how to remove waterproof mascara

How To Remove Waterproof Mascara (Best Ways)

If you’re a busy gal and don’t have enough time to remove and redo your makeup, you must be wondering how to remove waterproof mascara easily. Due to the nature of the waterproof mascara that is designed to stay despite all the sweat and challenging weather, the trouble begins when it simply won’t budge or takes forever to get off. This is where the strongest makeup remover comes into play. Plus, you will also need the best ways to make removing your waterproof mascara effortless.

Removing your waterproof mascara is as easy as 1-2-3 if you know how to do it. Furthermore, in order to find the best waterproof mascara remover, knowing what type of product to look for is the absolute essential. Moreover, we also know that not all removers have the ability to remove waterproof mascara. Worry not, we have the best tips and best mascara remover to help you tide this over. Removing your waterproof mascara can now be fun!

Why You Should Remove Your Waterproof Mascara


We should remove our waterproof mascara as there are several issues that may arise if we don’t, starting from health to skin issues that will be hard to overcome. This is important to understand that no matter how strong your waterproof mascara is, you still need to remove it at the end of the day. Therefore, you really need to know exactly how to remove waterproof mascara. Here’s what happens if you don’t remove your waterproof mascara:

1. Health Issues

Sleeping with your mascara can irritate your eyes, as the flakes of your mascara can rub on your eyes and your pillow. In more severe cases, this can cause eyelid cysts. Keeping your mascara on after a long day also invites bacteria, leading to more serious problems from vision problems to blindness. 

2. Eyelash Issues

Waterproof mascara dries your lashes out as it has the purpose to stay for a long time and doesn’t melt off easily with water. Leaving it overnight can cause your lashes to overdry. They will fall out easily over time and even cause growth issues. So, you may end up with bald lashes!

3. Skin Issues

All makeup products are supposed to be removed from your face. Any residues that aren’t cleaned up properly will leave issues on your skin, including your mascara. Not wiping it off your lashes can cause skin issues like darkening around your eye area from the buildup of mascara that will be a pain to clear up. Make sure to also clean the skin around your lashes area to avoid this from happening.

How to remove waterproof mascara?

Just like everything else, removing your waterproof mascara has several step-by-step that you should achieve. Making sure your lashes are clean and mascara-free is now the top priority to avoid any problems in the future. Here are the best steps and secret tips on how to to remove waterproof mascara :

Step 1: Prepare soft cotton pads


Your eyes need gentle treatment, so you will need to get your hands on the softest cotton pads you can find to remove your waterproof mascara with. Since the waterproof formula is more difficult to remove than the washable one, we tend to be rougher to get everything cleaned out. To solve this problem, all you need is to be more careful and considerate. 

Tip: Choose the one that has textures but still soft as they will get into areas that you cannot reach with non-textured cotton pads only. 

Step 2: Choose the best oil-based makeup remover 


Oil is the enemy of waterproof mascara. While water-based makeup remover is great to remove your face makeup, it doesn’t dilute the mascara on your lashes very well. Some water-based remover can still remove it, but you will need to do the extra work of tugging and pulling your eyes and lashes which can cause disasters in the long run. Oil-based remover can do this job easily with zero drama. 

Tip: Choose the one that is not harsh on the eyes, does not cause itching, and has gentle ingredients.

Step 3: Apply the remover on the cotton pads

how to remove waterproof mascara

Make sure to be generous with your remover when it comes to cleaning your makeup, especially waterproof mascara. This is to ensure that your lashes get the optimal soak so that getting off the mascara can be as easy as possible. If your oil-based remover needs to be shaken before use, take your time!

Step 4: Soak your lashes with the pads

how to remove waterproof mascara

You can now soak your lashes with the pads and make sure to press gently. Tap and massage the cotton pad in U form along your lashes to get the individual lashes wet with the oil-based remover. Make sure to press for 15-20 seconds for each eye. Remember, your lashes need the extra work so don’t rush and be patient!

Tip: Before going all the way with rubbing the pads on your eyes, make sure to rub a bit beforehand. If you feel the mascara coming off nicely, then you have waited enough time for the remover to do its job perfectly.

Step 5: Use cotton buds to clean the remaining waterproof mascara

how to remove waterproof mascara

Some waterproof mascaras tend to get stuck at the base of your lashes and won’t get off easily. Therefore, you will need the extra help from cotton buds. Soak it well with the same oil-based remover, close your eyes, and insert the tip between your upper and bottom lashes. Usually, some leftover mascara can get stuck on your under eye and the outer edge of your eyes, and cotton buds are helpful to clean these areas as well. 

What removes waterproof mascara best?

Oil-based makeup remover helps remove waterproof mascara best. Oil basically dilutes and melts your mascara well for easy and pain-free removal. Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover is the perfect choice to remove your waterproof mascara without any problem. Balm cleansers like CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover will also do this job beautifully without the need of cotton pads pressed to your lashes. 

How do you get waterproof mascara off quickly?

Getting waterproof mascara off quickly is easy with oil-based removers and balm cleansers. Although water-based makeup remover can do the job, it will take a long time, leave residue, and cause eye irritation in the long run. Soak your cotton pads with oil-based removers and press them on your lashes for at least 15-20 seconds and wipe!

How do you get waterproof mascara off without makeup remover?

Without makeup remover, you can get your waterproof mascara off with anything else that is oil-based. For example, you can use olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. Just apply a bit on your lashes and wipe it off with cotton pads. You may need to do this several times to get everything off perfectly. Before use, make sure these oils are formulated for skin. 

What home remedy removes waterproof mascara?

Home remedies like petroleum jelly can be used if you’re out of your usual waterproof mascara remover. Use a bit on your lashes and massage for a few seconds to melt off the mascara. Once you feel the mascara coming off, keep massaging and take a soft cloth or towel dipped in warm water to remove the petroleum jelly residue. You may need to do this a couple of times. 

Is it OK to wear waterproof mascara everyday?

Wearing waterproof mascara every day is not recommended. Waterproof mascara dries out your lashes and may cause your lashes to fall out overtime if worn every day. It is also not advisable since waterproof mascara needs extra work of rubbing your eyes to get off, which can lead to skin issues. Try to wear it only when absolutely necessary!

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