth and even application.

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