Makeup for black dress dark skin

Makeup for Black Dress Dark Skin (Best Options)

The best makeup for black dress dark skin is not impossible to achieve. Whether you want to go for a simpler, natural makeup, or even jump straight to bold, eccentric, and impactful makeup, the key is in not overdoing it. You also need to make sure that each color compliments the other very well.

Black dress may easily be one of the best choices to wear on any occasion. It is also one of the styles that will never go out of trend amongst fashionable people. There is a myth that a person with dark skin wearing a black dress will only make their skin look pale and ashy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People who understand style and fashion would say that black is the fiercest color for a dark skinned woman to wear, as it symbolizes class and power.

How do you do eye makeup for dark skin when wearing black dress?

Doing eye makeup for black dress and dark skin has always been proven to be a challenge for most. It is extremely important to have a skill in picking out the right sets of shades to suit your skin color. Plus, it will also ultimately make your complexion stand out when wearing a black dress. Here we will provide a leverage on how to apply eye makeup for black dress and dark skin.

1. Primer

Without a doubt, primer is the photoshop for your face. It is the most important step to apply to your eye area before putting in any other makeup. It acts as a preparatory makeup, a canvas to smoothen out and provide coverage for your skin, so that the makeup you will apply will last longer and don’t lose its grip early.

Primers are an absolute must to apply before anything, as to not make your face look dull and ashy when you start to put on your makeup. It also does not affect which color of dress you wear as primers are usually white or transparent and your skin absorbs them almost immediately. Therefore, it would not hinder your appearance if you are wearing a black dress with dark skin.

2. Concealer/Foundation

After putting on your primer, the next important thing to know is finding the right concealer/foundation. And the best way to do that is knowing your undertone. With all the foundations being released in the market, it could be tricky to find which one is best for you. However, if you already know your undertone, it would intricately be easier to find your shade. 

For a natural look, generously apply foundation to the back of your hand and slowly dab it around your face with your fingers. This simple and no-fuss approach of applying your foundation with your fingers will provide a skin-like makeup result. It means that you are caressing and massaging the foundation slowly onto your skin.

When wearing a black dress with dark skin, knowing which shades of black and the type of black dress that you are wearing will affect the amount of foundation/concealer that you will apply. If you are wearing a simple, casual, everyday black dress, then a few little drops to your face would do. Vice versa, if you want to look extravagant with your long and sexy black dress, be generous with your foundation or concealer for a worry-free, long-lasting look to your special occasion. Below we’ll show you a few products for the right undertone for dark skin.

3. Seal It All with Loose Setting Powder

Makeup for black dress dark skin

Seal all your finished makeup routine with a loose setting powder. It helps lock your foundation and concealer so it could last longer. Plus, you don’t have to worry one bit of it smudging in between your activities.

4. Contouring Your Brows with a Contour Palette 

Aside from defining your cheekbones and sculpting other undefined parts of your face, you can also use your contour palette on your eyebrows to frame your face. Plus, it will also fill in the gaps of your eyebrows to make up for a thick eyebrow effect.

5. Choose the Right Eyeshadow

Makeup for black dress dark skin

Now that you’ve passed the first two steps, the next one for black dress dark skin is picking a good eyeshadow. Basically any eyeshadow works well with dark skin, especially in a black dress dark skin, with an acceptance of two or three maximum color combinations. Below we’ll recommend some of the best eyeshadows to play around with the combinations with.

Which are Considered Cool Makeup Colors for Dark Skin when Applying Makeup?

When it comes to choosing the cool makeup colors for black dress and dark skin, any kind of color works. The key to deliver the look is confidence, and ofcourse, how you choose to project that confidence. Whether you are aiming for nude, natural color combinations of makeup, to the bold shades of red, purple, or blue thrown in your makeup combination, the whole thing will only work if you embrace the uniqueness that you bring out.

Below we’ll give you some perfect examples for black dress dark skin combinations that will make heads turn day in and day out.

1. Silver Metallic Eyeshadow paired with Nude Lips 

Makeup for black dress dark skin

First in our list is a classy bombshell look of silver metallic look paired with a simple nude lip color to finish. Compliment your eye area with shades of gray and silver. Then, finalize it with a sultry smokey eyeliner look with a false lashes to seal it all off. This look is fail proof and will give you a badass vibe that one would dream for.

Why it’s so good: This look sits perfectly for skin with a darker tone. The eyeshadow combination will bring out the intensity of your eyes, while the lips accompanied with the nude color will bring out the elegance of your black dress and dark skin.

2. Sheer Orange Blush paired Bold Red Lipstick

Makeup for black dress dark skin

We all know that red is the new black. It’s rightfully so when it compliments your dark skin tone and gives a youthful glow. Start with simple neutral eyeshadow with a string of neat eyeliner across your bottom eyelids. Then pair it with a sheer orange/amber/tangerine blush across your cheek to give it an innocent touch, but go off with a bang with the boldest red lipstick that you own. You’ll thank us later!

Why it’s so good: This look is simple yet classy. It doesn’t take too much time to achieve, as well as a beginner friendly routine to follow. Pair it with a black dress dark skin and your face complexion will stand out effortlessly, and the red lips will ooze with boldness and fearlessness. Wear it on every occasion and it won’t ever go out of trend!

3. Blue Eyeshadows paired with Peach Pink Lipstick

Makeup for black dress dark skin

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to play with lively colors, then this look is perfect for you! A few shades of electric sheer blue on your eyelids and a few touches of highlighter to pop the color out. Accompany it with light strawberry lipstick since it may be one of the easiest looks to achieve while also looking chic and daring at the same time.

Why it’s so good: While it is on the adventurous side, this look is still an easier routine to follow, and a beginning step to explore if you are starting to experiment with lighter colors. It will also compliment your black dress with dark skin with contrasting colors so that your makeup can shine all the way through.

4. Rainbows of Red Look

Makeup for black dress dark skin

Step up your makeup routine if you’re not afraid to take risks and create a makeup look that is anything but ordinary. This rainbow starts with a generous amount of candy red colors. Pair it with highlighter around the inner eye area and finish with a striking blush of red and of course, bold red lipstick. This makeup look will highlight the features of your face exponentially and will make you the spotlight!

Why it’s so good: This look is perfect if you are going to special events, parties, or even to your favorite concert. When paired with a black dress with dark skin, your deep skin tone will shine through. It will definitely give it a glow that you never knew could happen!

5. Pink on Pink Matte Combo

Makeup for black dress dark skin

Bring out the inner pink rock in you with the pink eyeshadow on pink lips. Begin your eyeshadow with a shade of sheer black color then topped with a bold matte pink surrounding your eyelids till right under your eyebrows. To make your look hard to miss, define your lips with a grayish black lip liner and finish it off with a matte pink lipstick. This gradient look is simple with pink as its main character, a look that you must definitely try.

Why it’s so good: This look is that it’s perfect to sport during a special occasion with black dress and dark skin without going overboard. It’s also a must try look when you’re out to party, as this sends a not so subtle way to grab someone’s attention at the club.

Which Pink Lipstick Suits Dark Skin and Black Dress?

Trademark shades like hot pinks and fuchsia would complement your black dress dark skin with ease. It would make a perfect combination with your chosen black dress. Avoid pale pink lipsticks as it could make your look evidently pallid, and would not make your black dress dark skin stand out. Opt for delicate pink shades with purple and red berry hues that would go perfect for day and night occasions.

Does Brown Lipstick Suit Dark Skin?

Makeup for black dress dark skin

Yes, brown lipstick suits women with dark skin complexions. Nowadays, as you search endless aisles of makeup products and finding brown lipstick with the right shade could be a bit tricky. However, keep in mind to always look for warmer hues in order to add “richness to your complexion”, said by pro makeup artist Jonet WIlliamson.

What do You Need to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look for a Darker Skin Tone?

For people with a choice of black dress and dark skin, the simplest products you will need to achieve a natural makeup. It consists of contour palette, foundation, concealer, loose setting powder, and a mascara. These are the fundamental makeup collections that you can use whether you’ve just started entering the world of makeup. It is also recommended for a quick run and want a simple and easy makeup yet still provide a flawless look to your appearance.

Makeup Tips for Black Dress Dark Skin

If you are wearing a black dress dark skin, it is important to highlight this few important tips as you look for a brown lipstick:

  1. If you have a lighter skin tone, try to avoid brown lipsticks that are the closest to your natural skin tone. It will risk looking ashy, pale, and washed out. Try a brown lipstick with brighter undertones such as tangerine or maroon undertones that will make your complexion stand out.
Makeup for black dress dark skin
  1. Rusty and copper browns are your best friend. They are universally friendly for all dark skin tones, and rocks any type of black dress you wear it with.
  1. Avoid brown lipsticks with too much shimmer. They will end up looking like ash.

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