What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

4 Top Color Eyeliners for Blue Eyes Over 50

What color eyeliners are best for blue eyes over 50? Well, this might come as a challenging question for us. We grow old every day, but when we start to reach certain age, your skin begin to change, which becomes a huge challenge for hardcore makeup fans. Makeup, especially eye makeup, is a tough obstacle to conquer as the skin around the eyes ages most drastically. If you feel scared of having limited options to try out, it’s very normal, but as everyone says all around the world, age is just a number!

Optimizing the color of your eyes and matching them with your eye makeup can be a great way to begin. Especially if you have a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, pairing eye makeup color with them can bring out a certain character. Eye makeup, particularly eyeliner, will feel differently once you’re aged, as the skin of your eyelid gets loose, making it not as easy as it used to be anymore to create a defined look. If you haven’t tried using color eyeliner to make your mature blue eyes pop, now this is the good time to begin. Not just a defined look: your eyes will appear more highlighted and lively.

What are the Best Color Eyeliner Types for Mature Blue Eyes?

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

Before we start exploring on what color eyeliners for blue eyes over 50, let’s make sure we cover all the bases first. Now that mature eyelids are harder to handle, using color liquid or pen eyeliner can be more of a hassle than using gel or pencil eyeliner. The tiny tip of liquid eyeliner can be difficult to use to fill the line. The wrinkles and fine lines on the lid can be challenging for liquid liners to make the eyeliner look evenly applied, even more so when the liquid eyeliners bleed and cause a big mess on your eyelids. It’s still possible to work it out though, but it will definitely need extra work and also time. 

By using pencil or gel eyeliner, you can smudge and soften the lines of the eyeliner, creating a blurring effect to your eyelids. This way, your eyeliner will appear more evenly and neat. Gel liners also don’t bleed and get everywhere because they don’t have a wet and watery consistency, so it becomes easier to manage. Therefore, this will be a great help with any eyeliner techniques you’re trying to achieve, including winged cat eyes or for your under eye.

What Color Eyeliners are the Best for Mature Blue Eyes?

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

Blue eyes are best matched with orange, brown, terracotta, and copper colors eyeliners. This theory is generated from Color Theory, because the color blue sits across the color orange. It is making them contrasted to each other and at the same time, earth tones bring out the blue. This law of color also applies to the colors you use to make your blue eyes appear more ‘blue’. However, using blue liners can also enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. While silver liners can accentuate the blue from your eyes. Pairing a light colored eyeliner with classic black liner is also a great choice if you don’t want anything too flashy for your mature eyes, but still want to look camera-ready. Soft shimmers can also get that simple glam look for your eyes if they are the right color for your blue eyes.

So in conclusion, what color eyeliners for blue eyes above 50 are best? Sit tight, because we got this covered for you!

Classic Brown Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

Brown eyeliner is something that gives a very simple look, but brown can help make your blue eyes pop. With the right formula and applicator, a simple eyeliner on your mature blue eyes is more than enough for a modest, classy makeup. To achieve this look, make sure to choose the right brown eyeliner for your mature blue eyes.

Glam Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

Want to look more intense without looking too gaudy? What color eyeliners for blue eyes over 50 are best to create a glam look? Combining 2 eyeliners can be a great option. By opting for a light metallic or shimmer color and natural color like black, achieving an eccentric but still simple look is uncomplicated. Simply use a lighter color on your inner corner part of your eyes like silver or champagne. And then as you go on, use a black eyeliner and soften the lines of both colors. See, what an easy-peasy way to enhance blue irises on mature eyes, right?

Eccentric Blue Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

If you think blue eyeliners on mature blue eyes are extreme, fear not! This color combo can greatly enhance the blue of your eyes with just one splash of color. If you’re wondering what color eyeliners for blue eyes over 50 that give the perfect eccentric blue? We have the best recommendations for you. A little bit on the eyelid and apply a bit more on the lower lash line, and you’re ready to shine!

Natural Black Eyeliner

What color eyeliner for blue eyes over 50

Is wearing natural, black eyeliner so wrong? Definitely not! It brings comfort and homely feeling to your eyes. Pairing it with your blue eyes gives a casual, simple, but still stunning and divine look. Effortless yet a beaute for your blue eyes. With black eyeliner, draw a thin line in your inner corner and drag it to the outer corner of your eyelid. Smudge the eyeliner only on the outer part lightly.

How do You Apply Eyeliner to Mature Eyes?

There are a few steps to applying eyeliner to mature eyes, which involves using the right type of eyeliner and the techniques used to make the liner. Since there are fine lines on mature eyelids, using a gel or pencil eyeliner works best as you can soften the lines and make the eyeliner look evenly applied. A creamy formula like Kat Von D Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Longwear Gel Eyeliner is the best one for mature eyes.

Does Eyeliner Make You Look Older?

Eyeliner does not make you look older. It can bring out different auras from your eyes, define and frame your eyes, creating a focused gaze. However, the wrong eyeliner techniques can make you look older, such as wearing too much dark colored eyeliner under your lash line.

How Can a 50 Year Old Woman Look Younger?

With makeup and the right techniques and products, a 50 year old woman can definitely look younger. Certain skincare products with certain ingredients will also make your skin more plump and blur the fine lines. The right diet can also help make your mature skin look more fresh and energized.

How Should a 55 Year Old Woman Apply Makeup?

A 55 year old woman should apply makeup with extra care and preparation. Your skin is your canvas, so making sure your skin is prepared and well-primed before any makeup is essential. With mature skin, it’s best to stick with less products and only wear the ones that have the most effect, like foundation to make mature skin appear more even and eyeliner to define and frame the eyes.

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