21 Best Mascara at Walmart Under $10

best mascara at walmart

Finding the best mascara does not always require a trip to luxurious makeup stores. Believe it or not, some of the high-quality, stellar lashes products are available to buy at your nearest local drug stores or supermarkets like Walmart. Even though the prices are budget-friendly, these products did not sacrifice the quality. In fact, you can actually find the best mascara at Walmart under $10.


However, sometimes not all budget mascaras are good. To save you from buying less quality products, we have picked 21 best budget drugstore mascaras based on the overall formula quality and performance. 

What’s the Current No.1 Drugstore Mascara at Walmart?

According to customer reviews at Walmart.com, here is the current no. 1 mascara in North America’s largest hypermarket chain.

Who says that high quality mascara should be luxurious and expensive? No need to worry, because this product will never cease to amaze you. Introducing one of Walmart’s best-selling mascara products that will give all you need for stronger and thicker lashes: L’Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Waterproof Mascara.


The product is uniquely formulated to resist clumping while keeping the lashes soft and build up lashes thickness up to four times. Other than thickening formula, the mascara also contains Panthenol and Ceramide-R, which protects lashes to stay supple as well as waterproof. With a budget of under $10 only, you can always have a good-looking and fearless lashes everyday. 


Despite all the good features, the mascara also has a few drawbacks. Many reviewers say that it’s only good for daily uses and the mascara liquid can easily dry out if left unused for six weeks. The mascara is also known to be able to lengthen and volumize after 3-4 times of application, instead of once. Regardless of those shortfalls, the mascara has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 and many customers left a positive impression.

20 Best Walmart Mascaras that Makes Your Eyelashes Look Thicker and Longer

best mascara at walmart

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with nice thick lashes. Therefore, these recommendations are special for folks with thin lashes who are currently looking for an instant volumizing and also lengthening mascara. Other than strokes of eyeliners and highlighters, applying suitable mascaras will be a perfect icing on the cake. It truly helps to enhance your makeup to look more vibrant and refreshing. As what makeup experts have said, it is encouraged to invest in mascaras that will add quick definitions and thickness, which your fine strands might require. 


However, we understand that it can be quite frustrating to find that you’re running out of mascara when you need it the most, especially when your budget is tight. One of the best and easiest solutions for that situation would be visiting Walmart.com, or visit your nearest Walmart, and get a new one. As been said before, you can easily find some of the best mascara at Walmart under $10. So, here are 20 best recommended mascaras at Walmart that will make your eyelashes thick and longer without having to break your wallet. Check them out!

This is the mascara that gives the best of both worlds, and it is definitely one of the best mascara at Walmart under $10. The mascara has a lengthening and buildable volume, while able to stay lightweight with creamy and whipped formula. Incorporated with coconut oil as natural components, the product also helps to nourish lash, while at the same time gives a smooth glide application without any clumps or even flakes. 


Since the mascara only gives a thicker and bolder impression, this product might not be suitable for people who are trying to achieve natural and thin eyelash looks. The brush holder was also considerably small in size due to its compact size, which might be difficult for some people to hold. Despite all of that, the product is still worth trying, especially if you desire a compact and more precise mascara that can give an instant volumizing result.

Just like what it claimed, the mascara really did the best job in preventing clumps and adding lashes volume up to 200%. The mascara featured a straight bristle edge that can perfectly fit according to the curve of your eyes, which allows even root to tip application. The smooth tooth comb bristles also help to evenly distribute mascara on lashes, while still keeping lashes separated from one another. 


However, this affordable mascara also came with several setbacks. It needs to take three coats in order for the mascara to give you the perfect volume. Moreover, it also dries out easily, so it can irritate the eyes a little.

This mascara guaranteed voluminous and fluttery lashes without flaking or smudging. Enriched with castor oil, it will undoubtedly give you long lasting thick and soft lashes. The product also comes with an ultra-soft brush for easy and quick daily application without any clumps. It’s definitely one of the best mascara at Walmart under $10 that you can ever ask for, at the budget price point. 


However, before considering buying this, there are several important things that you should know beforehand. Some reviewers stated that the formula is considerably thinner than any other brand. Furthermore, the mascara only works for daily use and lasts for around 2-3 months. So if you store the mascara for more than three months, it can easily clump and dry out.

Revlon is one of the mascara brands that provides complete solutions to all mascara lovers. Formulated with high-shine black formula, this mascara can give you amplified volume and also length to your lashes in no time. The bristles have a unique square tip, which is designed to anchor mascara to every individual lashes.  

In order to achieve an elongated lash look, you will need to apply a minimum of two coats for decent length and volume. Moreover, some reviewers also said that the mascara could be a bit clumpy. But regardless of that, it’s still a budget-friendly mascara that is worth trying.

This is probably the cheapest, yet high-quality performing mascara that you can ever find on Walmart. The product has more than 200 reviews on the website and a lot of them sparked a positive impression upon the product. It is a very lightweight, clump-free mascara that can boost lash volume up to 100%. In addition, the mascara also contains B5 and aloe vera, which help to nourish and condition your lashes. In fact, it is also hypoallergenic, which is perfect for users with sensitive skin. 


The mascara has a lot of nice things to offer and their only downside was the formula tends to be a bit wet and takes a longer time to dry, so it’s not probably ideal for people who were always in a rush. Other than that, the mascara has received 4.3 out of 5 ratings based on overall customer reviews on Walmart.com.

Dreaming of achieving soft and natural lashes in no time? Then look no further and consider trying this mascara. This is another product from Maybelline where it offers long and fanned out lashes in single coating without any clumps. Infused with rosehip oil, the mascara delivers lightweight voluminous lashes in seconds. Furthermore, the mascara has been proven to last all day, and it took a while to remove by using makeup remover. As the top of the applicator is black, it’s often difficult to determine how much eyeliner you are using. It’s also not the most user-friendly eyeliner applicator, because twisting the applicator to get extra eyeliner might be tricky at times.

The mascara had always been one of the staple products of Maybelline for many years, so the quality is no longer debatable. It has the greatest brush, and it curls and lengthens the lashes while looking and feeling natural. Many reviewers loved it so much as it did not clump and gave length and definition without being over the top. Unfortunately, the mascara is now only available in black and Maybelline has discontinued producing the brown and darker brown ones.

It’s definitely a great mascara for natural makeup look and perfect for light use. The mascara stays all day long, does not clump and it also comes off easy with makeup remover. It is also composed of gentle formulas so it’s totally safe to use for sensitive eyes. Moreover, it does a good job in curling and plumping your lashes, too, but sadly not volumizing. Some also says the mascara easy to get dry and clumpy if it is left open for a long time.

This is probably one of the greatest mascara breakthrough to solve the short lashes problem. The applicator is one-of-a-kind, and it’s also designed to give you a dramatic wing effect as well as the appearance of artificial lashes. It’s definitely a nice product that’s easy to apply, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t clump your eyelashes, and it definitely stays put all day! Plus, it’s also simple to remove with only water and soap.

This British brand of mascara will never fail to impress. Being one of the best mascara at Walmart under $10, you will be able to transform your lashes with this Lash Accelerator mascara. To get the teeny-tiny lashes, the brush comes with the best shape, which has a narrow bottom. Plus, this mascara is clumpy-free and very buildable, too. It keeps your lashes lifted and in place all day, yet it’s so light that it seems like you’re not wearing any mascara at all. However, the mascara did really do nothing for the volume and did not last all day as it can easily smudge.

If you are looking for a travel-size mascara with amazing features, then this product should be the answer. This mascara consists of mini brushes that allows you to catch any short lashes from corner to corner and also root-to-tip. It surely helps to lengthen and define lashes with a gentle formula, which is also safe for contact lens users. Some plus points to note, the mascara dries out quickly and is also easy to remove with its washable formula.

This is a multifunction mascara that is able to curl, separate and also coat your lashes. With this mascara, your makeup look will be elevated to the next level with a big bouncy voluminous lashes and memory curl feature. It will definitely make the mascara lasts up to 24 hours upon application. Definitely one of the best mascara at Walmart under $10.

Other than Maybelline and CoverGirl, Revlon would be another best-selling mascara brand at Walmart. Many of the users who had short and thin lashes said this mascara works like a wonder. Unlike their drugstore counterparts, “Revlon So Fierce” tends to give an amazing illusion of wearing fake lashes instead of giving the usual natural looks. Composed of a special blend between rice bran and paraffin wax, it will definitely give jet black gloss, which also empowers the eyelashes with length and sturdiness.

Time to make your eyelashes clump-free and carefree with this lightweight lengthening and volumizing mascara by Rimmel. Infused with four different luxurious oils, it also helps to nourishes and smoothens the lashes. It is indeed absolutely perfect for thin and sparse lashes, because it gives direct visible results upon application. Since the formula is mainly composed of natural oils, it is also hypoallergenic, which is also easy to remove and comfortable for sensitive dry eyes.

If you are looking for mascara that meets high-end quality at drugstore price, this might be what you have been looking for. Many users are simply in love with this mascara due to its waterproof capability, long lasting, heavily pigmented and also lengthening in just one stroke. Moreover, this effortless mascara is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and infused with jojoba wax to boost its ability to hold the lashes curls. And if that’s not enough for you, it is also clumped-free and flake-free, even for multiple applications, which is definitely suitable for someone with thin and short lashes.

If you prefer to buy non-mainstream brands, then this mascara would be the best answer. It’s a great mascara because it longens and thickens your lashes without any clumping. As the mascara aims for a natural look, you’ll have to apply it a bunch of times to reach the desired thickness. However, one of the downsides of this product is the fact that it is prone to smudging, so you have to clean under your eyes all day.

The mascara never lets people down as the price meets the quality. It keeps your lashes lifted and in place all day, yet it’s so light that it seems like you’re not wearing any mascara at all. This mascara features a little wand that helps you to reach closer to your lashes. The wand applies well and does not clump, too. This mascara enhances their appearance without overdoing it. It doesn’t flake at all and is also very easy to remove. Many reviewers found it challenging to apply as the applicator brush seemed to be fragile and soft, so it would be difficult to reach in to the tube. But still, this is one of the best mascara at Walmart under $10 to have.

This would be one of the best lash boosting mascara for the budget price range. Several beauty reviewers had said this mascara also known as the dupe for Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara. It’s very pigmented and only requires two times application to achieve a longer lash look. Created with all-natural formula, the mascara does not clump, long lasting, silky and is also waterproof. However, the mascara dried out easily, so it would not be suitable for application more than two times because it won’t blend out well.

This waterproof mascara is just fantastic. It also has an easy-to-use brush that comes in compact size. Because of oily eyelids, this waterproof mascara does not flake or smudge easily. Moreover, the fiber composition makes our eyes look thicker and our face looks fresher and more natural, too. In short, this is definitely perfect for short and thin lashes because it gives instant curl and length without having to use a lash curler.

Use Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara Lasting Volume if you want luscious lashes that linger all day. It covers all lashes in a single coat and has a very soft and silky feel. The brush applicator might be large in size, yet it does the job perfectly. It’s also very easy to remove with a makeup remover, too. However, it does not give an instant volume as the mascara tends to focus on lengthening formula. Plus, it also dries out easily.

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