how to fix dry mascara

How To Fix Your Drying Mascara

Mascara is one of the most used color cosmetic products. It is one of the best favorite makeup products out there. It can enhance the eyes and give a youthful appearance by making the lash look fuller. Unfortunately, it is also one of the quickest makeup to dry. As your trustworthy source of information, I have the answer to how to fix your drying mascara.

I will gladly share some tips and ways to revive your favorite mascara by my years of experience as a certified professional makeup artist. Keep on reading to find out how to fix dry mascara.

Why is my mascara drying out?

There are some mistakes that you probably made that caused your mascara to dry out. One of the most common mistakes we make is failing to properly close the lid. It will cause air to get into the wand and make the product inside dry out. Another innocent habitual mistake that most of us make is pumping the mascara when we’re about to apply it. This also causes more air to get into the tube, which dries even the most high quality mascara. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix your dried-out mascara. As your reliable source of information, this certified Makeup Artist is here to help you fix it. 

Can You Revive Dry Mascara?

how to fix dry mascara

Yes, you can revive dry mascara. All hope is not lost. There are some tricks or hacks on how to fix dry mascara that you can try, such as adding oils to the tube or putting the mascara in a glass of warm water. These hacks are so easy and simple. I have some that I’d love to share with you based on my experience dealing with variety makeup products. Keep on reading to find more!

What can you put in mascara to revive it?

As a Makeup Artist, I’m often found in situations where my makeup products were dry before its time. Mascara is one of the fastest makeup products to dry-out. But worry not, for I have some products that you can add to your mascara to revive it!

Pictures of the productType of ProductsHow to use
VaselineHeat the Vaseline in the microwave and add a few drops of it into the mascara tube.
This method may not sound familiar to most, but it has saved my expensive mascaras.
Eye drops/contact lens solutionYou can start with 3 or 4 drops of eye drops or contact lens solutions.
Then, gently mix it with the product inside the tube.
Add more until it gives you the wanted creamy texture.
Natural oilsNatural oils are safe for the eyes.
Add a couple drops of olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil to your dried-out mascara.
Since these oils are often found to be one of the ingredients in cosmetic products they are safe to use.
Plus, adding oils to your mascara will give extra moisturizing properties to your eyelashes.

How to fix dried mascara without eye drops

how to fix dry mascara

There are some alternative products that you can add inside the dried mascara tube to revive it. Most professional MUA, myself included, love to use natural oils since they have less risk for the eyes. Another alternative that is as effective is adding a few drops of micellar water into the tube and shaking it gently until they are mixed.

How to fix dry mascara with coconut oil

how to fix dry mascara

Fixing dry mascara using coconut oil is actually pretty simple. Pour a few drops of coconut oil into the tube and mix them together. Fun fact; coconut oil has many benefits such as moisturizing and helps the lashes to grow.

How to fix dry mascara with castor oil

how to fix dry mascara

Studies found that castor oil has many benefits for the hair. It has great antibacterial properties, rich vitamin E, and can help to boost hair growth. Therefore, it is one of the best products to add into your mascara. Add a few drops into the tube and mix them until you get your desired texture.

How to fix dry mascara with baby oil

how to fix dry mascara

You can start by heating the baby oil in the microwave. Let it cool down a little, then add a few drops of the warm baby oil into the mascara tube. I’ve found that the temperature of the baby oil will warm the mascara and make them mix better inside the tube.

How to fix dry mascara with olive oil

how to fix dry mascara

Olive oil is one of the most common ingredients found in the kitchen. Three or four drops of olive oil is enough to revive your dried-out mascara. To get better results, use a high quality virgin olive oil. Therefore, you will get extra healthy eyelashes benefits after you mix it with your mascara

How To Fix Dry Mascara with Micellar Water

how to fix dry mascara

I actually don’t recommend using micellar water for anything other than makeup removal. The main purpose of micellar water is to remove makeup. For some people, the formula in even the mildest micellar water can cause irritation to their eyes, which is why I also suggest that you always wash your face after using micellar water. So, how to fix dry mascara with micellar water? Nothing that is not followed by potential risk to your eyes. Don’t risk it, girl.

Which Method Is The Best?

how to fix dry mascara

Personally, I prefer to use warm castor oil to my dry mascara. It is quick, simple, and those pretty lashes will get more benefits from the oil. It is also one of the safest methods since you’ll be using natural oil which rarely causes an allergic effect. Therefore, I think that is the best method to revive my mascara.

Potential Risks

how to fix dry mascara

There are some potential risks that you might want to watch out for when reviving your mascara. I do not recommend you to do it if you are allergic to oils, petroleum jelly, or any formula that can be found in contact solution. Furthermore, if the cause of your dried-out mascara is because you’ve been keeping it for more than a year, as a certified makeup artist who prioritizes hygiene when applying makeups, I insist you throw it out and get a new one instead.

How to prevent dry mascara

There are some ways that you can try to prevent your mascara from drying out. I always make sure to pay attention to these to keep the formula of my expensive high quality mascaras stay creamy. 

  1. Close the lid tightly

Such a simple thing to do but very important to remember. Not closing the lid tightly after using a mascara will cause it to dry and clump. Therefore, don’t be lazy and always close the lid tightly after you’re using your favorite mascara.

  1. Don’t pump the mascara
how to fix dry mascara

Pumping the mascara will push air to come in the tube and quickly dry out the product inside. You can say hi to clumps and flakes if you keep doing this. I know it is a hard habit to stop, but it is important to remind yourself not to do it. 

How to know if your mascara is dried out

how to fix dry mascara

Based on experience, when your normally creamy mascara starts to clump when applied to the lashes it is a dead giveaway that the product inside the tube is dried out. It might be caused by the air that comes inside the tube when you are pumping the mascara, or simply because the mascara is old. Other signs that you need to notice is if the mascara has changed its color, texture or its smell. That is how you know if your mascara is dried out.

Some Important Tips 

Here are some tips for those who love using mascara. It is important to remember these things when you are purchasing a brand new mascara or if you want to revive your old mascara.

  1. Check The Expiry Date!

It is important to always check the expiry date when purchasing a makeup product. Using expired mascara can lead to irritation and infections to your eyes. Most mascara is safe to use for three months after you open it. I always labeled my mascaras to remind me when to throw it out since my clients safety is always a number one priority.

  1. Don’t add too much oil into the tube

You want to avoid adding too much oil into mascara. Adding too much of it will mess the formula inside the tube and make your mascara too oily and greasy. It is best to add two drops of oil and test the formula before adding more. Remember to always know when to stop!

  1. Mess free with a help of dropper

Using a spoon to add oil or liquid product to your mascara might be going to get the job done but messily. With a dropper, you can do this easily and without any mess. Plus, you get to control the amount of liquid you want to drop into the tube easily.

Can I add water to dried out mascara?

No, you should never add water to your dried-out mascara. It will mess up the mascara’s formula. Instead of adding water to the tube, warm water can be used to warm the mascara. Put the hot or warm water in a cup and put your mascara into it for 5–10 minutes.

How does coconut oil fix dry mascara?

Coconut oil fixes dry mascara by melting the clumpy formula back to its previous form. You can use a warm coconut oil to transfer the heat into the mascara and quickly melt the product inside the tube.

Is putting Vaseline on your eyelashes good?

Yes, putting vaseline on your eyelashes is good. Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly that can moisturize the lash and helps it grow healthily. Think of it like using a conditioner to your eyelashes. It is also a good substitute when you want a day off from mascara.

How often should I replace my mascara?

You should often replace your mascara, at least three to four times a year. Mascara is good to use for three months after you first open it. After that, it is a risk for the eyes. Think about all the bacterias that’s been building inside the tube for three months. I know I won’t be touching my old mascara after that.

Does the price of your mascara make a difference?

No, the price of your mascara does not make much of a difference. As a pro makeup artist, I have found better maracas with great formulas compared to the high end ones. Your mascara will quickly dry no matter how expensive it is if you are storage it wrong.

Why does my mascara dry out so fast?

Why your mascara dries out so fast is usually caused by the air that comes inside the tube. Therefore, I do not recommend you to pump your mascara. Also, try to remember to double check when you’re closing the lid. Make sure it is closed tightly.

How can I extend the life of my mascara?

To extend the life of your mascara, you can try to do the simplest way such as closing the lid properly and not pumping the tube. If it is dried-out, try to revive it by using natural oils or contact lens solution,

Summary or conclusion

Mascara is one of the most loved beauty products out there. Unfortunately, it is so quick to dry if you are not using it right. You can revive your mascara by adding a few drops of natural oils, contact lens solutions, vaseline, and baby oil into the tube and mix them gently together. Remember not to use micellar water since it is not suitable for your sensitive eyes. Also, it is important to check the expiry date. Maracas are only good to use for three months. After that, throw it away to avoid the risks of eye infections. 

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