How to Stop Mascara from Flaking and Ruining Your Makeup?

I believe that there is nothing more annoying than having bits of flaking mascara on the face. You probably agree with me too! One minute your eye makeup is perfect; your lashes are long and voluminous; under eyes look smooth and bright; eyeshadows look perfect. Then, suddenly, the whole makeup is ruined because of dark, flaking mascara that smudges the eye and cheek areas and makes them look dirty. Now, if you are wondering how to stop mascara from flaking quite often, I shall share some of my experiences on how to do that.

Everybody has had this annoying experience when dealing with mascara. Some are even still struggling with this right now. Fortunately, I do know how to stop mascara from flaking and ruining your makeup. I shall share with you the best tips to stop flaking mascara and give you eight products to stop it from ruining your makeup. Keep on reading to know more!

What Causes Your Mascara Flaking

Wet Eye Area

Mascara cannot work with wet eyelashes. It won’t be able to grip the lashes properly. Not only flake, applying mascara on wet lashes will cause smudging under your eyes and clumps to the lashes that will make them look dark and chaotic. So, I highly suggest that you dry your eyelashes first before applying mascara.

Using Fiber-based Mascara

Since fiber-based mascara contains tiny fibrous pigments, it will surely flake underneath the eyes and cheeks. Fiber-based mascara will sprinkle some unwanted pigment on top of your perfect makeup. If you don’t know how to clean it properly, it will leave dark spots and ruin flawless makeup.

Applying Mascara Too Much and Too Fast

Take your time when coating your eyelashes with mascara. Applying mascara too fast with too much product on the wand is going to make your eyelashes flake. Plus, the mascara is going to smear around the eyes, too. I recommend that you do a lot of practice so that you can put on mascara beautifully in proportional volume! 

The Mascara is Drying Because It’s Old or Expire

The older the mascara, the dryer it will become. One of the reasons why your mascara flakes are probably because they are already old or even expired. Therefore, it is best to purchase a new creamy mascara to replace the old one. 

Using old or expired mascara might cause eye irritation and inflection, so don’t forget to check the expiry date when getting a new one. Moreover, a lot of experts recommend that you should replace your mascara once every three months. I think that’s good advice because once your mascara is unsealed, the quality will start to decrease anyway.

How to Stop Mascara from Flaking

Layer the Eyelashes Slowly

how to stop mascara from flaking


When coating eyelashes with mascara, it’s better to do it slowly. Start from the base to the tip of the lashes. Don’t forget to wipe excess from the brush. That way, the mascara won’t smudge everywhere. Then, when the lashes are a bit sticky, you can go back for the second layer. And as I’ve said before, remember not to apply too fast because the mascara will flake.

Use Waterproof Mascara on Top of the Fiber-based Mascara


Since fiber-based mascara will leave flakes all over the eyes and cheeks, it is better to use waterproof mascara as the top coat. Based on my observation, waterproof mascara will lock the fibrous pigments to the eyelashes. That way, the fiber won’t leave flakes anymore! Layering mascara on top of one another is a good strategy to create a sharper look and force stubborn lashes to curl.

Add Coconut Oil to a Dry Mascara


As I’ve explained above, when your mascara is too dry, there is a good chance that it’ll flake. To restore the moisture in the mascara, coconut oil will do the trick. Add 2 – 3 melted coconut oil in the mascara tube and shake it until they’re mixed. Then, you can use the mascara as usual. Coconut oil is also great for keeping eyelashes healthy!

Use Setting Powder for the Eye Area

how to stop mascara from flaking


Usually, mascara flakes throughout the day because there is too much oil in the eye area or if they’re still wet. To prevent this, I recommend that you swipe a bit of setting powder around the eye and eyelashes using a small brush before applying mascara. The powder will help to absorb the extra oil and water to stop mascara from flaking.

Use Lash Primer Before Applying Mascara

how to stop mascara from flaking


Lash primer can help mascara stay put. It can stop mascara from flaking when applied to the eyelashes by prepping the lashes and making them smooth. Some lash primers are also infused with vitamins and oils that are great for strengthening the lashes. Pick your favorite lash primer and apply them on the eyelashes before mascara.

Do Not Pump It

how to stop mascara from flaking


When you pump your mascara, you actually ruin it faster. Pumping mascara caused air to flow inside the mascara tube. It will make the mascara dry faster and make it flaking and clumpy. So yeah, I do not recommend anyone to pump their mascara tube ever!

Close the Mascara Lid Tightly

how to stop mascara from flaking


In my opinion, mascara is one of the most delicate makeup product that can go bad easily, so ensuring that their container stay secure is very important! No matter how much coconut oil you add to the mascara, it will be dry if you don’t close the lid tightly. The air will flow in the tube and make the mascara dry, clumpy, and flake again. Therefore, it is important to double-check if the mascara is shut tight after using it. 

Flake-free Mascara

Some flake-free mascaras tend to be heavy, but some brands do offer mascara that puts emphasis on length rather than thickness. Here are some of my recommendations:

  1. Urban Decay Perversion Volumizing Mascara. If you have thin eyelashes, this one might just be what you want. It delivers a thick coat, providing volume and strength. I believe it comes with a specialized formula that does not flake and get brittle.
  2. Vivienne Sabo Paris. Here is another mascara that will provide excellent volume to your eyelashes. I believe that this brand offers a petite wand, allowing you to apply the mascara more evenly. 
  3. Secret Xpress 4D Fiber Lash Mascara. Now for those who have sensitive skin, this brand would be suitable for you! According to the reviews, this particular mascara is hypoallergenic, which means it will less likely to cause irritation. It is suitable for all types of skin, smudge-free, easy-to-clean, and of course, offers an enchanting end result!
  4. Ilia Natural Limitless Lash Mascara. Not all flake-free mascara is heavy. For instance, Ilia offers a weightless formula that would lengthen your lashes and add volume to them. What’s more, I believe this mascara is organic, making it safer to use and better for the environment!
  5. L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara. Of course, you can not go wrong with the classic L’Oreal brand. They make good mascara that won’t easily flake. This mascara is infused with rose, castor, and corn oil that nourishes your eyelashes. In my opinion, L’Oreal is among the best!

Why does my mascara flake under my eyes?

There are many reasons why mascara flakes under eyes. It could be because the mascara is old and already dry, or you are applying mascara on wet eyelashes. If it’s caused by wet eyelashes, you can dry your lashes first using setting powder to prevent it from flaking. Another reason might be because you’re using fiber-based mascara. Simply coat your fiber-based mascara with waterproof mascara after applying it to the lashes. With these products, you won’t wonder how to stop mascara from flaking anymore.

What is the best mascara for not flaking?

The best not flaking mascara is the Urban Decay Perversion Volumizing Mascara. Not only will it stop flaking, the mascara will dramatically volumize and lengthen eyelashes. Plus, it has some ingredients to stimulate eyelash growth and nourish it. But, if you’re into fiber-based mascara, L’oreal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara is a great choice. The mascara has double ends; one is the fiber mascara and the other is lash primer.

How do I keep mascara from getting dry?

There are some ways to keep mascara from getting dry. Try adding 2 – 3 drops of coconut oil to bring back moisture into it. Sometimes, the mascara is dry because you used to pump it before applying to the lashes. It is better to stop this habit before you ruin your mascara.  It is also important to check if the lid is closed tightly after using mascara.

How do I stop mascara from smudging under eyes?

Smudges can appear when you apply mascara on dirty lashes. To clean them, you may use coconut oil instead of just regular water. This type of oil will nourish your lashes too. 

Choosing an appropriate mascara based on the temperature is also a good way to stop smudging.  For instance, I’d choose voluminous, waterproof mascara when it’s winter. Moreover, I also recommend that you use a primer before you apply mascara. It’s especially effective if your eyelid is oily.


Applying mascara can be tricky, especially if you are new to makeup. The wrong steps may lead you to ugly clumping and flaky mascara. So, I believe that knowing how to stop mascara from flaking is very important! There are a lot of things that you should and shouldn’t do to ensure that your mascara is smooth and even!

An imperfect mascara application would not only ruin your look but can also damage your lashes. So, I highly encourage you to keep learning and experimenting! Do not forget to try my recommended products to ensure that you get the best result!

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