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15 Best Eyelash Primers to Add Volume and Keep The Curls

The ultimate beauty goal for many women is to have full long thick lashes, but what if you’re not naturally blessed with the perfect lashes? How can you achieve the thick and full lashes look?

While extensions and falsies are options, they still don’t last longer than you wish, and they can also be a hassle to put on every day. We’ve got the solution for you if you’re serious about improving your lashes: eyelash primers. Eyelash primers work to lengthen, nourish, and volumize your natural lashes. Now you don’t have to worry about your falsies falling out or damaging your eyelash. In this guide below, we’ll take a look at some of the best eyelash primer brands that you definitely need to try.

What are the Benefits of Eyelash Primer?

Eyelash primer is a base coat of product going on under your mascara. Eyelash primer fills in the ‘cracks’ on your lashes, providing a smoother and more even surface. This smooth surface will make the mascara application much easier and more effective, creating a fuller look.

Eyelash primer also gives you more benefits, such as: 

  • Thicker and Fuller Eyelashes, eyelash primers coat your lashes with a thin layer of formula which usually contains keratin and biotin. Keratin works to improve your eyelash condition, providing a smooth base for your mascara. Biotin will make your lashes look longer. Applying eyelash primers before putting on your mascara will give you a fuller and thicker eyelash look.
  • Healthier Eyelashes, High-quality eyelash primers often contain beneficial ingredients such as peptides and vitamins. Those formulas will give your lashes a better look and improve their health as well. You can even see your eyelashes grow healthier if you use primers consistently. 

How to Use Eyelash Primers Properly

Eyelash primers are products that are applied to eyelashes before mascara. Primers are very useful if you want to have multiple shades of mascara on your lashes, and unlike applying fake lashes, primers won’t damage your lashes even if you wear them on a daily basis. Here are some tips on using eyelash primers correctly to gain the best result. 

  • Always use primers before putting on your mascara.
  • Curl your lashes first before applying primer and mascara. It will make your lashes look longer and prettier.
  • Clumping is a real issue when using eyelash primers, so to avoid this mess, always clean excess from the wand with a tissue.
  • Choose a high-quality primer that works well with your favorite mascara. A low-quality primer might work against the mascara formula, and instead of providing excellent results, it may only make your lashes appear clumpy and cannot last for a day.

Top 15 Best Eyelash Primers

After learning about the benefits of eyelash primers and how to use them, below is a list of our picks on the best eyelash primers on the market.

best eyelash primer

If you want to get an eyelash extension but you don’t want to deal with the appointment and expensive price, this primer is the next best thing you can get. The fibers add some extra layer to your lashes nicely and make a huge difference in length and volume. Get ready to get asked if you get eyelash extension by only using this primer and mascara.

The perfect partner to your favorite mascara to instantly boost every lash look. The lightweight formula instantly builds dramatic volume and length on each lash. It applies easily and goes smoothly. Apply your mascara once the primer is dry, and boom! You’re basically double your eyelash volume. With this primer, you won’t need to use falsies any more.

The essence volume booster lash primer is the perfect partner to your favorite mascara. This mascara primer is infused with acai oil and mango butter to nurture and condition your lashes. Use this primer not only to achieve volume, but to create a moisturizing shield around each lash so your mascara clings better, leaving your lashes lushful and protected.

This next-level purple primer is a game-changer. The better-than-falsies formula volumizes and lengthens while priming and defining your eyelashes. It is powered with Jasmine Flower wax to help hydrate, prep, and condition lashes.It keeps your lashes amazingly soft and hydrated, while the violet tint makes black pigments pop. Pair it with your favorite mascara to maximize every lash look.

You can create longer and thicker lashes with full control of the volume because this eyelash primer is buildable. You can build it up until you reach your desired volume without clumps and flakes. You can even go over your mascara if you see areas that still need some building without making it look gunky.

The best selling point of this eyelash primer is that it also nourishes the lashes in addition to priming for the purpose of creating a good base for mascara. You will notice significantly less fall out of my mascara after a long day. If you want beautiful looking natural lashes, it will make a big difference.

A triple-action lash primer serum that boosts lash volume and curl while improving lash appearance with daily use. This product works great as a base for mascara and truly helps in maximizing volume. It works well to lengthen and separate lashes so they appear long and luxurious without fall out or clumps.

For this price point, you can never go wrong with this eyelash primer. It helps your lashes look longer and fuller, and maximize your mascara into its full potential. However, if you use the product a little too much, it can get clumpy so be aware and use just a moderate amount before applying your mascara.

A lash-conditioning base coat that enhances the benefits of your mascaras, moisturizes, and helps to condition dry lashes. It will coat every single lash and make your mascara go on smoothly and appear thicker. The perfect eyelash primer choice if you like a more dramatic look without making your lashes look bulky.

The molded, cone-shaped, spiral brush on this primer defines, separates, and coats each lash. It has volumizing, heart-shaped fibers and a weightless, conditioning formula to amplify the results of mascara. It is enriched with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil for healthier-looking lashes and smooth application. The fused fibers can thicken your lashes without fallout.

If you have short and thin lashes, this eyelash primer will be such a game changer. It appears blue when applied and it will make your mascara appear darker. It is very light to wear and will not make your lashes feel heavy despite the fuller effect it creates. It will hold your mascara curl throughout the day.

You will love this eyelash primer not only when you put it on but after you take it off too. It conditions and smooths your lashes making the mascara application a breeze. You know that mascara can be hard to remove, but with this primer, you can remove your mascara easily leaving your lashes feeling soft.

With this new formula, you will find your lashes longer and fuller than ever. It can also keep your mascara to stay longer so you don’t have to worry about your mascara getting smudged or falling out. It comes with a brush with spaced out bristles that assist with anti-clumping and separating lashes.

This revitalizing lash primer will improve lash thickness and curl over time. With a conditioning formula for visible performance, infused with micro-fibers, vitamin B5 and vitamin E, lashes appear longer and fuller by separating individual lashes to maximize volume. You can use it before applying your mascara or as a nighttime conditioner.

Because it is a tinted eyelash primer, you can use it as stand alone and will give your lashes a natural and feathery look. You can also apply mascara on top and it will provide a smoother application. The gel formula conditions lashes with Provitamin B5 leaves lashes soft enough to layer mascara up to 6 hours later.

Which is the best eyelash primer?

All of the products listed on this article are carefully curated and we provide you with only the best. What is considered as the best for you then depends on personal preferences such as applicator shape, formula, and primer’s color. You can check each product and find out which one will give your lashes the best result.

Are eyelash primers worth it?

Yes. You may not believe it at first, but an eyelash primer does make a huge difference. If you are struggling with layers of mascara to get the full look on your daily makeup routine, you should give an eyelash primer a try. You won’t believe how much time you are going to save for better results.

Do you let eyelash primer dry before putting on mascara?

It depends on each eyelash primer formulation. Most mascara primers are required to be dry first before applying mascara, but some formula works best when you apply the mascara while the primers are still wet. Read the direction carefully and apply as directed or you can try different method so you can figure out which one is the best.

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