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15 Best Mascaras for Long Lashes that are Worth Buying

In your search for the best mascara for long lashes, you’ve probably spent a lot of money to get that perfect product that makes your eyes pop. Still, every time, it would make your lashes either too straight, too thick, or simply not long enough.

If you’re looking for a mascara that will give you long, luscious eyelashes, then this guide will provide you with some product examples that you may want to try out.

However, do remember that the easiest way to charm those around you is by flashing your beautifully long eyelashes, which is why you’ll need the right mascara to help you.

Choosing the Best Mascara for Long Lashes

It is undoubtedly true that most mascaras were made to emphasize the lashes; however, certain choices also combine different formulas.

Some are designed to:

  • Add Volume. In addition to elongating your lashes, some also help you add volume. The right eyelash lengthening mascara will give you the appearance of bright and well-rested eyes.
  • Lengthen. Lengthening mascaras were created especially for women who have stubby and short eyelashes.

If you already have long lashes, then this kind of mascara may not be very helpful for you. But still, it’s up to you whether you want it to use it or not, especially if you want to add even more length to your lashes!

Don’t forget that curling your lashes prior to applying mascara can also help you lengthen them. Plus, some of you may want to opt for a lighter version in order to prevent weighing them down, which can be very uncomfortable.

What Type of Wand do You Want?

The wand of the mascara also plays a very important role when it comes to ‘treating’ your eyelashes. Generally, wands with thick or long, thin combs are the best when it comes to lengthening your short and lifeless lashes. The same will apply to shaped wands, which can coat every lash from top to bottom.

Try Fiber Mascara

When it comes to choosing the best mascara for long lashes, you may also want to look for fiber mascara. It uses a special composition that attaches to your lashes, making them look longer, and offering a false lash effect.

Moreover, most lengthening mascaras will come either with a primer or a magnifying gel as well.

Best Mascara for Long Lashes

best mascara for long lashes

This Simply Naked Beauty mascara is absolutely the answer to every women’s dream to have long, natural, and 3D-looking lashes that resemble false eyelashes. The fiber technology will attach itself to the tip of your lashes, which will make them look a lot longer. In addition to that, it is also waterproof and smudge-proof, so you could wear it even when the weather conditions are not too kind to you!

Go beyond natural with this Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara! It offers you intense black, dramatically long, and boldest lashes, making your eyes stand out. The secret customized wax blend holds the curl and builds volume without clumping or even flaking. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about dry lashes as it also comes with a film-formers formula that locks in the moisture. 

Mia Adora’s 3D Fiber Lash is a contacts-friendly fiber mascara that aims to elongate your lashes to a falsies effect while still bearing natural length. The composition of the mascara is made out of green tea – being SLS and paraben-free. Therefore, it is less likely to irritate sensitive eyes.

There is no need to have the expensive mascara if you can buy a drugstore one with a darn good quality, just like this Great Lash Washable Mascara from Maybelline New York. We now understand why it becomes a favorite since the formula clings to your lashes perfectly, which will offer long, dramatic lashes like the false ones.

Any natural-looking, long lashes lover will undoubtedly fall in love with this Glossier Lash Slick Mascara. Your lashes will be effortlessly lengthened, soften, and conditioned, thanks to its Japanese Fiber Technology and also it’s vegan biotin ingredient. Moreover, since it is water-resistant, your lashes will look a lot prettier than ever for 12 hours!

Believe us, you won’t regret spending money on this one! As its name suggest, once you applied this mascara, it will give the finish with an instant extension-like lashes, and also a long, extravagant look. Having a film-firming technology and smudge-proof formula, you’ll easily coat your lashes from root to tip, leaving you with no raccoon eyes. 

Specifically formulated to lengthen the lashes, this mascara will definitely satisfy you with an amazing result! It features plant-derived rice bran wax and also olive oil esters, which will create long and defined lashes. Moreover, it will also keep them nourished, too! Unlike most smudge-proof mascaras out there, it is the best mascara for long lashes that is easy to remove, leaving your lashes unharmed.

Bring all the sensational drama on your lashes by applying this Lash Sensational Mascara! You’ll get long, curly, and voluminous lashes with a full fan finish in just one swipe, thanks to the buildable liquid ink formula and a great patented fanning brush. And surprisingly! It costs only $15 for an extraordinary effect you’ll have.

If you wish to have long, fuller, voluminous, and thicker lashes in one go, then look no further because this mascara definitely belongs to you. The hollow heart-shaped fibers and hemp-derived cannabis seed oil as hero ingredients will ensure your lashes stay thick and soft. In addition, its feathery bristles will also help separate and cover your lashes with the mascara evenly.

A mascara without a good brush is nothing! Though its head looks kind of creepy, those tiny bristles can actually do their job wonderfully. They will coat every single lash to add length and volume to your lashes. Not to mention the long-wearing formula guarantees to lock your long lashes all day.

Affordable mascara doesn’t mean it is less in quality. E.l.f proves it wrong by releasing a $6 mascara that offers long, fuller-looking, sky-high lashes that you’ve never had! Moreover, it also comes with creamy, buildable formula and also a fluffy brush that hug each lash, creating a striking, bold statement of your look.

Do you want your lashes to look extra? Check out this mascara! It will grant your wish to get long, mega-volume lashes that’ll catch anyone’s attention. Its formula was designed to elevate your lashes up to 94% with no clump. In addition, this mascara is also enriched with vitamin B and cotton extract that will strengthen your lashes so they won’t brittle. 

You’re probably wondering which mascara product can make your lashes grow longer and healthier? This one will be your real deal! It is infused with peptide complex, antioxidants, and also castor oil, which are the key ingredients to create healthy-looking lashes while improving their look. Furthermore, it is also a smudge-proof mascara that is safe to wear all day.

This mascara has a unique dual-side brush, resembling a hair comb. It helps you to effortlessly separate your lashes, thus making it easy to coat them precisely. Besides, it is safe for sensitive eyes since it is loaded with natural and clean ingredients but still makes your lashes look naturally long.

Whether you want to look natural or bold, this universal mascara must be in your bag! It does lengthening, volumizing, and also curling to create long-lasting gorgeous lashes look. Without a doubt, it offers the best features that makes it the most reliable and best mascara for long lashes. Plus, its brush works well to provide a perfect stroke, hugging each lash with the jet blank ink.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I Lengthen My Lashes with Mascara?

The most important thing is choosing the right mascara that will build up the volume and give long lashes effect to your lashes. Also, you need to know the right technique to apply it.

These steps may help you to lengthen your lashes and let them play the drama!

  1. Take your favorite mascara and grab the brush.
  2. Find your tight line and apply your mascara all the way to the tip of your lashes. Don’t forget to twist your brush while you are doing it!
  3. Following step number two, you also need to close your eyes from time to time to help the lashes coated and separated evenly.
  4. Next, slightly curl up your lashes using your brush by twisting it from the middle to the tip of the eyelashes.
  5. If you want to go natural, one swipe is enough. However, if you wish to go darker and bold, you may need to add another layers.
  6. Your long, voluminous eyelashes are ready to show up!

Is There a Mascara that Makes Eyelashes Grow?

Absolutely yes! Some mascara products are actually infused with a growth-stimulating formula that may help you to grow the lashes. They usually also come with conditioning ingredients to hydrate your lashes and prevent brittles. One product from our list of the best mascara for long lashes that will work on lengthening and growing your lashes is Velour Lashes Pretty Big Deal Peptide & Tubing Mascara.

Why aren’t My Lashes as Long as They Used to be?

Several factors contribute to shortening your lashes, including aging. Aging highly affects many hormonal regulations, including the hormone responsible for follicle growth. Besides, other causes like stress, lack of sleep, and nutrition may also be the culprit behind your lashes’ brittles.

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