10 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows 2020

Tweezers are indispensable little grooming tools that have been shaping beautiful eyebrows and relieving us of chin hairs for generations.

When it comes to eyebrows specifically, however, which tweezers should you use?

We have worked our way through a ton of great tweezers and present you with a list of the best tweezers for eyebrows below, so read on to see which brands our experts recommend and what features you should pay attention to before selecting a pair.

Top 10 Tweezers for Eyebrows Comparison Chart

PictureNameColor OptionsPriceRating (1-5)
Color Options
Rating (1-5)
1. Tomiya Stainless Steel Slant TweezersBlack$$4.9
2. Slant Tweezers - TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip TweezerBlack, Pink, Blue $$4.6
3. Tweezers - Surgical Grade Stainless SteelBlack, Silver$$4.6
4. Revlon Expert Tweezer, Slant TipBlack$4.5
5. Rubis 3-3/4" Slanted Tip Tweezer R1K102Silver$$$4.5
6. Lagure Slant TweezersWhite$4.5
7. Petunia Skincare Stainless Steel Eyebrow TweezersSilver$4.5
8. Coco's Stainless Steel Slant Tip TweezerBlue, Silver$4.4
9. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, Blue JewelBlack, Blue Jewel, Floral Blue, Neon Pink, Purple, Signature Red, Sky Blue, Steel$$4.3
10. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, Stainless SteelSilver$$4.3

A Shopping Guide

Tweezers are so commonplace that finding a pair is quite a simple task. Finding the best pair, however, will only be easy to do if you know what to look for. While price often (but not always) will be an indicator of quality, you should look beyond the price tag and keep the following tweezer characteristics in mind.

  • Material – High-quality stainless steel is always a good option. Other alloys tend to carry the risk of corrosion which can cause skin irritation and possibly infection. Some of the more expensive brands will offer tweezers coated with 2 microns of 24-karat gold. It keeps the tweezers non-reactive and makes them softer.
  • Length – The size of your hand will affect the length of tweezers which work best for you. If the tweezers are too long, they become difficult to manipulate. If they are too short, then they and the area you are trying to pluck become hidden behind your hands.  A good average length is somewhere in the region of 3.5 inches.
  • Grip – The best tweezers for eyebrows are those made with a non-slip grip section to prevent them from slipping out of your hands. A grip length of about one-quarter of an inch is what you will normally find on most tweezers. Plus, some brands include small indentations for your fingers.
  • Shape of the Tip – This is perhaps the most important feature on a pair of tweezers. Generally speaking, tweezer tips come in six styles: slant, pointed, pointed-slant, square, round and curved. Each has a specific use, but the first three (slant, pointed and pointed-slant) are best for plucking eyebrows. If you are new to tweezing, then you will definitely want to stick with slanted ones.

Note – All the tweezers that made our top10 are both stainless steel and slant tipped!

Top 3 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows Reviews

1. Tomiya Slant Tweezers

Tomiya’s stainless steel, slant tweezers tops our list of the best tweezers for eyebrows. We found that they covered all the basic requirements for a great pair of tweezers plus there are some extra qualities that give the Tomiya tweezers a definite edge over the competition.

These sleek black tweezers with slant silver tips provide excellent resistance and cushioning as you squeeze the arms together. The tips are in perfect alignment, so you can safely grasp individual hairs on the first attempt. Plus, the Tomiya is nicely balanced so you can confidently maneuver it.

The surface of the Tomiya gives a reassuringly firm grip so your fingers are in no danger of slipping as you grab and pluck even very fine hairs.

The Tomiya is 4 inches long from end to end with a traditional ergonomic shape. Only people with very small hands should have an issue with how it feels in your grasp.

2. TweezerGuru Slat Tweezers

After checking out the TweezerGuru, it was its quality and value which earned it its high ranking on our list. This pair of stainless steel tweezers is designed with a slant tip, with the edges of the tips going straight across for confident plucking.

We did find that the TweezerGuru did not work as well as our top pick at grabbing very fine hairs. It does a pretty decent job, nonetheless on thicker hairs due to the built-in tension and cushioning which allow you to wield the tweezers with precision.

If you like to make a statement with your beauty tools, then the TweezerGuru’s choice of black, pink or blue means you can find one which fits right in with the rest of your equipment. We were quite impressed with the TweezerGuru’s offer of a 60-day money back guarantee which assures you of a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with them.

3. Zizzili Basics Slant Tweezers

Surgical Grade stainless steel and your pick of black or silver are great starting points for the Zizzili Basics tweezers. We have to admit, that as number three on our list, the Zizzili Basics really didn’t fall too short when compared to the top two tweezers.

The tips of these 3.5 inch slanted tweezers go straight across, and along with the generous grip, they ensure you have control over grabbing and plucking stray hairs. We found the tips to be a little on the wide side, however, which might just throw off your precision when aiming to remove very fine hairs.

We like that the manufacturers really paid close attention to hygiene by making the Zizzili Basics both rust-proof and acid-proof. The tweezers also come with a handy pouch and tip guards for extra protection. All-in-all, they are a sturdy, well-built pair of tweezers which beginner pluckers, especially, should find pretty easy and efficient to use.

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