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15 Best Fake Eyelashes for Natural and Dramatic Look

For fierce and sexy lashes, sometimes mascaras aren’t enough. So if you want to have that perfect bold eye style that will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, then you will have to use fake eyelashes.

However, not all fake eyelashes can promise you a great appearance. Choose the wrong lashes, and you risk getting severely overdressed, not to mention the horror if it falls out and you don’t realize it!

In our guide below, we’ll take a look at the best fake eyelashes that will help you find the right one for your needs.

As fake eyelashes gain more popularity and become part of our daily makeup routine, more people are asking if fake eyelashes are safe? or can they harm our real lashes and eyes? The answer to these questions is not actually simple because, it really depends on so many things. 

In general, fake eyelashes are relatively safe. However, it can also do your eyes more harm if it is not applied correctly. Some damage that can occur due to the improper use of fake lashes may include: 

  • Allergic reaction to the glue
  • A stye underneath your lash line
  • Drooping eyelids due to the weight of the lashes
  • Eye irritation or infection
  • Natural eyelash loss

Therefore, before using fake lashes it is better for you to ensure that the adhesive and material used are safe for both your skin and eyes. Plus, you will also need to pay better attention if you have sensitive eyes, and check carefully if there are any possible allergies from the glue.

Tips in Choosing and Wearing Fake Eyelashes

  • Choose Lashes Based on Your Eye Shape. Women with deep-set eyes will look better with long thick lashes, while those with round eyes will look great with winged and wispy lashes, even better if paired with a cat-eye style. Any lash type for almond eyes will work perfectly for you. However, it’s wiser to choose a crisscrossed lash to get that voluminous effect.
  • Go With Lashes Made of Real Hair, Polyester, Nylon, or Cotton. If you’re looking for a comfortable eyelash, then it is best go with eyelashes with these materials. Natural hair lashes are also comfortable since it uses a softer thread band that won’t poke your eyelids. At the end of the day, it’s really about preference. If you have the cash, then you will have more freedom to try a few variations to see which one suits you best.
  • Choose the One With the Same Length as Your Own Lashes. For first-timer wearers, it’s better to pick a pair that has the same length as your own. This way, it will enhance your volume when applied but not make people notice when you have them on. Moreover, if you’re not comfortable with the eyelash length you bought, you can always trim them with a cuticle scissor.
  • Get the Right Glue. If they are not properly secured, false eyelashes can easily fall out. Many latex-free types of glue for eyelashes go well for women who are allergic to latex. Choose a brand that dries fast, holds well, and blends better.
  • Make Sure that it is Safe for Your Eyes. It is especially very important if you have sensitive eyes. Therefore, make sure that all the materials used are safe for your eyes. last but not least, check the label or search online for the ingredient list of the product. 
  • Follow the Directions. Yes, don’t throw up the packaging yet, because you need to make sure that you read the directions. It can contain some critical information, including how to put them properly and also how to keep them clean. Improper hygiene care may open doors for bacteria and fungi that can trigger allergies and cause infection. 
  • Do not Share. Don’t ever share the same fake eyelashes with other people, no matter what you do. Not even your best friends. Sharing used fake lashes can introduce your eyes to germs and bacteria. And if you ever get the chance to try fake eyelash samples on beauty counters, just say no.

Top 15 Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy

One of the bestselling lashes in the market is this one from Ardell’s Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes. It has a great quality for its convenient price. With a natural style that can fit into all eye shapes including large, small, round, almond-shaped, and deep set – this lashes proves to be the best quality among others.

Having great volume and length, this fake eyelash can recreate any dramatic eye look that you want, whether you’re going to a casual party or a formal wedding. Flexible and comfortable, you can definitely reuse the lashes for more than 3 times. Plus, even though it’s a little flashy, for us these false eyelashes are definitely a bargain that any wise shopper shouldn’t miss.

These multi-layered fake eyelashes give the look of lash extensions with a plumped-up effect and enviable volume. Featuring Tapered End Technology and made of 100 percent natural hair, they will look like your natural lashes, only fuller. Moreover, these fake eyelashes are also super easy to apply and it is cruelty-free, too! Furthermore, these are contact lens friendly, and reusable up to 10 times with proper care.

The eyelashes are full, fluffy, comfortable, and easy to apply. The roots of the eyelashes are very soft, flexible, and easy to bend. Simply put on these thin and long false eyelashes and see how your eyes would look bigger, brighter, and more attractive for sure Undoubtedly, these are the best fake eyelashes that will make your eyes look naturally gorgeous and beautiful at an affordable price.

Newcally lashes are 100% hand knotted, which make them more unique and undeniably strong. It comes with just the right length and volume, and will also blend with your natural lashes seamlessly. It features a flexible thin cotton lash band that is easy and comfortable to wear. In addition, it can also be reused up to 15 times if you store them properly.

These lashes from Huda Beauty Classic are cruelty-free, and made of synthetic mellow fibers as well as a comfortable cotton band. It looks great on you, and will definitely make your eyes look gorgeous. However, it is a little bit on the expensive side for a single-use fake lashes. But still, you can wear it multiple times if you take proper care of them.

If you are looking for super dramatic bold eyelashes with no joke, then this one from ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr will definitely give you the doll up look that you want. Moreover, the lash band is very comfy so you can wear them all day long without hurting your lash line. So without a doubt, this pair is the best fake lashes for drag makeup.

From office look to happy hour look, these vegan fake eyelashes will be the best product that offers a versatile look for every eye shape. It is flexible and lightweight so you can wear them seamlessly and comfortably. Moreover, it also gives your eyes extra drama but still very wearable and perfect for daily use. Truly great quality fake eyelashes at an affordable price, if we may say.

Get a more subtle look with these Miami Lite fake eyelashes, which we can definitely say that they are perfect for any glam and all-day wear. These lashes are not just low maintenance, because they can also be cleaned easily, and can be reused, too. Moreover, they also provide the perfect amount of volume and length for an everyday look or for a night out with the girls. In short, these lashes will add a little drama without looking too fake.

These ultra-natural-looking lashes are so easy to apply, making them perfect for first-time fake eyelash users. The glue dries completely, which is also invisible and lasts all day. Aside from easy to remove, these lashes will not hurt you in the process. Moreover, these lashes come with invisible bands, making them blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Magnetic lashes offer a faster and more effective application compared to glue lashes. So, they are highly recommended for those with limited time to get ready in the morning. These Glamnetic lashes are proved to be very good and has become everyone’s favorite in no time. However, the magnetic lashes also tend to fall easier compared to lashes with glue. Therefore, you need to be more careful and keep them away from oils. Plus, better remember to keep them away from water, too! 

These lashes are gorgeous, and they will also give the extra pop to your eye makeup, definitely! However, if you’re looking for a day time lashes that look natural, then this might not be your best option. It looks bold and people might notice that you wear falsies. However, the positive thing about these lashes is that they come in a great quality at a great price point.

Ardell’s Naked Lashes have subtle volume and length for everyday wear. This set of lashes has mid-length and volume that also includes crisscross layering. Moreover, it also offers the invisible bands that provide the most comfortable wear, allowing you to have a seamless and truly undetectable look. Moreover, it is suitable for first-time eyelash users and avid false lash wearers with a preference for lighter, natural styles.

The next product on our list is a set of faux mink lashes that look luxurious but feel light and natural. As soft, ultrafine, and tapered as real mink lashes, these lashes will make them look indistinguishable compared to your natural lashes. The band is invisible but you need to bend it until it is flexible enough and hug your lash line for a seamless contoured fit. 

These luxe silk lashes have a wispy, eye-opening effect that provides the perfect glam look. It is lightweight and it also has a comfortable fit, which makes it suitable for every eye shape. In addition, it is also durable and you can reuse each pair up to 10 times if you take care of them properly.

What are the Easiest Fake Eyelashes to Use?

The easiest fake eyelashes to use should be the one that comes with a flexible band. If you wonder why, it’s because flexible bands will allow the lashes to fit your eyes contour seamlessly and comfortably without pulling your lash line. Moreover, flexible bands will also help you to apply the lashes effortlessly since you don’t have to bend it first to make it comfortable.

Can You Wear Fake Lashes Everyday?

Yes, you definitely can. All you have to do is ensuring that you choose high-quality lashes that will not harm your natural lashes and eye skin. For that reason, then you might want to opt for natural hair material that is lightweight, so your eyes won’t get droopy in the long run. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you put them on and off properly.

Are Magnetic Lashes Better than Glue?

We must say that the answer can be yes and no. Magnetic lashes are actually superior in terms of application efficiency. You can put them on faster and easier, so it’s actually the perfect option of fake eyelashes for beginners. However, if you are going for an outdoor activity then the magnetic lashes might not be your best option since they tend to fall off easier compared to fake eyelashes with glue.

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