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10 Options of the Best NYX Mascara to Add Volume and Length

As we all know, NYX is one of our favorite drugstore brands. Like any beauty brand out there, they have their hits and misses when it comes to the product lines that they are offering. However, you might find out which product “hits” the ball right out of the park. It means that you’re in for some awesome bargain makeup shopping spree. When it comes to mascaras, NYX offers a wide ranges of the best NYX mascara to choose from. 

In our guide below, we’ll highlight the most recommended NYX mascara choices. Moreover, we will also provide you with some fun facts and information about the company and its top mascaras. In short, NXY makes longer, thicker lashes become more affordable!

The Pros and Cons of NYX Mascaras

Every beauty products’ manufacturer has some awesome products and some so-so products. In regards to NYX, here are some of the pros and cons of it’s mascara products that you need to know: 


  • Affordable
  • NXY is a cruelty-free company (verified on PETA website)
  • Most of the brushes of NYX mascaras define and separate lashes quite well


  • The product is hard to remove
  • Some of the ingredients may irritate sensitive eyes
  • Tends to flake

One one the main reasons why we love NYX products so much is because of the fact that it is cruelty-free and affordable. That fact also becomes the reason why many of you enjoy using NYX products so much, right?

While the products may be hard to remove and it might irritate sensitive eyes, the flaking problem can probably be avoided if you set your eyelashes properly. However, luckily for you, NYX actually makes a top coat that will lock everything in place. 

10 Best NYX Mascaras

best nyx mascara

This one is the most recommended product for you out there who wants to create a unique look. If you wonder why, it’s because you will love this NYX Color Mascara. It comes with 8 vibrant shades that you’ll absolutely adore, especially if you want to create an ombre mix to your lashes. In addition to a pop of color, this product also adds volume and length to your lashes with just one single swipe.

While the best mascara products from NYX is not only the color ones, this Doll Eye also comes as the most popular item. After all, not everyone is a fan of colorful mascaras. This product is categorized as a fiber mascara, because it was formulated with microfibers, which will help you to add length and volume easily in one swipe.

We all know that NYX has a fabulous line of professional formulas. That is why this “Worth the Hype” mascara is definitely worth trying, especially for you who has short lashes! Aside from being the product that will help you in achieving those voluminous and long lashes, you won’t be bothered with glue and fake lashes as well. Even cooler, despite the fast that this is not a waterproof mascara, we can assure you that it can stay put all day!

Have no time to do your lashes? Don’t worry because we the perfect solution for you. You need to get this NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara! As one of the most recommended products, it will give you an instant lash-lift effect with a shiny finish, thanks to panthenol and green tea extract ingredients. Not to mention its 4-way pinwheel brush that maximizes the volumizing effect by separating and distributing formula evenly on the lashes. 

Looking at the curvy brush, you can already tell that it seems like the best product from NYX that will perfectly curl up your lashes. With such brush shape, you can easily curl and cover them with the intense color that will darken your lashes immediately. Without a doubt, this one will come as an ideal yet perfect piece for you who dreams of having a bold look. 

True to its name, this one is indeed volumizing and gives you quick lashes lifting effect in one go. Besides offering a voluminous finish, the hourglass brush will also deliver the formula perfectly, which will help to lengthen your eyelashes. So, if you are one of those with short and thin lashes, then this one is definitely your best deal.

As skinny as its name, you can notice that it has a super tiny and skinny brush compared to the common mascaras on the market. However, for those who love details in applying mascara, this one might be a great option. This product will come as a product that is able to coat the tips to the roots precisely. Plus, it also comes with an intense black color, making it a great option to create a bold look.

Unlike the rest of the items on this list, this one comes as an NYX Double Stacked Mascara, which comes in two products that are designed to complete each other. It features a fiber formula that will give a dramatic lengthening and volumizing finish to your lashes when you apply them step by step. In addition, just make sure to take the black one prior to the white one for maximum result. 

Whether you want to volumize, lengthen, or even lift up your eyelashes, this NYX Le Frou Frou Mascara will definitely cover all you need in one product. Moreover, it also highlights the intense color and waterproof formula to make it stays on all day. Moreover, it also comes with darker lashes look that stay on point without being flaky.

Aside from being one of the best products to add volume and length to your lashes, this NYX Lush Lashes Mascara is also enriched with collagen, keratins, and also vitamins that will come very useful to nourish your lashes. In addition to being a friendly product to your lashes, it also features a well-designed brush. The Brush will also help to coat your lashes perfectly. Undoubtedly, it will be a suitable product when it comes to creating lush and curly lashes that will fit in any occasion.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Good is NYX Mascara?

We must admit that NYX has a pretty good and decent mascara products. It’s because they offer you some high-quality mascaras with various different formulas and also designs, which you can choose to perfectly fit your needs. Most of the products generally come with amazing features, either it comes to lengthen, curl and also darken your lashes with no overdramatic look. In short, NYX products of mascara offers a great deal for those who prefer natural to medium lashes finish. 

Is NYX Mascara Cruelty-Free?

Yes, definitely! NYX is officially a company that applies cruelty-free policies. This fact is something that will definitely ease your mind without having any kind of guilty feelings when you’re putting on your makeup. Moreover, you can check about this fact on the PETA website ( 

Which NYX Mascara Will be Best for Short Lashes?

We highly recommend you try the NYX Worth The Hype Mascara. Although it is not actually a waterproof mascara, it somehow allows you to have voluminous and long lashes that will stay put all day. Moreover, another product that you can choose is the NYX Double Stacked Mascara. Unlike other products, it comes as a set of two products. Each set will help you achieve the desired dramatic long and voluminous eyelashes.

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