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15 Best Drugstore Eyeshadow that are Actually Good

Sure, Urban Decay, MAC, and Lancôme all make some great eyeshadows, but sometimes the price is just a tad out of your monthly makeup budget. But we understand that beauty is for everyone, including those currently on budget. With that being said, we’ll present you with some excellent (and affordable) alternatives on our list below by highlighting the best drugstore eyeshadow brands and products.

Accentuating your eyes doesn’t have to be so expensive, so allow us to show you which ones are worth the purchase!

How to Choose

Here are a few things to take into consideration so that you can narrow down your choices to a more specific selection of the best drugstore eyeshadow:

  • Matte or Shimmer. Not everyone wants a shimmer eyeshadow. So, before you buy, make sure you know what look you want to achieve and whether the eyeshadow will help you achieve it. This becomes more important, especially if you opt for a palette instead of singles. However, if you typically prefer matte shadows, then you might want to look for palettes that offer matte/satin finishes with maybe just a few shimmery options. Lastly, if you prefer all shimmer, get a palette with metallic colors mixed in.
  • Palette or Single. Palettes are great if you like to mix and match the colors to create different looks. The more colors available, the more looks you can create. However, avoid purchasing a palette for only one color, as this is a massive waste of money and product! Instead, if you want some funny and extraordinary color, you can purchase a single eyeshadow. Only get palettes if you know you’ll use most of the colors.
  • Season/Occasion. When it comes to choosing colors, always consider the season and occasion. Dark and sultry for an evening look? Light and fresh for a spring look?
  • Cream or Powder. Creams are excellent, especially if you want a slightly shimmery look. Typically, you don’t need to apply any eye primer, but the color selection isn’t as broad as with powder eyeshadows. Powder eyeshadows are easier to blend and have more options/finishes, but they won’t last very long if you don’t use a primer.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

  • Primer. Primer before powder! A high-quality primer is critical to prevent creasing. Moreover, it will also ensure that your eyeshadow doesn’t slide right off your lids an hour after applying it.
  • Brushes. Your brushes make a huge difference in the application and how much product they can pick up with less waste. Therefore, your kit should include a base application brush, shading or blending brush, and also some precision blending brush with a smaller tip.

Top 15 Best Drugstore Eyeshadows

Getting the best drugstore eyeshadow that is actually good can be hard sometimes. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best drugstore eyeshadows worth trying below.

best drugstore eyeshadow

If you are looking for a trusted easy and fast to use basics eyeshadow, then this one deserves to be kept in your go-to bag. These eyeshadows have a silky sheer formula that blends easily. Moreover, it is also available in matte, pearly, and sparkly collections so you can easily pick the right combination to suit your mood.

The colors in this palette are beautiful and apply just as beautifully. There are balanced mattes, satins, and more glittery ones for toppers. We can assure you that the colors will give true payoff when applied, and will definitely look beautiful without being over the top. It’s absolutely beautiful and you can achieve so many looks whether for natural daily makeup or for bolder glam.

The super gorgeous sheerness on this palette is such a great substitute for more expensive luxury brand eyeshadows. They are pigmented and super blendable, too! The shimmers are more gleamy instead of glittery, which will give you a soft glam look that is beautiful for people of any age. In short, it’s a great option when you need a quick all-over the lid makeup.

The Beauty brick eyeshadows are available in various options, ranging from nudes to neon. This smoky one features all the colors that you need, specifically if you want to wing the perfect smoky look. It has a variety of colors ranging from light to dark shades, and all of them apply creamy and pigmented texture.

These pigmented eyeshadow palettes have rich, high-pigment colors and finishes that go on smoothly. It has an anti-sweat effect, which will keep your eye makeup stays on all day. In addition, the soft, blendable nature and easy application also make this palette perfect for beginners. To create the perfect look, simply use each shade solo or combine them in layers to create endless eye makeup looks.

This eyeshadow can be a great travel palette, so pick it up if you have a chance. The packaging comes in high quality, making it safe for travels. Plus, the colors are super pretty, too! Going along with its name, these shadows do smell like jam. Not to mention the fun popping colors that are buttery soft, buildable and blend nicely.

This eyeshadow has a very thick eyeliner-like texture. It will not only give you super pigmented results, as it will also look amazing to highlight a graphic liner. However, it may not work well on some eye shaped such as hooded lids. Therefore, you may need to apply powder on top to make it stay and not end up as a mess.

Your search for the best drugstore eyeshadow might let you bump into this product. This one comes as an eyeshadow stick, which is easier for you to control. It can also be a great option for beginners, because this eyeshadow pencil glides on easily without pulling your skin. Simply blend it carefully to create a quick pretty eye makeup. Moreover, it is also long-lasting and stays put until you take it off.

This one is a great option, especially if you want to try a bright rainbow look. It can be your answer if you’re not ready to purchase the big palette yet. It’s not only come with features that include basic colors that are suitable for summer, because it also has pigments that are subtle, making it a safer option for beginners. However, it is also buildable so you can still achieve the bold look as well.

Want to break from the neutral nude eye makeup look and try something different? You can check out this one from Sephora. This palette features six intense and highly pigmented eyeshadows, which come in matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter finishes. However, do bear in mind that the powder shadows can be dusty. Therefore, you might need to apply eye primer first to secure the pigments in place.

A pro level 40 pan large eyeshadow palette that is affordable, so it won’t break your wallet, for sure. It features warm neutrals coexisting with super-saturated electric greens and also hazy pastels, plus a hint of rich velvet & metallic gold hues. Without a doubt, this is the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes, which can serve all of your eye makeup look dreams.

This liquid eyeshadow is packed with glitter making it perfect as a topper. You can easily do a single swipe to achieve that pretty glam eyeshadow look. However, you also need to be careful because once it’s set, it will not blend so easily. Moreover, you might also need to use eye primer to make the glitters stay better and longer.

Romantic mauves, peachy pinks, and multidimensional Pressed Glitters will definitely create the perfect palette for your next date night out. For a budget friendly eyeshadow, this palette gives you more pigment than you can expect. The combination of the mattes and glitters works well creating a pretty eye makeup with a touch of glam.

This palette does not only have the cutest packaging and shades names, because it also offers true color payoff. If you ask us, we think it will be great if you want to try some fun and bright eye makeup look. Furthermore, it also has some neutrals colors, which will work great to be used solo or even layered. Truly an eyeshadow palette worth collecting!

The gel formula on this liquid eyeshadow glides on smoothly allowing you to create a beautiful makeup look in a minute. Since it dries pretty fast, you need to blend it quickly during application. But once it’s set, it will not move anywhere and will definitely stays all day. The shimmers are not only working well for everyday makeup, because they can also create a nice glamorous look.

What is the Best Drugstore Eyeshadow?

When it comes to choosing the best drugstore eyeshadow, it really depends not only on the eyeshadow formula itself, but also on your eye shape and lids condition as well. For example, glitters and shimmers might nor work great on matured skin but satin finish does. Also, ink eyeshadow can really give a great pigment payoff, but it might create a mess on hooded eyes. Therefore, it’s best to think carefully before you get the best one for you.

What is the Easiest Eyeshadow to Apply?

It depends on your personal preference, really. But if you want a quick eyeshadow look, then you can pick eyeshadow pencil, simply glide it across your lids, and blend it together. Pencil eyeshadows are relatively easy to apply for every expertise level. While liquid shadow also offers the same quick result, it can somehow be tricky, so you need some experience to do it correctly to get the perfect result.

How do You Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners?

When in doubt, always start with the basics. If you don’t know where to star, we would say a neutral shadow with satin finish can be a great option for beginners. It’s not only easy to apply, but it also offers a quick fool-proof result. In addition, you can also try to layer base color, deepen it with darker shades, and then blend them nicely. Moreover, adding a bit of glitter on top will also make your eye makeup look like a pro.

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