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Maddy Euphoria Makeup Looks (40 Makeup Inspirations)

If you’ve been following the trends lately, you must have seen and heard of Maddy Euphoria makeup looks. All characters in Euphoria have their own signature makeup style, but we must say that Maddy’s makeup is just on a different level. 

Wondering if you can recreate the looks and make them your own? Don’t worry, we have found the best 40 makeup looks of Maddy Perez just for you to try out. Not only that, we also tell you how to recreate them. Let’s get right into it!

40 Makeup Inspo from Euphoria’s Maddy Perez

From all Euphoria episodes, we all can agree that Maddy’s makeup looks are often with gems, sharp winged eyeliners, and bold colors like blue and purple and these can be quite challenging to try out. Check some of the best Maddy Euphoria makeup looks out below and challenge yourself!

1. Blue Mermaid Eyes

maddy euphoria makeup

If you remember this look, you would also remember how good this look was. You can wear this makeup to cheerlead like Maddy does, or just when you feel like having a fun look. To recreate this look, apply your aqua or turquoise eyeshadow on your eyelids and shape them like a wing. Attach some gems using eyelash glue that is safe for your skin and finish up with mascara and nude lips. Gorgeous!

2. Starry Night

maddy euphoria makeup

Don’t we just love everything about this Maddy Euphoria makeup look? To have this look, firstly you need to apply your silver or gray eyeshadow as the base. As you go to your outer corner, apply black eyeshadow with a flat brush so it’s easier to draw or shape the edges. Once you’re done with the eyeshadow part, attach some tiny gems on the black eyeshadow. Lastly, apply your favorite nude lipstick and you’re ready to go!

3. Purple Shimmers

maddy euphoria makeup

We don’t know who Maddy is without her glitters, because her look is all about glitters! To own this look, you will need several shades of purple, so you can create color transition smoothly. Apply your lighter purple and start applying a darker purple and blend outwards, and add a little glitter using your finger or a flat brush. To define your eyes, add a bit of mascara so your eyes will be framed nicely. Don’t forget to finish up the look with pink lipgloss.

4. Gemstones on Eyes

maddy euphoria makeup

Thinking of having some adorable gemstones all around your eyes? You can try this look that features blue eyeshadow and nude lips. For this look, apply blue eyeshadow on your eyelids and also on your bottom lash liner. And then, Get some gems and attach them on your crease. To wow it up even more, wear black mascara and nude lipstick. Superb!

5. Pink and Blue Combo

maddy euphoria makeup

Step up your game by combining two pastel colors on your eyes and also some gemstones on your crease. To recreate this look, apply pastel blue eyeshadow on the bottom half of your eyelid, and as you go up, continue by applying the pink pastel shadows. As for the eyeliner, wear your eyeliner in cat eye style and apply black mascara to intensify the look. Finish up with some gems on your crease and you are done!

6. Pretty Grunge Look

maddy euphoria makeup

Combining gems and dark blue eyeshadow to bring out your grunge side? Why not! You might steal Maddy’s look by recreating her grudge yet sweet look. You will need to apply your dark blue eyeshadow and then put dark blue glitter eyeshadow afterwards, followed by adding a little bit of silver shadows on your inner corners. Once you’re done with the eyeshadow, attach some gems on your under eye and also on your eyebrows. And to complete the look, take your black eyeliner and apply on your waterline. 

7. Simple Classy Look

maddy euphoria makeup

If you’re feeling like applying a simple makeup that will give you the classy and girl boss vibes, then this one is for you. Apply light brown eyeshadow on your crease area to give your eyes some definition. After that, apply black eyeliner and draw a sharp wing and thin line on your bottom lash line. As a final touch, add a black mascara on your upper and bottom eyelashes, as well as glossy lips to turn this look into perfection.

8. Red Cherries on Eyes and Lips

maddy euphoria makeup

Feeling a little bit artsy? You can try out Maddy’s cute cherry look for a more creative makeup style. First, create a winged liner and also lashes, and continue by drawing little cherries on your temple and finish up with red lips. For the brows, you can just brush them out for a natural finish. 

9. Purple Liners with Gems

maddy euphoria makeup

Let’s try a color eyeliner this time, but with a simpler makeup look. To recreate this cute Maddy Euphoria makeup look, draw a winged eyeliner with purple eyeliner and then continue by adding gems on the eyeliner line. Brush out your lashes with black mascara to intensify your eyes, and complete the look by wearing glittery lipstick. 

10. Sea Sparkles on Eyes

maddy euphoria makeup

Who’s Maddy without her sparkly makeup? Although this look is probably not your everyday makeup, you can always wear this for a change. Take your light blue eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids. You will also need to wear blue eyeliner and draw a sharp, winged liner and attach some tiny gems all over your eyelids. Finish it up by applying pink lipgloss on your lips. 

11. Blue Winged Eye with Gems

maddy euphoria makeup

In this look, Maddy looks gorgeous with her winged blue eyeshadow and her sparkly eyebrows. For this, you will need to apply your light blue eyeshadow first for the first half of your eyelids, apply the blue eyeshadow as you go, and don’t forget to wing it up and draw the lines with eyeliner. Take some gems and attach them on your eyebrows. Not your everyday look, but you can always try this one out!

12. Green Eyes with Glitters

maddy euphoria makeup

It’s time we try out green eyeshadow. To recreate this look, you will need to apply a champagne eyeshadow on your eyelids first. Next, apply the green eyeshadow on your crease and brush it outwards to create a line. It’s best to do this with a small-tipped brush. Lastly, draw a thin line with your black eyeliner and finish the look with natural color lipstick. 

13. Glam Champagne and Blue

maddy euphoria makeup

This might just be one of the prettiest looks on Maddy Perez. To recreate this, apply blue eyeshadow on your eyes and on your bottom lash line. Then, you will need to cut your crease with a champagne eyeshadow. Add more impact by wearing black mascara and light nude lip gloss. Stunning!

14. Blue Smokey Eyes

maddy euphoria makeup

If we usually see Maddy with her typical bushy, natural finish brows, her brows are more on fleek on this one. Pair these eyebrows with blue smokey eyes. You will need a metallic blue eyeshadow for the lighter side and dark blue eyeshadow for the darker side. Apply black winged eyeliner and pinkish brown lips to complete. 

15. Cut Crease with Cat Eyes

maddy euphoria makeup

Soft cut crease is always best paired with winged eyeliner or cat eyes. For this look, you will need to apply brown eyeshadow on the crease area and then cut it with champagne colored eyeshadow. Once you’re finished with the eyeshadow, draw your eyeliner in cat eye style. For a deeper effect, apply matte, deep rose lipstick and defined eyebrows. 

16. Simple Look with Winged Eyeliner

If you’re not feeling like putting any eyeshadow at the moment, then you can always try this one out. This one os one of the simplest yet stunning Maddy Euphoria makeup looks. You will only need to draw winged eyeliner with a black eyeliner and finish the look with matte nude lipstick. Super easy eye makeup for your relaxed day!

17. No Makeup Look

Let’s rock this no makeup-makeup look. Apply brown eyeshadow on your crease and apply mascara to both upper and bottom lashes to create definition on your eyes. Then, brush out your brows for a natural finish. Don’t forget to finish up the look by applying your best brown lipstick. 

18. Blue Shadows

Another look on Maddy that is quite simple for you to try out. For this, apply blue eyeshadow on your eyelids and on your bottom lash line and finish up the eye makeup with black mascara. For the last touch, apply your favorite glossy nude lipstick and you’re pretty much done with the look!

19. Pink Glitter with Blue Graphic Liners

We can all agree that this look is one of the catchiest looks of Euphoria. To recreate this, apply pink glitter eyeshadow on your eyes and add the lines with blue eye pencil or eyeliner. Make sure you perfect the look by applying nude lipstick, and voila, you’re good to go!

20. Pastel Purple with Gems

This pastel purple eye look with gems can be your daily look if you’re confident enough. First, apply the pastel purple eyeshadow lightly on your eyes, and grab a darker purple eye pencil to use as an eyeliner. Then, doll up your lashes with black mascara and attach the little gems all over your eyebrows and on your under eye. Super stunner!

21. Metallic Blue Eyes with Gems

Most of Maddy Euphoria makeup looks are almost always with her signature eyeshadow color, which is blue. This look is perfect for a festive event or a halloween party with your loved ones. To recreate this look, apply metallic blue eyeshadow and attach blue gems on the edges. Perfect the look with fake eyelashes and nude lips, as usual. Glam is on!

22. Orange and Violet Eye Combo

Now, this is a color combo that you don’t get to see every day. Though this isn’t an everyday type of makeup, you can always try this out and wear it for a special event. On your crease, apply a matte violet eyeshadow. After that, grab an orange eyeliner and draw a thin line on your upper lash line, draw a wing, and also apply on your under lash line. Complete the look by applying deep nude lipstick to balance out the color on your face. 

23. Soft Cut Crease with Double Winged Eyeliner and Brown Lips

Another soft cut crease look from Maddy that can’t go wrong and can definitely be worn for any occasion. First, apply soft brown eyeshadow above the crease and cut the crease with nude or ivory eyeshadow. Continue by drawing the cat eye eyeliner on both the upper and bottom lash line. Lastly, apply nude brown lipstick to sweeten up the look and you’re ready to rock the world!

24. Yellow and White Gems on Temples with Nude Lipstick

This look is quite simple and you can recreate this for a festival, party, or just when you’re feeling a bit extra. Brush your eyebrows for a natural finish and add white and yellow gems from the middle of your eyebrows to your temple. Wear your favorite black mascara so that your eyes will look focused and finish up with another set of nude lips. Simple but gorgeous!

25. Thick Black Eyeliner with Glossy Lips

Feeling a bit more extra with eyeliner? This look is for you. For this look, it’s best to use eye pencil or gel eyeliner. Draw your usual cat eye but make it a bit thicker, then apply some eyeliner on your bottom lash line as well. To complete the look, apply nude lip gloss and brush up your eyebrows. Beautiful and classy!

26. Blue Eyeshadow with Chains

Maddy Perez is one of the characters with an uncommon makeup style. To recreate this look, you will need baby blue eyeshadow, baby blue eyeliner, tiny chains, and an eyelash glue. Brush some of the blue eyeshadow lightly on your eyelids and apply baby blue eyeliner. Attach the chains with an eyelash glue that is safe for your eyes. Thicken up your lashes with a black mascara and finish up with a glossy nude lipstick. It may not be your typical look, but this one will definitely be fun to try out!

27. Eyeliner with Fluffy Eyelashes

The highlight of this look is the long and fluffy eyelashes. To recreate this gorgeous look, apply your eyeliner with cat eye style, but don’t make it too long or too thick. Make sure you also apply a bit on your bottom lash line. For the lashes, go extra with a pair of fake eyelashes. Meanwhile, for the lips, choose a nude lipstick with satin or velvet finish.

28. Glitter with Color Eyeliners

Wearing glitter eyeshadow with fun color eyeliners seems to be in trend these days. Apply white glitter eyeshadow on your eyelids, but be careful not to apply above the crease. For this look, it’s best to use liquid glitter so that the sparkle can pop off nicely. Then, use a red eyeliner to cut the crease and draw a small wing with purple eyeliner. Finish the eye look with black mascara on your top and bottom lashes. And oh, don’t forget the nude, glossy lips, too!

29. Metallic Soft Purple and Nude Lips

Who can say no to this lovely combo? To remake this look, apply a metallic, soft purple eyeshadow on your lids and sharp, winged eyeliner. After that, attach little gems on half of your eyelids and apply nude brown lipstick. It’s best to have a set of natural finish eyebrows so your eyes can have the total attention. 

30. White Cut Crease and Overlined Lips

maddy euphoria makeup

If you’re not feeling the gems or any other fun colors, you can try to recreate this Maddy Euphoria makeup look. Apply soft purple eyeshadow on your crease and cut it with white eyeshadow. Apply a thin line of eyeliner and overlined lips with deep rose lipstick for a luscious set of lips. 

31. Butterfly Wings

Somewhere in season 2, Maddy comes up with butterfly wings makeup that looks super stunning. To recreate this unique and stunning look, you will need several shades of blue eyeshadows and a black eyeliner with a very sharp tip. Firstly, apply the lightest blue on your inner corner, a darker blue in the middle, and dark blue as you draw the butterfly wing. Though this one might need more skills, the end result is too irresistible to try!

32. Pearls on Eyes

These pearls on eyes are the truest Maddy Euphoria makeup look. These pearls work as the substitution for eyeliner. To recreate this, you only need to place small-sized pearls and attach them using an eyelash glue on your top lash line. Pretty easy but definitely cute, right?

33. Jewels on Eyes

If we see gems on eyes, then we see Maddy Euphoria’s signature makeup look. To recreate this one, apply brown eyeshadow and cut the crease with champagne eyeshadow. On the cut crease line, attach small-sized gems and make them in line with the eyeliner. Finish the look by applying a nude lipgloss and overline your lips a bit. Party ready!

34. Blue Liners with Gems

maddy euphoria makeup

Another Maddy Perez-inspired makeup look that you can try out! This look is quite simple as you only need to prepare a blue eyeliner, glitter eyeshadow, and of course – the gems. Apply blue eyeliner and draw it cat eye style on both the inner and outer corner. On your lower lash line, apply a bit of glitter eyeshadow. Liquid formula may be the best option for this. Once done, attach some gems on your crease area and voila! You’re all set!

35. White Glitter and Black Eyeliner

maddy euphoria makeup

It’s time to play with your black eyeliner. To recreate this look, draw the eyeliner on your upper lash line, create a cat eye, and pull another line on your crease to your inner corner. Inside the eyeliner area, put creamy white glitter. To complete the eye look, apply black mascara on both your bottom and top lashes. Wear your favorite nude lip gloss as the last touch. Stunning!

36. Mystical Green Pearly Eyes 

maddy euphoria makeup

This look would be the best choice for a summer party. Firstly, apply your metallic green eyeshadow all over your eyelids and a bit on your bottom lash line. Attach tiny pearls on your top lash line and attach a medium sized pearl on your outer corner. To create more depth with your eyes, apply black eyeliner and you’re done! Don’t forget to add the finishing touch with nude glossy lips.

37. Brown Bold Cut Crease

maddy euphoria makeup

Cut crease eyeshadow will never be out of trend, and it looks super stunning on this next Maddy Euphoria makeup look. To recreate this, apply a dark brown eyeshadow on your crease area and deepen the color a bit. Then, cut the crease with a concealer and add gold or champagne eyeshadow on top. To make it appear bolder, apply black eyeliner for a sharp wing. Lastly, a deep rose lip gloss would be the perfect companion. 

38. Deep Green with Nude Lips

If you’re into a deeper green eyeshadow, this one’s for you as it creates a bolder and defined look. Apply the deep green eyeshadow but not beyond the crease, and bring it out a bit to create a soft wing. On top of the green eyeshadow, apply a bit of a sheer gold eyeshadow in the middle. On the bottom lash line, apply both color eyeshadows as well. Finish up with black eyeliner and nude glossy lips. 

39. Long Eyeliner with Brown Lips

Simple makeup for your simple, no hassle kind of day. This is another option of the simplest Maddy Euphoria makeup look. For this look, you will only need to apply a thin line on your upper lash line and draw a sharp and long, winged eyeliner. For the brows, draw them thin and nice. As the last touch, apply a nude brown lipstick and overline your lips a bit. 

40. Pink Glitter with Red Lip Liner

maddy euphoria makeup

Another look inspired by Maddy. If you remember, Maddy also applied color eyeliner with pink glitter before. In this look, you can combine the look by making 2 tails instead of the usual graphic eyeliner. Draw your eyeliner precisely and add another tail and once done, fill the area with pink glitter eyeshadow. Use an eyeliner with a brush tip for the best result and liquid glitter for the maximum sparkles. Then, draw your bottom lashes manually and add pearls in between the lines. For the lips, apply a pink lip gloss and line the lips with red lip liner afterwards. So dazzling!

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