How Long After Lash Lift Can You Wear Mascara For Better Result?

Lash lift is one of the practical and simple ways to beautify your eyes. This procedure will make your eyelashes look fuller and also longer. But you probably asking about, ‘how long after lash lift can I wear mascara?.’ Well, this is actually a popular question for someone who has plans to undergo a lash lift procedure. First of all, you can’t do as you want. You have to wait for the right period if you like to do the lash lift again.

Most lash lifts can hold up to 6 weeks. If you force yourself to repeat it before that period, it will only ruin the health of your lashes. It takes time for your lashes to grow until it is ready to be lifted up again. In this article, we will share with you some information to answer the question of ‘how long after lash lift can I wear mascara?’ and also how long you can do it again in order to get maximum results. In addition, we also have some recommendations of mascara products that you can wear after having a lash lift, which is non waterproof and also lash lift friendly.

How Long after Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara?

how long after lash lift can i wear mascara

You are suggested to wear mascara 24 hours after lash lift in order to keep the lashes in position. However, if you are pretty patient to wait, you can stay away from mascara for 48 hours after you undergo a lash lift. This period will allow greater bonding between the chemicals and your lashes for better result. So, the next time you ask, ‘how long after lash lift can I wear mascara?’ you finally know the answer, right?

As you know, the condition of lashes after a lash lift is delicate, so it will take some time for it to harden. After you pass the process, then you can apply mascara to make the lash lift appear more excellent. Afterwards, just follow the rule of not wearing oil-based or waterproof mascara. Those kinds of mascara will only ruin your effort to lift up your eyelashes while you clean it, either with makeup remover or water and soap.

Can I Get My Eyelashes Wet After Lash Lift?

When it comes to having a lash lift, there are more questions that you might want to ask besides ‘how long after lash lift can I wear mascara?’ including ‘can I get my eyelashes wet after lash lift?.’ For this one, the answer is No. You can’t get your eyelashes wet after a lash lift. You need to wait at least 24 hours after the treatment do do that. It takes time to set as chemicals are needed during a lash lift for maximum result. When you wet or wash your eyes, it will only destroy and change the chemical bonding (disulphide bond) between the lashes and chemicals to harden.

The process needs several steps to be done. Firstly by straightening the lashes and then fixing it in order to upward the curl. So, if you wet your eyelashes after a lash lift, then the effect will vanish. In addition, you also need to avoid steam, sauna, or washing your face using hot water or near your eyes. If you break this rule, the result won’t stand in shape as you desired.

Can You Do a Lash Lift Twice?

Yes, you can do a lash lift twice. But, doing a lash lift twice in a day is not suggested. Basically, you can repeat the same procedure after a month as the first process could hold the effect for about a month. Besides that, the lash lift procedure needs chemicals to form disulfide bonds. So, if you do it twice, you don’t give enough time for it to harden.

Instead, you will only break down the structures of chemicals, which will only destroy and damage the results. However, you can also use lash serum to make the curl becomes stronger. Having said that, doing a lash lift twice will only make your effort turns useless as you have to re-arrange keratin molecules and form new disulfide bonds to shape the new curl of eyelashes.

How Often Should You Have a Lash Lift?

You can do a lash lift after 6 – 8 weeks, and after that, you can repeat the procedure of lash lift and stimulate new hair growth to be lifted upward and also healthy. If you force yourself to lash lift again before that period, it will only damage your natural eyelashes. In order to hydrate, strengthen, and maintain the integrity of the lashes, make sure you use a conditioning serum. At least, this treatment can give extra nutrition for your eyelashes.

Dos and Don’ts After Lash Lift

Keeping your eyelashes healthy is important in order to make your eyelashes long lasting and pretty. Thus, there are some things you should do and shouldn’t do after doing a lash lift. Please read the explanation below.


how long after lash lift can i wear mascara

These are some activities you shouldn’t do after a lash lift because it will only ruin the result of dramatic lash lift treatment.


  • In the first 24 hours, you need to avoid touching or rubbing your eyelashes, because rubbing or touching your eyes after a lash lift will only damage your eyelashes. After treatment, your eyelashes are still delicate and easy to brittle. Therefore, make sure to keep your hands away from your face, especially rubbing or touching your eyes. Moreover, you also need to avoid applying sunscreen, face oils, face cream, face mask, eye cream, and also scrubbing your eyes because those face treatments tend to work around your eyes, which is not good for your eyelashes. And next, do not spend your time by doing water activities or wet your face, such as swimming, sweating too much, face steamers, steam bath or going to sauna. These activities will only weaken the effect of a lash lift. After all, you don’t want to break down your lashes, do you?
  • Day 2, 3 and so on, you are still not allowed to rub your eyes and apply oil-based products to your face, especially around your eyes. Applying oil-based products will only shorten the result of lash lift treatment because this will straighten your eyelashes. In order to keep your lash lift set perfectly, avoid face steamers and also steam bath or sauna as it can ruin your lashes to stay in position.
  • Do not wear any waterproof mascara, oil-based makeup remover or a mascara because those products will only ruin your eyelashes. As you know, it takes extra effort to remove waterproof mascara from your eyelashes. Sometimes, you need to use oil-based makeup remover to clean it properly, which will only break down your lash lift treatment quicker.


how long after lash lift can i wear mascara

These are the treatments you should do after a lash lift to make the result stays longer and you will get more confident in your appearance.

  • Brush your eyelashes to keep it smooth, curl, and also voluminous after a lash lift.
  • Apply conditioner or eyelashes serum to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes, because  those products will also help you to get smooth and also strong eyelashes.

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