how to get lipstick out of carpet

How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet (Top Tips)

Lipstick is a must-have and important makeup product that every woman has in their bag. Just a little swipe of if on our lips will make us look fresh and ready to go. Unfortunately, sometimes our hand slipped and the lipstick fell on our favorite carpet and left a bright and stubborn stain on it. Therefore, we have some tips for those who want to know how to get lipstick out of carpet.

Not only that, we also have some explanations for what makes lipstick hard to remove, plus seven types of lipsticks that you need to know. In addition, we also have some tips and products that you need to pay attention to when removing lipstick stains from carpet. So, keep on reading to know more!

What is Lipstick?

how to get lipstick out of carpet

First and foremost, we think it is better for us to know what lipstick is before talking about how to get lipstick out of carpet first. Lipstick is a color cosmetic that is made of colored pigments to enhance the look of the lips. This cosmetic product contains oil, pigments, waxes, and emollients.

Lipsticks come in different formulas and finishes that you can choose according to your liking, preference, or the occasion. It is a very important finishing touch when doing someone’s or your own makeup. Some even say, your makeup is not finished before you apply a gorgeous amount of lipstick on your lips. From bold to natural color, lipstick is a beauty product that every woman needs in their makeup bag.

7 Different Types of Lipsticks

Before we get into how to get lipstick out of carpet, we think it is better to know the variety of lipstick formula first. There are seven different types of lipstick formulas that you need to know. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

1. Matte Lipstick

how to get lipstick out of carpet

For those who want a lipstick that is non-glossy, free of shimmer, not sticky and packed with intense pigments that can last for hours on the lips, matte lipstick is a great option. Matte lipstick has very little oil to create that matte finish, therefore it will last longer on the lips and not look shiny when applied. However since it is quite dry, in our opinion, it is better to do some preparations first, such as scrubbing the lips and using lip balms to make your lips more comfortable when wearing matte lipstick.


  • Last longer
  • Non-sticky


  • Dry texture

2. Satin Lipstick

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Satin lipstick will moisturize your lips without giving that high glossy effect. It does not stick or easily disappear so you do not have to reapply it repeatedly. Since it will give a fuller effect on your lips, this one is perfect for any type of lips. We also love the sheer color of this product that will enhance your beautiful lips.


  • Gives more color payoff
  • Non-sticky
  • Works for any type of lips


  • Not as hydrating as other lipsticks

3. Creamy Lipstick

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Creamy lipstick is a comfortable option to put on your lips since they are soft and packed with high pigment. But because they are super creamy, it is best to apply them after using a lip liner or with a lip brush to make it clean and detailed. They contain wax that can protect your lips from direct sunlight for a while.


  • Soft texture
  • Moisture your lips
  • Protect the lips from sunlight


  • Super creamy texture

4. Glossy

how to get lipstick out of carpet

If you want to get the appearance of fuller, juicy, and shiny lips, glossy lipstick is the answer. It is used to add shine and a small amount of color to the lips. You can use it on top of intense lipstick products to bring shine to the lips or on its own for a more natural look. Lip gloss is made of waxes and clays that helps the product to stay put on the lips without dripping or smearing.


  • Shiny lips effect
  • Works as lipgloss on top of other lipstick product
  • No dripping or smearing


  • Can be too sticky

5. Lip Liner

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Lip liner or lip pencil is perfect if you want to fill the shape of your lips using makeup products. Since the tip is small, you can use it to shape your lips; make them look bigger, fuller or symmetrical. The main use of this product is to frame your lips and only applied to form the edges of your lips. Therefore, we think you should always combine it with your other favorite lipstick product to fill in the inside of your lips.


  • Frame and shape the lips


  • Need to be used with other lip products

6. Frosted/Metallic

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Frosty or metallic lipstick gives a shiny, pearl-like and metallic effect to the lips after you apply it. They were very popular in the 80s, but now, thanks to beauty gurus on Tik Tok that brought the old-school style of makeup back, they are trending again. If you want to purchase one, be smart to choose the right frosty/metallic lipstick color that will compliment your skin.


  • Gives metallic effect
  • Glamorous look


  • Not for daily wear

7. Lip Stains/Tint

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Lip tint or lip stain is a makeup product that is loved because of the longwear stain that it left. It is lightweight and looks natural on the lips. It took off in the Korean beauty scene first since K-dramas and Kpop artists promoted gradient lips or ombre lips using these products before it was trending globally. You can apply lip gloss over the tint to make it look shiny on your lips.


  • Light
  • Gives natural look
  • Perfect for ombre lips


  • Not for formal occasion

Best Products and Tools for Removing Lipstick Stains from Carpet

There are some products that you can use to remove lipstick stains from carpet. These products will work amazingly and effectively. Worry not for they will not disappoint!

1. Rubbing Alcohol

how to get lipstick out of carpet

It is important to check the ingredients first before using alcohol to remove stains off fabrics. Alcohol that can be used as a cleaning fluid is one that contains 70% isopropyl or ethanol and 30% distilled water.

Isopropilia itself is a solvent whose job is to dissolve dirt and oil. Since one of the main ingredients of lipstick is oil, it will work just fine to remove the stains off your carpet. Just remember not to rub the alcohol too harshly to avoid ruining your beautiful carpet.

2. Dish Soap

how to get lipstick out of carpet

Dish soap is famously known to remove stains from fabrics. Since dish soap can eliminate grease on dishes, it can remove oils, wax, and the pigments of your lipstick from carpets, too. If you do not have stain remover or rubbing alcohol, you can wash the lipstick stains using dish soap.

However, you do not have to worry about how to get lipstick out of carpet anymore. Actually, after using dish soap, we are sure we do not need other cleaning products to remove makeup stains from any fabrics.

3. Hairspray

Yes, you read it right. Hairspray can remove lipstick stains out of your carpet, or basically any fabrics. Hairspray contains alcohol, which will take the lipstick stain off after you spray it directly to the stained spot on the carpet. Some hairspray on the stores are alcohol free, so if you want to do this simple hack, you need to find one that contains alcohol.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to remove stains from fabrics, including lipstick stains. Since vinegar is mildly acidic, it will remove stains without ruining your carpet. Therefore, if you don’t have any cleaning products to remove the lipstick stain, just blotch some vinegar on the stain and wait until it disappears.

Product that will not work to remove lipstick stain

We know that removing lipstick stains from carpet is not an easy thing to do. There are some products that will not work to remove lipstick stains. It is better to avoid them if you want to remove the stain quickly. If you need the answer to how to get lipstick out of carpet, these products below are not the answer.

1. Regular Detergent

If you want to remove lipstick stains from carpet, only using regular detergent will not do the trick. Especially for old stains that have been left on the carpet for too long. Instead, from our experience, it is better if you mix your detergent with a soap dish and scrub it gently on the stained spot to remove the lipstick from your carpet. That is how to get lipstick out of carpet using detergent.

2. Alcohol-free Hairspray

The main ingredient from hairspray that can help you to remove lipstick from carpet is alcohol. Therefore, check the ingredient first if you want to use hairspray to remove the lipstick stain. Some hairspray in stores are not using alcohol, which is great for hair but will be useless to help your favorite carpet.

How to get lipstick stains out of carpet

Now, to the interesting part, we will talk about how to get lipstick out of carpet. We have tried some of these hacks and some of it really helps. No more worries when dealing with these stubborn stains.

1. Blot it using alcohol

From our personal experience, when removing stains using alcohol, it’s better to blot it directly to the offending spot using alcohol than rubbing it to avoid damaging the carpet. Dampen a paper towel with alcohol and press it down firmly on the stain. Do it repeatedly using a clean paper towel until the lipstick stain is completely removed.

2. Stain Remover

Stain remover is an effective and easy to use cleaning product to remove lipstick stain from your carpet. Spray the stain remover on the lipstick stain. Then, take a clean damp sponge and rub it gently on the stained spot until the lipstick stain disappears. Do the step repeatedly until the lipstick stain is gone from your carpet. We love how quick and effective a stain remover can work with us to remove stains, especially when the stain is still new. No sweat at all.

3. Hairspray

Need to remove lipstick stains from your carpet while you are in a hurry? No worries! Here is how to get lipstick out of carpet with hairspray. Just get your hairspray and spray it on the stain. From our experience, it is better to leave it for a couple of minutes and use damp cloth to dab the stain until it disappears.

4. Using dish soap and warm water

Using dish soap and warm water is one of our most favorite hacks to remove lipstick stains from the carpet. You just need to wet the stained spot on the carpet using warm water, then pour about half a tablespoon of dish soap on it. Next, use a sponge to rub the spot until it is clean. We usually use more dish soap if the stain is bigger. Pretty simple and easy, right?

5. Lemon juice and baking soda paste

From our experience, this cleaning hack will only work if you have more time at hand. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of lemon juice, mix them until the consistency is similar to thick paste. Apply the paste directly on the lipstick stain and leave it for 20 minutes, no less. Rub it gently then you can wash your carpet using the washing machine as usual. That is how you get lipstick out of carpet.

Tips When Removing Lipstick Stains

We have some tips for those who are struggling with getting lipstick stains out of their carpet. Pay close attention to these tips so you will not make any mistakes. Keep on reading to know what they are!

1. Scrape the stain first before pouring any cleaning products on it

Before applying any cleaning product, you can scrape the stain first using a dull knife or a spoon. This will make the dry lipstick get off of the carpet and only leave a little thin stain for you to remove. Do not put too much pressure since we do not want to rip the carpet and ruin it. We have found that gentle touch can work just fine to get the dry lipstick off from it.

2. Do not wash the carpet before removing the stain

This is a mistake that we have made and it makes the lipstick stain almost impossible to remove. Washing the carpet before removing the stain will make the stain set and harder to remove. Do not make this mistake like us and remove the lipstick first before you throw your carpet into the washing machine. 

3. Wash the carpet immediately after you removed the stain to avoid new stain

Alcohol, dish soap, hairspray, and baking soda paste will leave a new stain if you do not wash the carpet directly. Do not let them dry, especially leave them unwashed overnight to avoid this. Just put them into the  washing machine and use regular detergent after you are done removing the stain. That is the proper way of cleaning it if you wonder how to get lipstick out of carpet.

4. The longer you leave the stain the harder it is going to be removed

We learned this the hardest way; old lipstick stains on carpet will need more effort to be cleaned. You will need more cleaning products, more time, and more power to scrub the stain until it is completely gone. Therefore, it is better to clean it immediately after you drop your lipstick on your carpet.


Are lipstick stains permanent?

Lipstick can leave stains on fabrics permanently if you do not remove it first before you put it in the laundry machine. Therefore it is important to get the stains out first before you wash it. Don’t leave the stain overnight to make it easier to remove.

How to get lipstick out of the carpet easily?

The easiest way to get lipstick out of carpet is by using stain remover. Stain remover will get the stain out of your carpet really quick. Just spray some stain remover on the stain and rub it using a clean damp sponge until the stain is gone. That is how to get lipstick out of carpet.

Will wd-40 remove lipstick from the carpet?

Yes, wd-40 can remove lipstick stains from carpet. But, you have to be careful when using it since it might leave a new stain. You can dab it on the stain and wash the carpet immediately after to avoid getting a new stain.

How to get lipstick out of wool carpet?

To get lipstick out of wool carpet, you can use products such as liquid dish soap or stain remover. They will work wonderfully on wool carpet. Remember to never use alcohol to remove stains from wool since it might ruin the fabric.

Does toothpaste remove lipstick?

Yes, toothpaste does remove lipstick stains from fabrics. Because it is mildly abrasive and formulated with whitening, toothpaste can remove stains and won’t ruin the fabrics. You can rub it gently on the stain and rinse it immediately.

Does peroxide remove lipstick?

Yes, 3% hydrogen peroxide can remove lipstick stains. Apply it to the stained spot and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before you rinse it. Wash your hand immediately if it makes contact with it since hydrogen peroxide can cause skin irritation.

How do you get dried lipstick off?

To get dried lipstick off, you can use a spoon or dull knife to scrape the dry lipstick out of the carpet first. Remember to do this gently so it will not ruin your carpet. Then you can continue to remove the stain using alcohol or stain remover before putting it into the laundry machine.

How to remove lipstick from carpet using vinegar?

Vinegar contains acetic acid that works wonderfully to remove stains from carpet. You can dab it to the stained spot or mix it with baking soda for extra help. Always remember to wash the carpet immediately after that to avoid it creating new stains.


Lipstick is a cosmetic product that is used to enhance someone’s lips. It is made of oil, pigments, wax, and emollients. Therefore, it is hard to remove the stain off any fabric. Especially to remove from carpet. There are some ways that you can do if you wonder how to get lipstick out of carpet. One of them is by using dish soap and warm water.

One of the most important things to do after removing the stain is to wash your carpet immediately. This is to prevent new stains on the carpet. Also, it is better to remove the stain immediately since old lipstick stains are a little harder to remove from your beautiful carpet.

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